Ilayda Çevik Religion, Age, TV Series, and information about her

Ilayda Çevik, the Turkish actress, her religion and age, her studies, her artistic upbringing, the reason for her appearance on social media, her most important works, the roles she starred in, the awards she won, the pictures of the artist’s brilliance, and a complete report on her life.

Ilayda Çevik Religion

Ilayda Çevik, her religion, her age and her nationality

Date of birth is: March 25, 1994
Elida is currently 26 years old.
Her zodiac sign: belongs to the owners of Aries.
The religion to which she belongs: Islam – Muslim.
Nationality you hold: Turkish.
Martial status: single.
Name of spouse or friend: not mentioned.
Place of residence now: Istanbul, Turkey.
Birthplace: She was born in Balikesir.
The university that I graduated from: Yedi Tepe University.
The college that she joined: College of Fine Arts, Department of Theater and Acting.
Her job: Actress.
Beginning of her artwork: 2013.
Her first artwork: the series “Cargoal” as Maya.
Her latest artwork: Isimsizler, 2017.
Her Artistic Activity: From 2013 to Present.
Languages: Turkish and English.
Her eye color: Her eyes are green.
Hair color: black.
Favorite clothing: casual wear.
Length: 168 cm.
Weight: 54 kg.
Favorite hobbies: Unknown.

Features of the genesis and life of Ilayda Çevik

Ilayda Çevik is one of the most famous actors in Turkey. Ilayda was born in Balikesir, Turkey in 1994, and since her childhood she fell in love with art and the world of acting and wanted to become a famous actress. Her mother encouraged her a lot, so she decided to enter the College of Fine Arts to join the Department of Theater and Acting. In many of the school’s concerts and artistic competitions, after her graduation, she went to Istanbul to fulfill her dream. She participated in her first dramatic work in 2013, and although it was the beginning of her work, she achieved great fame in Turkey and the Arab world, after her dubbed series Karajol was shown on The Arab and Turkish screens, and ITV, she received many lessons at the Jizan Mwaslat Institute of Art.

The artistic life of actress Ilayda Çevik

Ilayda Çevik began her artistic life after her graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts and her studies of theater and the art of acting, so she learned and mastered how to perform roles, and this is what made her go to Istanbul to search for her real opportunity to star in an artistic work, and she performed the role of Maya in the series Cargual, and did a stage show for children This came right after her graduation, and in 2015 she appeared in one of the feature films for my daughter, in which Ilya played the role of Ayesha, co-starring star Berke Üzrek.

Ilayda Çevik boyfriend

Despite the successes that Elyda made to the Turkish drama, she still does not think about the connection until now, although some sources announced the existence of an emotional relationship that Elyda is going through now that will end with the permissibility soon, but we have not yet shown any confirmed news about this news And that what Elida had previously announced is that she does not think of anything but her works only, and that there is any relationship that she will share with her great audience.

The real reason behind its popularity on social media

Ilayda Çevik was not active on social media, but what gave her hope for success and fame are her followers after her success in the role of Maya, followed by nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram and 20,000 followers on Twitter around the world in 2013, which made her more In publishing a good deal of news about her and pictures and she shares some of her artistic works on her personal pages, and the number of her followers increased today until the million mark has been crossed, and everyone is waiting for her to appear in other new works, and her creativity in the Karajol series and her mastery of the role since her first appearance made her a star. In International, the follower of Ilayda Çevik’s social media pages knows how good they are in their transactions, and this is explicitly shown in many of the photos.

Awards Ilayda Çevik

Ilayda Çevik is really a talented artist who, since her first appearance on TV, has been able to sweep the hearts of her followers, and make her a strong personality that has won the admiration of all of her family, friends and acquaintances to the extent that it extends to the whole world. It was and was sold to nearly 60 countries, and also won the Golden Butterfly Awards, won an Academy Award presented by the President of Turkey, but it is clear that Ilayda Çevik is not lucky enough to receive recognition awards for it.

Main business Ilayda Çevik

Iliida presented many works of art on stage, television and cinema, thanks to her beauty and the paper she dealt with, which led viewers to love her and follow all the works she provides, and perhaps one of her most prominent roles is the role of Maya in the Kargol series, which is one of the most famous dramas that were produced in 2013. The events of the series are about a happy family made up of the pains of the father and their children, who are Maya and Rosegar. The series was featured by Miss Acasta – Eilul Tinbelik – Kona Attack, directed by Mirat Gulwa and written by Ayman Bergaron. The series was shown on ATV for a period of 60 minutes.

Isimsizler series, which was shown for the first time in 2017, and is one of the most popular action series with a dramatic character that year, the series achieved great success after it was shown, which helped the author to release the second part, which achieved nearly half a million viewership after the episode was shown First, the series revolves around an ambitious young diplomat who was nominated for a high position in Turkey, and after the Turkish foreign minister was assassinated, that young man named Baskan, the mayor of the municipality, was appointed and assigned to search for the killer, the series starring Uğur Güneş Yorgones, who embodied the character of Fatih Baskan – Bülent Alkış Bülent Al Kish in the role of Hasan-Sedat Mert Sadat Marat in the role of Commander of the Forces – ilayda çevik.

Sen Anlat Karadeniz series was shown in 2018, the series revolves around a beautiful girl whose father sells her when she was sixteen years old to an oppressive tyrant who closed all the doors of his house and balconies and tortured her for many years. She gave birth to a child from whom she tried to escape over and over but did not succeed in that. One night you run away with a family, the series directed by Osman Senaf and Yimre Karabushak and written by Ayesha Farida Arilmas-Nahir Erdam-Arkan Bergoran, the protagonists of the series Elaida in the role of Barak and Helvjayoglu in the role of Nafs.

The series “If We Call You Love”, the series revolves around three young men from rich families who fall in love and a clash occurs between families, directed by Murat Onbel, writer Rahşan Çiğdem İnan, starring Ilayda Çevik and artist Artan Saban and Oiku Gurman.

A list of the works you have provided

2017 Isimsizler (TV Series)
2018-2019 Sen Anlat Karadeniz (TV Series)
2020 Gel Dese Ask (TV Series)
2020-2021 Sen Çal Kapimi (TV Series)
the series tuzak – the trap
2013-2016 Karagül (TV Series)
2015 Bir Cenaze (Short)
2013 Kizim için (as Ilayda Çelik)