Berrak Tuzunatac Religion, Age, Weight, Height and much more


Date of birth: November 2, 1984, AD

Residence: Yalova – Turkey

Nationality: Turkey

Religion: Christianity

Age: 34 years old

Weight: 60 kg

Height: 170 cm

Academic qualification: I joined Koch School, in 2004 I started studying Business Administration at Istanbul University

Marital status: Her boyfriend, Birkan Sokolu

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Eye color: green

Hair color: brown

When did her artistic career begin: in 2005

Siblings: Naz Tuzonatak

Parent: Siva Tuzonatak

Berrak Tuzunatac Nationality 

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Complete information on Berrak Tuzunatac

Berrak Tuzunatac, actress of Turkey, was born on November 2, 1984, and grew up in Yalova – Turkey, located on the Sea of ​​Marmara in western Turkey. Perak moved to Istanbul in 1995 with her family and enrolled in Kush School. In 2004, I began studying Business Administration at Istanbul University.

She worked as a presenter on One TV. She studied high school at Kush Ozal High School, then went to Istanbul, where she studied Business Administration at Istanbul University. There is a lot of love for drawing, swimming, photography, playing drums, playing with animals, singing, and among his favorite sports are boxing and wrestling.

Complete information on Berrak Tuzunatac

Berrak Tuzunatac begins her acting career

She appeared on the screens for the first time as a news presenter. and then she got acquainted with the famous director Yilmaz Erdogan. the discoverer of many stars. who presented her for the first time as an actress through the movie “Organized Business” in which she presented the character “Ebru” in 2005. She made her first major role through the movie (Kiskanmak – Kiskanmak) Berrak Tuzunatac became famous in the Arab world by presenting the character “Bada” in the famous Turkish drama “Ezel” which starred the beloved star “Kenan Amir Zalioglu” in association with the star “Gansu Dere” .

Perak was also famous by presenting one of her most important roles at all. She achieved wide fame and wide public after her participation in the famous epic drama “The Magnificent Century”. known in the Arab world as “The Sultan’s Harem.” in which Perak embodied the character of Sultan Mehronesa. his son. commander of the Ottoman fleet. Aban. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ruled. the last wives of Prince Mustafa and the mother of Prince “Muhammad”. his youngest son. Presenting Perak Tuzonatik for the title role in the successful Turkish movie “Castle of Chankali. End of the Road” alongside the beloved star “Gorkan Uygun”. is an important milestone in her artistic life. as critics praised her professionalism in portraying the “joyful” character that Perak presented in this film. which was a great success.

Berrak Tuzunatac in the series Villenta

Berrak Tuzunatac Berrak Tuzunatac co-starred in the series Velenta The series revolves around the Ottoman policeman “Velinta”. and the story of the ongoing conflict between Boris Zaharias (Sereh Totumler) the richest man in Istanbul and an arms dealer and between the policeman Mustafa (Onur Tuna) the most skilled officers of Istanbul. where Boris Whoever fabricates a murder case for Mustafa and the judge gives him a year to prove his innocence. and not be executed or exiled. and Mustafa during his search for his innocence. his heart hangs on Boris’s daughter. Lara. Boris throws a party and the judge attends it and Mustafa welcomes them and asks Mustafa why they call him Felenta Mustafa smiles and answers because no one escapes From his hand. then Boris notices Mustafa’s pistol and asks to see him and admires his determination. asks him about him. telling him that it is his and his friend’s determination on the one who was killed by Boris’ men.

The judge and Boris enter Boris’ office to talk while Mustafa waits outside. Then he meets Ballara again. and then she tells him that her father is the one who invited him. meaning that he is Boris Zaharias. he shocks Mustafa and tries to calm down and tells her that her father is a nice man. so Lara laughs and answers you are one of the rare who see him as well. Lara because of Mustafa’s presence and causes the drink to fall on her dress. so she asks Mustafa to change her clothes and he tells her that he will wait for her.

The judge sees in the room some weapons written on the Qur’an from the days of the invasions and is sad because they fell into Boris’s hands and that he hangs them in his office. Boris tries to claim his friendship with the Ottoman state. but the judge answers him that the friend can turn the case. and vice versa. and goes out in anger and asks Mustafa to leave. but Mustafa wants to wait for Lara and is forced to go so that the judge does not reveal him and falls in love with the daughter of their greatest enemy. Hakan Kurtaş. Berrak Tuzunatac. Onur Tuna. Camel Golur.

Mehronisa in the series Harem of Sultan

The Sultan’s Harem series is a Turkish series that tells the story of the life of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. who is the tenth of the Ottoman Sultans. and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent is considered one of the most powerful Ottoman sultans. And to become a country stronger than the empire of Alexander the Great and when he declared that he was the ruler and was officially crowned as the head of state. he left his family and went with his friend Ibrahim to the Topkapi Palace in the capital. Astana.

Berrak Tuzunatac in the series The Bomber

Turkish actress Berrak Tuzunatac joined the cast of the series “The Suicide”. starring Elkir Kalali and Neslihan Atagül.
The events revolve around a terrorist person assigned to a large operation in Istanbul. which is the largest terrorist operation inside Turkish territory. while the heroine plays the role of a Turkish intelligence agent and is tasked with the task of stopping this operation. which is one of the largest and most dangerous operations in the Middle East and Europe.
Her personal life and relationship with Birkan Sokollu

Turkish star Berrak Tuzunatac separated from her lover. star Birkan Sokolu. after a strong love affair that lasted for 3 years. until Turkish newspapers reported that Perrak entered into a new love relationship with businessman Alp Ozgan. the former lover of the Turkish star Maryam Ozerli. On the personal level. she was famous for his emotional relationship with the Turkish star “Negat Echler”. as well as the rumors that followed her about the existence of an emotional relationship that she had with her close friend. the star Kinan Imerzalioglu.

The most important works presented by Berrak Tuzunatac

Organization work in 2005 AD

Life loan in 2005 AD

Romilly 2007-2008

Dragon trap in 2009

Jealousy in 2009

Can you forget you in 2009 AD

Sea Fist 2010

Isle in 2010

End in 2012

Felinta in 2015

Chakani Castle end of the road in 201

The Sultan’s harem in 2013-2014