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Ayca Eren,

the famous Turkish actress, her life story, the reason behind her fame in the name of Ezo, the story of her famous movie, Jarrah My Mother, starring in the series 46 Yok Olan, the story of her most important work and information about her that she did not know before

Biography, photos and information on Iga Irene

• Ija Irene nationality: Turkish nationality.
• Irene’s birth date: August 1, 1986 AD.
• Ayca Eren: Leo.
• Age of Ayca Eren in 2020: 34 years.
• Ija Irene’s place of birth: Aydın – Turkey.
Ayca Eren qualification: I studied Industrial Engineering at Cankaya University.
• Ayca Eren Technical Beginning: 2010.
Weight of IgA Erin: 47 kg.
• IgA Erin length: 156 cm.
• Ayca Eren’s favorite hobby: photography.
• IgA Erin’s skin color: White.
• Ija Irene’s eye color: brown.
• Ija Erin’s hair color: Brown.
• Marital Status of Ija Irene: Unmarried.
• Ija Erin’s husband or friend: Unknown.
• The most important series of Ija Irene: the series 46 Yok Olan in 2016.
• The most important films of Ija Irene: 2016 film, My Mother’s wound.

Information about Ayca Eren and her life story

The artist Ayca Eren was born in Aydin, Turkey, on August 1, 1986, she has the characteristics of Leo. She has distinct characteristics of beauty as she is white and bright in complexion with light brown hair and charming black eyes. She has a slim and athletic body. measures 156 cm and weighs 47 kilograms. She does not disclose any information about her private life or her love life and she loves to keep her personal life away from the cameras of journalists and the lights and fame. She studied in the field of industrial engineering from the University of Cankaya in Turkey. loved art and acting very much so she went to take acting lessons to support her talent. She loves art to the core. Her hobby is artistic, so she loves photography, and there are also many photography sessions in which she appears in different and beautiful forms, elegance and good taste in choosing clothes. She trained a lot on the profession of acting until she was already able to enter this world and enter the world of fame and lights through her first work in 2010. She succeeded in reaching the audience and later rolled out roles in film and television drama.

Ayca Eren’s start to acting

The beautiful Turkish actress, Ayca Eren, was known as Iso, a name in the most famous roles that Eja embodied during her artistic career in the series 46 Yok Olan and the wonderful Turkish drama that became very famous and succeeded greatly and was a great reason for her fame. The events of the series revolve around her problem that she suffered from within the events Which was the main reason for the rest of the series’ events that followed, due to exposure to depression and nervous pressures, severe psychological problems, which led to these psychological pressures for taking antidepressant drugs, which help to control the chemistry of the brain and reduce the tension and nervous pressure on her, which then prompted her to take drugs and because of the bad condition The one who arrived and could not control it took a very high dose of the narcotic substances that she was taking caused a defect in the body’s functions and was the reason for her entering a very long coma that may have lasted for 5 years, so her only brother, who works as a doctor and researcher in the field of genetic engineering and its sciences, tries to treat her by all the methods that are connected To her, and he is making very great efforts in order to return to her life again.

So much about Yasmine and her role in 46 Yok Olan

The Turkish beautiful Yasmine Yin participated in the actress Ayca Eren in their famous work 46 Yok Olan. It is not known about the artist Yasmine that she belongs to the branches and origins of Britain. Her mother is a Turkish-British artist, and she is the famous singer Suna Yıldızoglu, who also participated in the same drama, and Yasmin’s father is a British man called Dudley Allen has one brother, Jasmine lived at the beginning of her life in Britain because of the family’s move from Turkey to Britain when Jasmine was in the third month of her life. She lived and raised at the beginning of her life in Britain until she completed primary school, but then moved to Australia to live with her mother and complete her education After that, until I reached the university level and studied there television and cinema, as I studied Japanese language there until it won a scholarship to study at Queensland University, which specializes in the study of technology, but after completing the age of 18, she returned to live in Turkey again and studied acting and theater in Turkey at the Conservatory The most important of her works is the series and the famous Turkish dramatic work, Harem Al Sultan, which was filmed in 2014 and won an award as the best star in 2014.

Annemin Yarasi movie

Actress Ayca Eren participated in the famous Turkish movie “My Mother’s Wound,” which was produced and shown on March 11, 2016, AD. The events of the film take place in a dramatic police framework in narrating some of the war’s events. The film revolves around the hero called Saleh, who grew up in an orphanage and after To spend an 18-year-old in the orphanage, he leaves it and faces life after that and faces the circumstances of war and discovers it through a journey that he tries to find the good of his family after this age and for money good work on a farm from farms to serve as work and shelter for him as well, but Saleh suffers from A number of problems that he faces due to his past life circumstances and the work produced by Necati Akpinar and directed by Ozan Ashkatan and the scriptwriter Fonda Chetin, and a group of Turkish stars participate in the film, including Ayca Eren, Ozan Guven, Belcin Bilgin, Bora Akkas and Okan Yalabik.

The most important works of IgA Irene films and series

The film “My Mother’s Wound in 2016” – series 46 Al-Ishbah, 2016.