Ezgi Asaroğlu, her religion, Instagram and a bio


Ezgi Asaroğlu, religion, length, nationality, date of birth

Date of birth: June 18, 1987
Place of birth: Izmir, Turkey
Profession: Actress and model
Age: 33 years old
Her hair color: Light brown
Her eyes color: Green
Nationality: Turkish
Her religion: Muslim
Length: 165 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Marital Status: Unmarried
Astrological sign: reward
The beginning of her artistic and professional career in 2004 until now
Academic qualification: I graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Istanbul University
Hobbies: She loves to raise cats and has a beautiful cat that always appears with her
Favorite dish is soupActor Marlon Brando
Favorite musician Leonard Cohn
Favorite movie, listen to Marlon
football player Suleiman Saba
The current net worth is around $1 million

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Ezgi Asaroğlu

Instagram https //: www.instagram.com.Ezgi Asaroğlu
Facebook https://www.facebook.com.Ezgi Asaroğlu
Twitter https: // www.twitter.com.Ezgi Asaroğlu

Ezgi Asaroğlu her biography and complete information on her

Ezgi Asaroğlu is a Turkish film and television actress who made her debut on cable TV in the TV series Bir Dilim Aşk. which made her screen debut at the age of seventeen.

The artist Ezgi Asaroğlu was born in the Turkish city of Izmir on June 18, 1989. She loved acting since she was a child. She studied at the School of Dramatic Arts, Istanbul University, Turkey. Likewise, she also studied at the University of Literature in Ankara. specializing in anthropology.
She was born in Gemini. so she has the most important traits of Gemini. because she is fun. open. and loves freedom and fun. But she also has a very emotional and sensitive personality.

Ezgi Asaroğlu

Her artistic career in acting and her most important work

Turkish actress Ezgi Asaroğlu started her acting career in 2004 when she was 17 years old. and despite her young age. she appeared in the TV series “Bir Dilim Ask”. She played a prominent role and then had the opportunity to participate in the wonderful Turkish movie “What do you do on the mountain” which Winning many awards in many festivals. Ezgi Asaroğlu for her role in the movie won the Best Actress Award.

She had roles in the highest-rated TV series and was popular with audiences in Turkey. In 2005. she appeared in the short film “What’s Love Doing in the Mountains” which won awards at film festivals around the world.

Ezgi Asaroğlu played a prominent role in the series “Al-Ishq Al-Murr”. an exciting romantic drama series directed by writer Maher Erol and Cagatay Tosun. The first episode of the series was in December 2015. released in Turkey on December 20. The story tells the story of the handsome boy “Jude” who plays the hero Jude works with His wife. Noura. the father of “Adnan”. and the father of his wife. Noura. was related to the death of Jude’s father. but Jude and Nora had a bad marriage because she faced many obstacles and problems. It is easy to have love relationships with others. The appearance of the heroine in the series “The King of the Violinist.”

Jude hid her marriage from her friend Malak. but she learned that it was accidental after Noura and Adnan learned of Jude’s relationship with the king. The conspiracy increased the matter that made them try to thwart the relationship and remove a king from Jude. but the unexpected “king of pregnancy” forced Noura to fight for a king. so she demanded The fetus and tried to kidnap her. Judd was forced to return to Noura. and spending time with her surprised everyone’s pregnancy. but after losing the baby due to an accident. the situation did not last for long.

After Judd learned that Adnan was involved in killing his father and prompting him to take revenge. the events of the Bitter Love series became more complicated and since then. these events formed at the end of the series. this was unexpected and different for the audience.

She also played the role of “Bahar” in the series “That is my life.” when she played the role of (Miral). She also attracted the attention of the fans. and the girl faced many difficulties in the series “The Difficult Decision”.

Ezgi Asaroğlu starred in 18 Turkish TV series. and Ezgi Asaroğlu played various roles. for which Istanbul won many awards at the festival.

Izji’s cinematic career began with her role in the award-winning independent film in 2008. for a moment. Freedom. a biting and tragic refugee drama that has won 30 international awards since then. she has starred in 2009. and starred in Kampüste Çıplak Ayaklar whose performance has received critical acclaim. Other successful films followed. including Acı Aşk. En Mutlu Olduğum Yer. Aşk Kırmızı.

During the years. she played roles in the highest-rated TV series. and made the series’ popularity Ezgi Asaroglu known to the public in Turkey. In 2005. she appeared in the short film What Love Doing in the Mountains? It won awards at film festivals around the world

The largest advertising companies use it to participate in its advertisements Izgi Asaroglu has shown advertisements for nearly 10 different products and has participated in advertising campaigns of major companies such as Vodafone and Coca-Cola. as well as advertisements for some famous Turkish cosmetics and skin care products.

The most important works presented by the Turkish artist. Ezgi Asaroğlu. in the series and films

The short film what’s love doing in the mountain. 2005
Played the role of Pelin in Bir Dilim Ask in 2004
She played the role of Miral in the series Zor Krar
She played the role of Bahar in the series That Is My Life.
She starred as Juliañe in the 2006 series Kizlar Yurdu
In 2007 Ezgi Asaroğlu embodied the role of Kadr in yolcu
She played the role of Roya in sevgili Hatirla
She played the role of Jasmine at For a Moment Freedom
She played the role of Zahra in Sesleri Gece
She portrayed Zainab in the series Ask Kirmizi in 2013

Cinematic films

Mountains of Love 2005 production
2008 Get the Moment
Film wound of love in 2009
Film Be Happy 2010
Evening Film 2012
2013 red love movie
A movie penned by Saleem in 2014

Who is her boyfriend Ezgi Asaroğlu?

This beautiful Turkish artist has an emotional personality. she is full of confidence in love. and she believes that love. Marriage and building a happy and successful family should be the most important priority in anyone’s life. Now the Turkish artist Ezgi Asaroğlu with this young famous Turkish singer Karim Jim lives a love story together. and he accompanied The two stars are some of them more than once. and on numerous occasions they have been snapped together to take lots of pictures.