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Get to know the actor Tolga Mandy Hazar. Hero of the series The New Bride. full information. What is his date of birth. When did his artistic career begin. who is his wife or girlfriend. For all his followers this is a complete article about everything you would like to know about his religion. nationality astrological sign. And communication sites His socialite. his work. his life secrets. his upcoming projects. his biography. what is his height. weight. his academic qualifications. special details about his life. his talent and his favorite sport.

Personal card and private information

Name in English: Tolga Mendi.

Birthdate of Tolga Mandi: March 23. 1993.

Omar Tolga Mandi in 2018: 25 years old.

Place of birth: He was born in Turkey. in Izmir.

Nationality: Turkish.

Height: 186 cm.

Weight: 78 kg.

Hair color: black.

Eye color: brown.

What is the religion of Tolga Mandi: he is a Muslim.

Astrological sign: He is the sign of Aries.

Academic / Academic Qualification: Civil Engineering from Cukurova University – studied acting.

Wife or Girlfriend of Tolga Mandi: Unmarried.

Tolga Mendi
Tolga Mendi

Official sites

Instagram (Instagram):
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When did his artistic career begin: He started his artistic career in 2015.

What is his favorite sport: Swimming. athletics. horseback riding.
What is his talent: He loves to ride scooters.
Series. Movies and plays
Bitter Love – Heart of Wind – The New Bride – the same for the same 2018 AD.

Secrets and life story of the actor and biography

The handsome actor Tolga Mendi. known as Hazar. the hero of the new series of the bride. is an artist with a special shape and color. He does not resemble any of the actors who are of his age. He started out young. But all his roles have features older than his age. and he performed it more amazingly.

He became a hero and the owner of the main roles Soon. he was able. with his charisma and strong presence. to impose himself on the artistic scene quickly. he presented comedic. dramatic. exciting and romantic roles. everyone predicted for him a great future and strong works.

Tolga Mendi
Tolga Mendi

A famous Turkish TV actor. Despite his young age and artistic balance. he gained very great fame. he has more than 300 thousand followers on his official Instagram account. Tolga Mendi was born in 1993 in the Turkish city of Izmir. he studied at the German Anatolian High School (Ismail Safa Ozler) ). Graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering from the University of (Cukurova) and after his graduation he took lessons at the Institute of Crafts Theater to study acting. Since he was young, and he loved art and was interested in it. and participated in many artistic works on the school and university theater. so he decided to study acting in order to become a professional.

Tolga Mendi’s childhood

An artist close to his audience. he participated in the youth radio program (Come on Be) and answered all the questions asked by social media followers without hesitation. I admit a lot of things that his fans did not know about him. for example that he was complicated in his childhood because of his nickname by his friends In his childhood. his mother refused to work in acting during his studies in civil engineering.

but he promised her that he would study him in addition to acting no matter what it cost him. He was subjected to a lot of pressure after he left his city and moved to Istanbul. because it was a tiring life and began to put pressure on him. People there did not respect anyone and they were able to harm him a lot. .

He loves eating a lot. so he said that his favorite food is siri and butter. and the reason for that is his mother. she loves to cook and cooks the most delicious dishes. so he is a skilled cook. loves to make his own food. so he has a different taste in food even if the same meal is presented with the same ingredients. his food will be different About him. he was called (Panda) years ago by his friends because he was very fat until the final year of high school. as his weight reached 98 kg.

before entering the university entrance exam he began to lose weight gradually. especially since the exams were difficult and needed a lot of Focusing to be a pharmacist or an architect (construction). he continued to study for two years to apply. within 9 months he became 79 kg. and during the period that he studied in Istanbul he worked as a tourist guide for Arab tourists who came to Istanbul for tourism.

He started acting

Artistic work began in 2015 through the role of (Haider) in the TV series Bitter Love. he became more popular and famous after he got the role of (Hazar) in the series The New Bride and he starred with the beautiful artist Jessica. the series got a very large viewership in Turkey. And many other countries. such as the Arab countries. it is a romantic comedy series. although the actor Tolga Mendi is a civil engineer. but he does not work in this field. so I choose to devote himself to acting.

Hazar’s role in the series The New Bride:

Tolga presented a wonderful role in the new series The Bride. which is a comedy series. which has received a large viewership in Turkey since its first episodes. To marry. and she challenged everyone for the sake of Hazar. but she became the new daughter of a very stubborn family and bothered her a lot. but she endured this war for the sake of her lover. and Hazar sacrificed a lot and stood in front of his family for her in fun comedic events. the series starring both Jessica May Drosionas and Fred Hilal Akin. Wilma Els. Mustafa Afkiran. Onur Pitan. Lali Bashar. Sima Ksik. Renan Belk and Bunska Siver.

Tolga Mendi’s girlfriend

Tolga Mendi has become a very popular artist. His fans have begun to ask about his relationships. is he in love. and who is his sweetheart. especially young girls who wish to be unrelated. The actor admitted that he is not in a love relationship. and that if he finds the girl of his dreams. he will not hide his feelings and he will His fans and followers share that.

Tolga Mendi's girlfriend
Tolga Mendi’s girlfriend