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Personal card and special information about it Nilay Erdönmez

Date of birth: June 28, 1997.
Place of birth: I was born in Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Nilai Ardonmas’ Religion: Muslim.
Nilay Erdönmez and Her Husband: Married.
Weight: 60 kg.
Height: 175 cm.
Hair color: brown.
Eye color: Hazel.
Astrological Sign: Cancer.
Academic qualification – academic: I graduated from the conservatory.
She started her artistic career: she started her career in 2013.


Secrets and her life story and biography

Piran Nilay Erdönmez was born in Istanbul on June 28. 1997. her parents separated when she was young. and she lived with her mother and her husband. and she also has a younger sister. and she began acting at the age of six in 2013 through the role of Asma in the series Al-Mamnoua. 750.000 followers on Instagram.
The works of Nilay Erdönmez movies. TV shows and plays

Sad Flower Series in Turkish: Kırgın Çiçekler

The artist participated in the series Turki. which was shown for the first time on June 29. 2015. on the Turkish ITV channel. and it tells about the story of girls living in the Kocho Yolo orphanage in Istanbul. Each girl has a story that she delivered to the orphan and the girls are “Eylol”. “Qadar”. “Miral” and “ Jimri ”and“ Songul ”and the series began with the story of Iylol. how I went to the orphan. and from there begin the stories of the rest of the girls. and this series won a lot of fame in Turkey and throughout the Arab world.

The story of the series September

The events revolve around a young 16-year-old girl who lost her father when she was 11 years old. and she lives with her younger sister “Bushra”. her mother “Masouda” and her stepfather “Kamal”. but she has always complained to her mother about Kamal’s harassment of her. but the mother does not believe her She thinks that she wants to differentiate between her and her husband. and during this period her mother was pregnant with Kamal. so she placed September in the orphanage under the pretext that she would not be able to take care of her with her younger sister and the child who came on the way with the complaints of September. so September lived in a room in the orphanage with 3 girls. and they are: The fate of “Songul” and “Miral” who were brought up in the orphanage. and later came “Jimery”. they become stronger than sisters for each other and stand and help each other. especially during adversity. and Kamal continues harassing September even after she put it in the orphanage and try the girls and help the headmistress. “Farida” to protect September and themselves from it.

Ceylan in the series My Heart Canevim

Nilay Erdönmez (Nilay Erdönmez). the heroine of the new drama series entitled Canevim. produced by the production company Koliba Film. which is currently shown on the atv channel. A very rich family. the housewife is Firyal and she has a very spoiled son. Gilan brings her a love story and affection with Omar. who is embodied by the young actor Aras Eden. who works in the construction field. is modest and he is an orphan of parents and madly in love with Gilan and they were planning to marry after the story the love

And co-starring star Aras Aydin. where he will embody the character of Omar. partner of Gilan. who plays the role of Brian Damla Yilmaz. along with Simji Selcuk and Nihan Buyukayach. who will play the role of two sisters. Feryal and Melissa. who is a key role in the story.

Saturn Ganjir Arkaya also joined the series. who will play the role of Gonor. Reza Akin as Hamzah. Borgo Tuna as Alfan and the little Noor Chamskali as Aisha. who will be shown on the Turkish ATV channel. The series takes place in the house of a wealthy woman named Firyal Tanbay Nihan Buyuk Ayac. Ferial She lives in her lavish home with her sister Melis “Simji Selcuk” and her spoiled son Tilan. Tylan “Ozgur Chvik” who held a party in his home pool and harassed Gilan who is serving during the ceremony. Tylan who is seeking pleasure will be hit by Gilan’s angry slap. This slap will be the beginning of a great revenge.

The historical series “The Sultan’s Harem”

An update revolves around the life story of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. who ruled the Ottoman Empire during its golden period from 1520 AD until his death in 1566 AD. The governor is the most important in the history of the Ottoman Empire . The historical series “The Sultan’s Harem” takes place during the sixteenth century. and reviews the events that take place at the seat of the Sultan’s harem. known as the Sultan’s Harem.

The series opens its first episodes with the rise of Sultan Suleiman. the rightful owner of the legitimate right. to power at the age of 26. after he set his sights on the goal of establishing an empire stronger than the authority of the Great Alexander and making the Ottomans an indomitable force. and to become during his 46-year rule. the young sultan and the warrior And the great ruler. after receiving the news of his coronation in a hunting party in 1520. was unaware that he would later rule a territory beyond his dreams.

Upon his inauguration as the ruler of the Ottoman Empire. he left his wife (Mahidevran) and his young son Mustafa and his palace in (Manisa). to go with his close friend and companion Ibrahim to reach the Topkapi Palace in the capital. Astana. Meanwhile. an Ottoman ship sailed to the Black Sea to bring women gifts for the palace. among them (Alexandra La Rosa). the daughter of a Russian Orthodox priest who was sold to the palace. And who in the future will become (Hürrem). the wife of Sultan Suleiman. and she will give birth to Selim. who will take over the rule of the Ottoman Empire after the death of his father through a series of intrigues and bloodshed that his great minister (Ibrahim Pasha) paid for. In addition to executing one of his sons in order to continue the bloody game of power. where the end justifies the means and everything becomes acceptable in order for the game of politics and power to prevail.

Turkish actress Nilay Erdönmez participated in the movie “Miracle 2”. and embodies the role of “Mazeghin”. the wife of the disabled man. “Aziz”. and its events take place in a social context. and it is written and directed by Mohsun Qarmzegol.

Theatrical works with the participation of Turkish actress Nilay Erdönmez Nilay Erdönmez

Blacks 2011–2012
Stuffed 2011
Last time 2010-2011
Mice and Men 2009
I Close My Eyes 2006-2008

TV series and movies with the participation of Turkish actress Nilay Erdönmez Nilay Erdönmez

The Bride of Istanbul 2017
Blackness 2014
The Watchtower 2012
Once Upon a Time Ottoman 2012
Snakes and Doves. 2011
Beautiful Days 2007

Awards won by Turkish actress Nilay Erdönmez  

Adana Film Festival Award for Best Actress 2012. Brasilia International Film Festival Award for Best Actress 2013. Dadas International Film Festival Award for Best Actress. Thoracic Award for Theater – Best Actress Award 2013. Turkey-Germany Festival Award – Best Actress Award 2013. 

Her personal secrets and relationships

Nilay Erdönmez was born artist Piran Nilay Erdönmez in Istanbul on June 28. 1997. her parents separated when she was young. More than 750.000 followers on Instagram.