Who is Meriç Senlikoglu? Information and Biography


Who is the child Meriç Senlikoglu? What is her full name? her religion, her nationality, How did she enter the world of art while she was still young, her role in the series Dayan Yuregim, and what is the story of this series with a bunch of her own photos.

Who is Meriç Senlikoglu

Meriç Senlikoglu personal information about her

Date of birth: February 19, 2005, AD.
Place of birth: Istanbul, in the country of Turkey.
Age: 15 years.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Profession: Young actress.
Marital status: still a child.
Astrological Sign: Pisces.
Height: 148 cm.
Weight: 43 kg.
Eye color: brown.
Hair color: Yellow.
Hobbies: acting, going to the playroom, reading small stories.
Beginning of her artistic career: in 2015 AD.
Her first artwork: Dayan Yuregim.

Biography of the child Meriç Senlikoglu

The origin of the young artist Meriç Senlikoglu goes back to the city of Istanbul, in the country of Turkey, where she was born and raised, and her birth was on the nineteenth of February in 2005 AD. This name is the artistic name. Her real name is Elif Meriç and her grandfather is anlikoglu. She received her education at Istanbul High School. And she is still studying there. She began to shine and shine in 2015 AD. This is very early for her age. This was the beginning by appearing as a model in a number of advertisements for the commercial world, and then she entered the world of drama and television, where she participated in her first artistic work and the great series “Dayan” Yuregim “by embodying the character” Saneem”, which was able to act very successfully, and the series also received great success when it was shown on the screens of Turkey.

Girl Meritch and Dayan Yuregim

The role of the girl Martish in this series was beautiful, as it carried a kind of childish innocence, and the artist Merich showed the extent of her distinction and her talent for acting despite her young age.
This series is classified according to thrilling drama series, which are full of romantic events.
The events of this series revolve around a woman named “Van” whose first interest in life is living a quiet life with her two sons and her husband, who is called Taher. This family lived in a poor area in Istanbul and this woman used to go daily to one of the health clinics in the area to work there When her work at the clinic ended, she used to go to help her husband in his work, as he worked as a salesman in the market.

But Tahir her husband was not a good man, but he was a wicked man who used to beat her every day and subjected her to violence and humiliation, but one day her young son, who is called Selim, who represents for her a special position that she considered all her life, went to play soccer under the house, but while playing One of the cars hit him and went to the hospital.

At this time when the doctors were treating him properly, both the van and her eldest son, who called Serai, were thinking about a healthy matter: Will he live or die and if he will live, will he return as it was before? But in light of all these things and these events, the van is able to understand some things Related to Tahir, who used to provide a helping hand to the Chanal family, which is considered one of the richest families in the country of Turkey.

She also knew that Atef, who belongs to the Chanal family, was the one who was driving the car that hit her son Selim, and this means that he is the main responsible for what happened and at the time. The van searched about this matter and was able to find an amount of money in her husband’s clothes and knew that the origin of this money was due to the Chanal family, who had given him this money in exchange for healthy blood and in exchange for his silence about what happened, the van then held Taher accountable for what he did and after all this happened A major development in events, and this matter was never finished.

During the episodes of the series, a man named Fouad appears, who works as a lawyer and is responsible for social cases. He is also responsible for solving the problems that come to him, but his life is full of problems, which is the extreme misery in which his young daughter who is called Nazli and his wife who is called Ayson lives, and there are also many Among the family problems and other problems he has at work.

But his goal was always to come to the truth of the oppressed. His first interview was with the van, in which the van was able to wipe out the misery that existed in his daughter’s life and make her cling to life again. Then Fouad’s turn comes to be the greatest supporter of the elves in her life and be a support for her to be able to Live again alive without any hassle.
The main characters of this series are: cansel Elçin _ ege Aydan _ ece Uslu _ nilay Deniz _ berk Atan _ bengi Öztürk _ biray Akay.

The heroine of the Dayan Yuregim series

Among the heroines of the series, who have a distinctive look and great ingenuity in the world of acting, was the young and emerging artist Nilai Deniz, who has great fame in the world of art, and her artistic file is full of many successes. She has fame and success in her file.

Nilai Deniz had a great role in the series, as she embodied the character Serai, who performed this role with great distinction and great ingenuity, which brought her a great fame.

She is a brilliant actress whose origin goes back to the city of Aydin in the country of Turkey. She loved the profession of acting since her young age, but she did not like education and study. Turkish artworks identical to her preferred genre and as a result of her distinction, she was able to obtain the Brilliant Butterfly Award for Outstanding Artists.

She said about herself that she is a person with great ambition and is doing a lot on herself to be able to achieve more and do what she hopes to achieve, as she loves permanent change.
Among her other most important works: When the Sun Waits – Love Again – Ah Nariman – Life in Five Minutes.

The most important works of Meriç Senlikoglu

Dayan Yuregim series, which was filmed and shown in 2015 AD.