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Gökhan Alkan Ali Issaf, the hero of the series Heartbeat, known to be absent in the series Do you love me, special information about him, height, weight, age, wife, private life, religion, nationality, astrological sign, his works and secrets of his life, upcoming projects and biography, details Especially about his life, his talent, his favorite sport, his academic qualifications, and his social media sites.

Who is Gökhan Alkan?

Date of birth: December 8, 1987.
Age in 2018: 31 years old.
Place of birth: He was born in Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 188 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: black.

What is the religion of Gökhan Alkan

He is a Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is the sign of Sagittarius.
Academic qualification: studied foreign trade and marketing in Eskişehir, studied automotive technology in Kocaeli, and studied acting at MSM Actor Studio.
Gökhan Alkan’s Wife or Girlfriend: Unmarried.
When did his artistic career begin: He started his artistic career in 2010.

What is his hobby and favorite business

His hobby is cat breeding. traveling and tourism. relaxing in nature. riding motorcycles. What is his favorite sport: swimming. weightlifting and bodybuilding

Gökhan Alkan Films. TV Shows. and plays

Istanbul and love – heartbeat – does he love me – my husband’s family – love on one pillow in exile – everything is fine – laurel season – organic love tale – I close my eyes and do my job – I am Mustafa Kemal.

Gökhan Alkan’s secrets. life story. and biography

A representative of famous Turkish art. he became one of the big stars who is looking for the works of many followers and viewers. not only in Turkey but also in Arab countries. he was born in Istanbul in 1987 AD. he is a lonely boy. he does not have a brother. he studied at Anatolia University Foreign Trade He also graduated from Anadolu University in Foreign Trade and Marketing. He worked as an engineer for a small period before heading to study art. I chose to study acting before starting real acting. to become a professional actor.

Gökhan Alkan made his artistic debut with acting and singing

His first work as an actor was in his school and university days. he was interested in art. acting and singing as well. He participated in amateur theatrical groups in high school and college years. He gave some musical performances. all before he made the decision to study acting. after he worked as an engineer. It is better that this is not His dream. and he did not accept this job. decided to study acting at Majdat Jezzine Center for Arts. then he was selected for Majdat Jezzine Theater as a professional actor.

Gökhan Alkan acting on stage

The theater witnessed the beginning of Jokhan’s artistic beginning. and his rise to stardom. after he received his education in acting and singing at the MSM Actor Studio and the Müjdat Gezen Center for the Arts. He performs plays with his own band and on his own stage.

His start in cinema and television

He presented his first experiences with TV drama in 2011 AD as a guest in some episodes of the series (The Magnificent Century – Harem Al Sultan). through which he attracted everyone’s interest in his strong personality. strong presence. and apparent talent from his acting. so he quickly started getting major roles in succession. and he began to be recognized as an actor and star. My future.

after he presented the role of Tank in (My husband’s family). it was a very popular family work. the series consisted of two seasons. and consisted of 57 episodes. this was the role of a likable and appreciated Alkan. so he got the title of The Turkish Top Husband. and got the title roles later.

His first starring was through the series (everything is fine) in the role of Jim. in the 2016 series romance. drama and comedy (Do he love me). he presented the role of Young Yigit. who was a good friend with Denise. until he moved to America. and he moved away there for years. and he was talking With Deniz via the Internet and the phone only. he returned to Turkey and wanted to meet Deniz. but Demise changed a lot. she became a girl who did not care about herself. .

The first cinematic work in which he starred is the movie (The Laurel Season). directed by Muhammad Ozturk. starring Aryn Sibel Arslan. Zainab Demir. Dilara Devereen. Murad Karasu. Maket Suncan. then he presented the TV movie (Makas). directed by Nihad Ozcan. starring Senai Akai and Serenai Aktas and Fulden Acurek.

Best-known films for Gökhan Alkan

In 2017. he presented the film (An Organic Love Tale). which is a comedy. drama and romantic movie. about love that has a lot of complexity and problems. and how the search for love is something more complicated than everything. Dizdar.. Tylan Goren. Ozj Joel.

In 2018 AD presented the well-known Turkish series (Nabat Al Qalb). which won the approval of the public and critics. taken from a Korean series. playing the role of Ali Isaf. who was working as a teacher in a high school. and he got to know the troublemaker (Eul). he noticed that she was a smart girl and tried to help her. Until the day came when her grandmother died in a hospital. and they moved away from some of them. and Ali became a well-known doctor outside Turkey. and September became a senior doctor. they met again when they worked in the same hospital. and events began to bring them closer together. and things developed a lot.

Awards Gökhan Alkan

He received many awards. including from APAN Star. a special prize with Zainab Shamsi for their role in the series Do You Love Me. in 2017 he received many awards. including from Marie Claire Magazine. Best Husband with the actress Oiko in the series Heartbeat. and from the Twenty Hour Film and Toronto ReelHeART Festival International Cinematographer Best Cast for his Role in Organik Aşk Hikayeleri.

Gökhan Alkan’s girlfriend and sweetheart

His sweetheart is the artist. Nisreen Jawad. he has become one of the most attractive men in Turkey. and handsome. the number of his followers on Instagram has become more than a million followers. when he was asked about love. he said that he is a man who loves love. that love is not only the feeling that we feel in order to live. it is emotion Which moves his feelings and his life for the better. he is a person very fond of his family. he says. “My family comes first for me!”.

He loves writing so much that he writes everything that comes to his mind. music is always in his life. he participated in musicals. with many songs. and his dream is to create his own album in the future. he says that music is always his life. he cares a lot about his appearance. and his fitness. so He exercises daily. takes care of his health and practices bodybuilding.