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 Melis Birkan, the Turkish actress, information about her, facts about her personal life, a common fact about her association with the artist Ali Jan, a summary of the most successful series of her well-known 46 Yok Olan series, her participation in Majnun Laila, and a full report on it.

Melis Birkan Turkish actress

Biography and information on Melis Birkan.

Nationality: Turkish Nationality.
Date of birth of the actress Meles Birkan: July 15, 1982.
Berg Melis Birkan: Cancer.
Age of Melis Birkan in 2020 AD: 38 years.
Place of birth of Meles Birkan: Ankara – Turkey.
Academic Qualification: I graduated from the Ballet Institute at Mimar Sinan State University.
Melis Birkan Artistic Beginning: 2005 AD.
Marital Status of Meles Birkan: Unmarried.
Husband or boyfriend: Not known.
Most important works: The Suspicion series 46.
Males Birkan height: 174 cm.Complexion: White.
Melis Berkan Hair Color: Light Brown.
Meles Birkan’s eye color: Light blue.
Career of Meles Birkan: Actress.
Name of Meles Birkan’s mother: Selda.
Name of Meles Birkan’s father: Civit Birkan.

Information about Melis Birkan and her life story

The beautiful and Turkish actress Melis Birkan was born on July 15, 1982, born in Cancer. She was born in Ankara in Turkey and lived in Turkey. She was the only child of her parents, so she did not have any siblings. Her father is Sivit Birkan and her mother is Selda. She loved art since her childhood, so she studied dance at the age of six. Meles completed her primary education in the schools of Istanbul in Turkey. She loved dancing even when she reached the university level. She studied at the Architecture Institute of Sinan, and at first she took lessons at the institute only, and then she completed her university education at the same university, but she did not aspire to an acting profession at all, and it did not occur to her to be an actress. One day I began to get used to standing in front of the cameras by presenting a TV program that was shown in 2005 AD, and because of her beautiful face and familiar features to the public and the camera, she participated in her first film in 2006 AD and the work was directed by Serdar Akar and also participated in the film Americans in the Black Sea.

Melis Birkan and her lover Ali Jan Yujsui

It is known about relationships in the world of art and acting, and it is usual for artists to hide and try to evade recognition of any emotional relations, but the young Turkish artist Ali Jan Yujsoy disagreed with this and declared himself about the love relationship he had with a young and well-known Turkish artist, Melis Birkan, actually Jan is a hero of the heroes A series of revenge, although both lovers remained for a very long time, hiding this relationship from the lights and the cameras of the press, and he confirmed that the relationship that binds them is a very strong love relationship that began many months ago, about the artist Ali Jan and about his emotional relationships and his private life, he married before that from the artistic community as well His ex-wife is Melcia Suzine, so the marriage ceremony took place in Rome, but the couple quickly separated and the marriage lasted for only 5 months, so the marriage was in 2013 AD, the artist Melcia Suzine is one of the heroes of the famous series The Sultan’s Harem.

Her series and movies Melis Birkan

One of the most successful television works in which Mehlis participated, who was a big factor in her fame, was her famous series 46 Yok Olan, which tells the story of a Turkish man who works as a doctor specializing in genetic engineering. He was born to a father who works as a doctor and a professor at the university in the same field in which the doctor works. A senior professor in genetics and special in molecular biology, his sister was exposed to a very rare and difficult to treat disease and as a result she fell into a coma for up to 5 years and the reason was that they used narcotic substances until she became addicted and the impact of a crisis she suffered because of the abuse at one time in a large dose above what her body can bear She fell into a coma, and they could not get her out of her with any types of treatments and medicines. A sister who was suffering from disorders that prompted her to take anti-depressive drugs, the doctor was deeply grieved for his sister and her circumstances had a great impact on his life, so he transformed the first floor of the family home into a laboratory and medical laboratory in order to discover or invent a treatment For her condition and devoted his life to her, and he confines himself inside the laboratory until i’tikaaf to reveal a treatment for the nervous system and brain to treat his sister’s case, and on the other side he kills his father Those involved in killing him and trying to uncover the original culprit and during his research he found with a charlatan and charlatan and mixed with some substances and then injected himself and his sister, changing the fluid in the nature of the brain and thinking, which turns him into another person and he consecutively kills anyone involved in the matter of killing his father and after he returns to His nature does not remember anything of what happened before that and the beautiful actress Melis Birkan, Esha Irene, Erdal Pechikoglu, Metin Bilgin, Yasmine Allen, Berkan Sal and Sajin Soissal, co-stars in this series.

Leyla ile Mecnun

The beautiful artist with an innocent face participated in Leyla ile Mecnun, as the series tells the story of the novel and the old story that may have turned into a myth, so the events of the story begin through the fate that brought the two lovers Qais and Laila together as infants, but because of the circumstances and changes that happen to them they separate and move away from each other for a very long time and then Fate brings them together again, but circumstances have changed a lot for Qais, and this is unlike Laila, who is still the same and the story narrates the strong love relationship that arose between the two lovers and the circumstances and problems that the relationship was exposed to. The series was not satisfied with romantic events, but the work was in a comic and romantic framework that interferes with it. Some adventures have perpetuated this love, so the series directed by Anwar Anlo, written, script and dialogue, Barak Aksak, participated in this work by a group of Turkish artists, including Melis Birkan, Ali Atay, Koksal Angor, Izgi Asaroglu, Sarkan Kaskin and Cengiz Bozkurt.

The most important movies and series Melis Birkan

  2020 Menajerimi Ara (TV Series)
  2020 Sefirin Kizi (TV Series)
  2019 Söz (TV Series)
  2016 Sen Benim HerSeyimsin
  2016 46 Yok Olan (TV Series)
  2015-2016 Büyük Sürgün Kafkasya (TV Mini-Series)
  2012-2014 Leyla ile Mecnun (TV Series)
  2013 Sakli Kalan (TV Series)
  2012 Isler Güçler (TV Series)
  2010 Deli sarayli (TV Series)
  2009 Adini sen koy
 2009 Bu kalp seni unutur mu? (TV Series)
  2008 Issiz Adam
  2008 Ulak
  2007 Barda
  2007 Amerikalilar Karadeniz’de 2
  2006 Iyi ki varsin (TV Series)
  2006 Köprü (TV Series)
  2005 Çapkin (TV Series)
  2004 Mucizeler komedisi (Video)
  2003 Delinin Ruyalari

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