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The actress Evrim Dogan, the heroine of the series, it is enough for her to smile her nationality her religion her own qualification How did she enter the world of art How was her role in the series It is enough for her to smile and the back rows with a bunch of her most important works and her own photos.

Evrim Dogan, Turkish actress reports

Date of Birth: September 5, 1977, AD.
Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey.
Age: 43 years.
Nationality: Holds Turkish citizenship
Academic qualification: International Institute, Department of Education and Representation, Anadolu University – Higher Institute of Music.
Profession: Actress in the field of television, cinema and theater.
Marital Status: Married.
Spouse’s name: It is not declared, but it is outside the middle.
Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Height: 172 cm.
Weight: 52 kg.
Eye color: black.
Hair color: black.
Favorite sport: swimming.
Beginning of her artistic career: in 2004 AD.
Her first artwork: the fourth series Sky.

Evrim Dogan Religion

Biography of artist Evrim Dogan

The origin of the actress Evrim Dogan goes back to the Turkish capital, the city of Ankara, where she was born and raised. Her birth was on the 5th of September in 1977 AD when she was young. She was a very busy girl. She also loved art from a very young age. Actress Ephrem got her education until she reached the university level. At the time, she decided to join the International Institute for Dramatic Arts, Department of Acting and Education at the Turkish University “Anatolia”, but due to her love for the world of art and acting, she also decided to study music, so she joined the Higher Institute of Music, which was called.


She graduated from this institute during 2002 AD, dreaming of an opportunity. Which opens the door in front of her to enter the world of art. Indeed, this opportunity came to her after appearing in some of the school’s concerts, which was hosting a group of stars in the art world. She was seen by an unnamed director who believed in her talent and ability to act and was able to get her first role during the work of art. The successful “fourth sky” who showed her great ability to creativity and distinction. Because of this role, the doors of the artistic community were opened before her and she received many offers until her artistic career became full of success. Great wat.


Actress Evrim Dogan and the series Enough to Smile


The artist Evrim Dogan had a great role in this series, and she did it in a distinctive and wonderful way, as her followers always expect her.
This series is classified within the group of romantic social series with a comedic aspect.
This series is adapted from one of the great Korean series called “Smile”.
Its events revolve around a woman named “Yasmine”, who represents the second daughter of one of the richest families in the country of Turkey.

One day, her father is exposed to a major financial crisis. This crisis results in the loss of all money, which makes her father have to declare bankruptcy on the same day that it is supposed That Jasmine marries her groom, but when her bridegroom knows this, he leaves her and goes, which leads to the collapse of Jasmine and her poor psychological state, and she does not find in front of her except to go between the driver of her father, who is an old man who has worked with her father since ancient times, in order to live with him.

The many quarrels between her and the grandson of this driver and this class difference between them, just as Yasmine in this situation lives with a family of a simple popular level and watches how they live in this way, since every person lives with himself and hears only himself and events develop after that in a comic way.
Heroes of this series: Pamir Pekin _ Asil BEKIROGLU _ Erdal Ozyagcilar _ Erkan Sever _ SERAY KAYA _ Yilmaz Kunt.

Actress Evrim Dogan and the series Back Ranks

This series is among the list of youth drama series. The events revolve around a girl named “Yasmine” who loves one of her friends who were present when she was young and called “Ahmed” who used to live in Europe because of his studies, but he finished his studies and decided to return.

This girl is the daughter of one of the men who were important to the state, as he worked as assistant to the prime minister before the military revolution in 1960 AD. After the revolution, her father was arrested and the judge would be the father of her friend.

In light of all these things Ahmed’s father becomes ill and Ahmed is forced To travel again, accompanying his father on a medical trip, but upon his return he was surprised that Yasmine had her marriage contract on “Najdat”,

but Ahmed did not know that Yasmine married Najdat because she had become pregnant from him and wanted to hide this matter, and she would not find in front of her none other than Najdat then events develop and politics enter The Communist people are among the events of the series, which makes Yasmine a cause of the government’s anger against it, and then a state of excitement and follow-up revolves, which makes the series very interesting.

The heroes of this series: Beren Saat-Janisil Elchin.

Actress Evrim Dogan Sen Çal Kapimi

This series is classified as a romantic drama. Actress Ephrem participated in this series in a distinctive way and with high talent, which always makes her a great star. This series was produced in the current year 2020, but it has not yet been shown.

The events revolve around a young man who is the only heir to one of the rich families in Turkey, which owns a group of companies with wide fame. He falls in love with a young girl, but she is from the middle class, and works in a flower shop as she studies at the university, and then by chance the two meet in an atmosphere full of romance With some beautiful comedic scenes, what will be the fate of this relationship? This is what events revolve around him in an atmosphere of excitement and suspense that brings with them pleasure to the viewer.

The main characters of this series: Handa Archel, Karam Bursin, Nasslihan Yildan, Peggy Unal, and Evrim Dogan.

The most important works of the actress Evrim Dogan

2004 Cennet mahallesi (TV Series)
2009 Arka siradakiler (TV Series)
2011 Dinle Sevgili (TV Series)
2012-2013 Subat (TV Series)
2013-2014 Vicdan (TV Series)
2015 Sevimli Tehlikeli
2015-2016 Hayat Mucizelere Gebe (TV Series)
2016 Gülümse Yeter (TV Series)
2017-2018 Bizim Hikaye (TV Series)
2018 Kadin (TV Series)
2018 Bartu Ben (TV Series)
2018 Ask Bu Mu?
2019 Kardes Çocuklari (TV Series)
2020-2021 Sen Çal Kapimi (TV Series)