Ceren Taşci Information

Ceren Taşci Religion, Biography, Series Her Boyfriend

Ceren Taşci Religion, Biography, Series Her Boyfriend

is the heroine of the series Room 309, her religion and age, for her studies, her artistic upbringing, Ceren Taşci’s emotional relationships, her most important works, the roles she starred in, the awards she won, the pictures of the artist’s brilliance, and interesting information about her.

Ceren Taşci info

Date of birth is: May 15, 1989, AD.
Serene is currently 31 years old.
Her astrological sign: she belongs to the Taurus owners
The religion to which you belong: Christianity.
Nationality you hold: Turkish.
Marital status: single.
Name of spouse or friend: Not mentioned.
Place of residence now: Istanbul – Turkey.
Place of birth: She was born in Istanbul.
The university you graduated from: Kadir Has University.
The college that she joined: College of Fine Arts, Department of Theater.
Her job: Actress.
Beginning of her artwork: 2016.
Her first artwork: The Room 309 series.
latest artwork: Kafa Doktoru in 2020.
Artistic Activity: From 2016 to Present.
Languages: Turkish and English.
Her Eye Color: Her eyes are a dark brown color.
Hair color: black.
Favorite clothes: Wear dresses.
Length: 164 cm approx.
Weight: Approx 80 kg.
Favorite hobbies: acting and raising cats.
Favorite sport: do yoga.

Her life story Ceren Taşci

Ceren Taşci is one of the most famous stars of Turkish cinema, and is the richest young girl in Istanbul. Sirin was born on Monday, May 15, 1989, in a suburb of Istanbul, Turkey. She fell in love with acting and the world of art since she was young, but she did not have the opportunity to join that world, She decided to become a famous artist and decided to complete her studies in the theater department. She participated in her first work on the university theater in a comedic skit. Serene lived a happy life among her family, which encouraged her artistic talent, as they are the ones who have the greatest credit for forming her character and mastering the roles attributed to her.

Ceren Taşci her artistic debut

Despite her young age and short start in the world of acting, she was able to achieve remarkable success in all the roles that she played, and it helped her in that her family’s encouragement for her and her constant attempts to develop her talent, so she participated in many roles on stage at school and university, and after In her graduation, she has performed many roles, one of the most famous of which was that of Velez in the series Room 309.

Personal life Ceren Taşci is a friend

Ceren Taşci is a 31-year-old young girl, and despite her young age, she has only experienced emotional experiences once, and she has never been formally engaged before. Some sources said that Sirin is currently living a new love story, but Serene Like any person who has her own life and peculiarities that no one accepts to go into, she may conceal secrets from us and reveal other secrets, so it is certain that most of what is said about her now is just rumors that are extracted on every successful and famous figure, especially if it has a relationship with the artistic community.


Ceren Taşci did not get a specific award, but all she got was fame and influence, and the presence of many followers who love the accuracy of her performance and good choice of roles.

Ceren Taşci a lot about

Some people may interfere in the artists’ lives to the point that they want to know every detail about their lives and the only source of income for the artist Ceren Taşci is acting, as her net worth in 2019 reached nearly $1 million to $$5million, and in 2018 the net private income reached Her annual salary is approximately $100,000 – $1 million, and her annual salary has not been determined. It varies according to the roles she plays and the number of artistic works she performs.

Ceren Taşci Instagram Facebook

Every person works to create many relationships between himself and others, and social media has helped bridge the gap between the artist and his audience by sharing many artworks and some statements about new works, but what about Ceren Taşci?

Ceren Taşci is one of the characters who prefer to keep her privacy a lot, but this does not prevent her from having personal pages in which she downloads many of her own photos.
The most important works that Ceren Taşci participated in

During the actress Ceren Taşci’s short period of work, she presented us with many wonderful artworks that have achieved great success in Turkey and all over the Arab world who love Turkish works. Perhaps one of the most famous works of Ceren Taşci is

Kafa Doktoru series for 2020, which is one of the comedy series, the series revolves around a doctor who opens a clinic whose idea is a rocky character and is your head broken? Taşci- Ali Riz Taniel- Aisha Malik- Merv Polat- Nazemi Sinan.

Feride for the year 2020 has been classified as a comedy series, directed by Ali Yurangioglu and Zainab Jamsi, written by Zainab Jamsi, he participated in the work

Zeynep Çamci- Osman Akca- Aycan Koptur- Anil Tetik- Ceren Taşci.

Kirk Yalan series

for 2019 is a comedy series directed by Hamdi Alkan and written by Royhan Dorali. Timur Akar, Berat Yalemis, Zainab Alkan, Ceren Taşci, Hasan Atabarak Dogan, Sinan Benjir joined the team.

Erkenci Kus series 2018-2019, the series revolves around an ambitious girl who wants to become a famous writer, so her father chooses her between marrying a suitable person between her job. The series is directed by

Cagri Bayrak, Aitak Cicek, produced by Faruk Turgut and Ali Aktürk, co-authored by Yakan-Ceren Taşci-Demet Ozdemir-Berat Yenelmez-Biranda Tneik-Ali Yajsik.

Aslan Ailem 2017-2018, a family comedy series, revolves around a young man who escapes from the police and moves from place to place due to his bank accounts. He has to go to live in his grandfather’s house, which is the farm, the series is directed by

Hassan Tolga Polat and Omar Ujur, produced by Yusef Sankal and Zainab Tuna, co-starred with many stars, most notably Hakan Salinemis- Ceren Taşci- Furat Al-Tunmi- Aidan Copter- Zarin Somer.

Series No: 309 2016-2017, this series is one of the most important works of Ceren Taşci, through which she was able to achieve her fame, the series directed by Hasan Tolga Polat and Emre Kavak, production

Dilek Öksüz and Aynur Pascock, starring

Demet Izdemir – Swat Songor – Sevink Airbulak – Furkan Palali – Soomro Yavruk – Jehan Erkan – Betty Engin – Fatima Toptas, the series episodes revolve around a girl and a young man who meet one day together under the arrangement of mothers and make them fall in love with each other. So much the family because it will get the inheritance.

Erkenci Kus’ series of 2018 co-starred with Ceren Taşci but soon announced her separation from him.

Ceren Taşci Information
Ceren Taşci Information