Alina Boz married to Umut

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Alina Boz,

her nationality, her religion, what are the things that she loves, what is her dream, how she entered the world of art, and how her role was in the series Don’t Leave My Hand and the Kacma Birader movie with a bouquet of her most important works and photos of her.

Alina Boz religion, age

Father’s name: Olga Boze.
Father’s job: travel agent.
Mother’s nationality: Russian.
Date of Birth: June 14, 1998, AD.
Place of birth: Moscow, Russia.
Age: 22 years.
Nationality: She holds two nationalities: “Turkish” – “Russian”.
Religion: Muslim.
Academic qualification: Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theater, Kadir Has University.
Profession: Actress in the field of television, cinema and theater.

Marital Status: she married to Umut Evirgen.
Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Height: 173 cm.
Weight: 55 kg.
Eye color: brown.
Hair color: brown.
Favorite sport: yoga – swimming.
Favorite Books: George Orwell’s Book – The Animal World Book.
Talent: playing instruments for music – ice skating – dog breeding.
Her dream: a flight attendant.
Beginning of her artistic career: in 2014 AD.
Her first artwork: the series Courageous Nurse.

Her life story Alina Boz

Actress Alina Boz originates from the city of Istanbul in the state of Turkey, but her birth was in the city of Moscow in the country of Russia. The actress was born to us on the fourteenth of June in 1998 AD. Her father is Mr. “Olga Oz”, whose origin is from the Turkish city of Bulgaria and who works In the field of economics, as for her mother, she is of Russian origin, and the reason for her parents’ knowledge is that her father was working as an aviation agent and when he traveled to Russia for work, he and her mother met and a strong love relationship emerged between them that resulted in their marriage and then they had children and the beginning of their lives in Russia, where they lived there for seven years After their marriage until we became 7 years old, then the family decided to return to Istanbul, Turkey, and this was in 2005 AD.

Elina was still at this time a little girl who loved art a lot and always tended in her hobbies to practice art in all its forms, such as training her on how to use the guitar in a correct way until she was able to be a distinguished guitarist, as there is also a piano and a double bass.

After the family returned to Istanbul, they began to go to her school career, where she began receiving special education for all educational levels from the flying school in Istanbul, and this is because when she was young, she did not dream of anything other than becoming a stewardess in the world of aviation.
She also went to study the world of art and acting when she was 9 years old and this was during 2007 AD.
Elina’s character is distinguished by that she loves change, does not like constant routine, and loves to know everything new in the world of acting.

Habits she love to do

As for the field of sports, she loves yoga because she sees from her point of view that this sport goes far from this world and when she goes to practice it she gets rid of all the negative energy that used to live inside her and this is in addition to her daily going to the gymnasiums and this is in order to keep her body agile For her fitness, sport is the soul of the body and the source of energy.

As for the world of art, she loves to play on musical instruments that give her a living feeling that brings her an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Among these instruments: the guitar, in which she is shining, the piano and the double bass.

When there is free time, she decides to swim or go skiing, which brings her fun.
One of the pets she loves the most: dogs, as she has a dog in her home and provides him with full care and attention.
One of the books she loves to read most is: George Orwell’s book. She also loves books on the animal world.
She always loves to use colored pencils while writing and loves to sit in front of the TV to watch cartoons.