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Personal information

Date of birth: He was born on October 7, 1988.
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 175 cm.
Weight: 70 kg.
Hair color: Blonde.
Eye color: blue.
Religion Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is a Libra.
Academic qualification: Graduated from the university, Department of Music Theater.
Eren Vurdem’s Wife or Girlfriend: In a relationship.
When did his artistic career begin: He started his artistic career in 2009.

Eren Vurdem’s Secrets, Life Story, and Biography

Erin was born on October 7, 1988, and he was born in Konya, Turkey. He completed his primary and secondary studies in his city to transfer to Halk University in Istanbul, where he graduated from the acting institute, theater department there, and he also took music lessons as he plays the guitar in addition to composing and singing his own songs.

Eren Vurdem Information

Eren Vurdem deleted his Instagram account a while ago after publishing his picture with his girlfriend in the series, and fans attack him. Wanting to be his girlfriend. In fact Eren Vurdem said that fans do not differentiate between acting and reality, and after that. His calculator returned to Instagram again.

Some fans of the character of actor Eren Vurdem say that he is very sensitive and shy and that he is a fan of social media through Instagram and Twitter.

The beginning of his acting career

The Turkish actor and singer who conquered television and cinema as he did in his last role in the Turkish war series Waad is the actor who played and sang and thousands of songs before entering the world of acting and still loves singing and playing as he practices his love with acting. he is the blond actor who mastered many roles to be one Film and TV heroes.
He is an actor who plays and sings skillfully and with perfection. He still loves singing until now. He is inclined to humor and laughter. but he is skilled at acting and is fluent in the roles of movement and action and the roles of movement and action. And sing his own songs.

The works of Eren Vurdem movies. TV shows and plays

Hesaplasma – 2009
No Ofsayt – 2009
Şevkat tepe – 2010
Year 2010: Mercy Hill as Arahan
Subat – 2012
2013: movie jin
2014: Yolculuk
Son mektup – 2015
In the year 2015: the series Al-Ishq Stubborna with the role of Shinar

2017- sümela’nın şifresi 3: cünyor temel.

The works of Eren Vurdem and upcoming TV series

Actor Eren Vurdem will act in the popular series (Resurrection of Othman). who will play Othman’s close friend in this series.

“One of the things I wanted the most in life is playing the role of Erin in an Ottoman series.” said actor Eren Vurdem on his Twitter account.

After this came the admiration of his fans and praised their joy through their comments on his personal Twitter account

The official page dedicated to the series (Othman) stated a great welcome to actor Eren Vurdem for his participation in this series.

Eren Vurdem’s Personal Secrets and His Relationships

Eren Vurdem is not married, and without a doubt he has a lot of girlfriends because he is a famous actor. On a Turkish channel. Eren Vurdem said that he received a lot of messages from his fans telling him I want to marry you. He replied laughing. Do not embarrass me because I am not currently ready for a final marriage and I have not thought about the subject yet. He told one of his fans on the channel. “Can I marry you? We don’t know where we will meet.”

Eren Vurdem's Personal Secrets and His Relationships

Eren Vurdem’s entry into the acting career

Eren Vurdem entered the world of acting and experienced the first time in his life in 2009. Where he participated in the Turkish series Hesaplasma account, and this work presented him to the audience as an actor after he knew him as a singer. and he participated in the Turkish movie No Ofsayt in the same year to enhance his personality as an actor and complete His image is in front of the audience.

He participated in the movie Jin in 2013. Which revolves around a Kurdish guerrilla fighter who deserted his military unit in order to leave the conflict zone to the city of Izmir. Turkey. and also one of his most important works is the series Love and Stubbornness in 2015. Which revolves around a romantic comedy about love and all the difficulties that the loved ones face.

The events of the Turkish series Love is stubborn with the kindness of the stubborn man and the stubborn woman when he deliberately fell in love through a romantic comedy full of hate between the daughter of a high-end family and a boss at work. and the story begins with a friction between her and a troubled and muscular young man.

In 2017, in the series Söz as Atas Agar. hHe,also participated in the work of the Subat series. and the story of this series is the most interesting story. as it tells the story of the Turkish series Subat about a long story about the mysterious life that occurs in the streets of Istanbul and the crimes and mystery that hover around this life.

Eren Vurdem also participated in several other works distributed between cinematic films and television series. All of which are dramatic and serious. in addition to the role of action and action. as I mentioned to you in the series Söz.