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Taygun Sungar Religion Age husband Info & Biography

The religion of Taygun Sungar is Christian or Muslim, his age, who is his wife, his news in detail, the most important news in his public and private life, his technical news in detail, and his latest artworks.

Special information on the life of Taygun Sungar

Full name: Taygun Sungar
Taygun Sungar’s Birthdate: December 9, 1989
Age of Taygun Sungar: 31 years old
Birthplace of Taygun Sungar: Ankara – Turkey
Taygun Sungar Nationality: Turkish Nationality
Taygun Sungar’s Religion: Christianity
Profession: Actor
Graduate: Dokuz University College of Fine Arts
Taygun Sungar’s Wife / Girlfriend: Unmarried
His astrological sign: Sagittarius
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Eye color: brown
Skin color: wheatish
Hair color: black.

Taygun Sungar Religion

Biography and life story of artist Taygun Sungar

The young Turkish artist Taygun Sungar was born in Turkey in the city of Ankara in 1989 and has finished his primary and secondary studies in Ankara, then graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting and Training, and began working in the Turkish State Theater. His fame This series was a great success, so he was lucky when he participated in this series as its beginning, and the way for the young artist Taejon is still to participate in many series, because the Turkish series is the reason for the fame of everyone who participates in it because Turkish series fans all over the world.

Babam ve Ailesi

Young artist Taygun Sungar participated in Babam ve Ailesi and the events of this series revolve around the businessman named Kemal, who is a very handsome and wealthy man who lives with his wife and children with great happiness and stability in Istanbul, Turkey, and suddenly his old family appears, who was forced by circumstances that he ignored for many years And he lived far away from her for many years and his suffering began to struggle with the two families, especially after discovering the secret of his double life and hiding the secret of the existence of another family for him in his life that he did not disclose, and the reason for his departure from them. His circumstances on separation from her and his current family in Istanbul and the conflict extended to his children in shocking developments whose results cannot be expected from the father and the two women in his life, so whoever has his heart will triumph for his first love or his current wife who lives with him.

Biography of the artist Eva Dedova

Actress Eva Dedova was born on February 22, 1992.She is a Kazakhstani and Turkish actress, her parents are Kazakh, but they are of Russian-German origin, and she grew up in Kazakhstan and Turkey, then she studied in the theater department of Kadir Has University and speaks Turkish, Russian, Kazakh and English.

Çoban Yıldızı series

The young artist participated in the Çoban Yıldızı series, in which he embodied the character of a young man claiming to be one of the best Turkish series that was able to reach the hearts of many Turkish drama fans. Çoban Yıldızı is considered one of the romantic series that deals with stories of love and love and that love is greater than all difficulties.

The series Çoban Yıldızı has gained a high viewership since its first episode was shown on MBC and MBC4, which shows the series dubbed into Arabic, and the number of episodes of the series is 130 episodes that are shown throughout the week and the duration of each episode is 45 minutes. All the series with the participation of top stars of Turkey, where he came first in the list of the most watched Turkish series.

Kara Yazi series

The young artist also participated in the Kara Yazi series, which is an interesting and classified drama series. The series’s story revolves around an unloving father who grew up and was exposed to physical and psychological violence and now he tries to get out of this situation and the events about this father follow.

The artist’s biography

Haluk is a Turkish artist, born in 1954 Haluk and graduated from the London Academy of Music Drama and was his first role in the eighty’s series, after which he returned to his homeland Turkey and presented famous television and cinematic works that made him one of the most important representatives of Turkey. In addition to his work in Turkey, he also worked in Britain and was He is famous for his role as Muhammad Othman in a series in the eighties, and he also represented Haluk in Hollywood with small roles in 2011 and made an important role in one of the international films.

The series of love again

The Turkish artist participated in the series Love again, which is a Mexican romantic drama series that was shown in several international countries. The artist starred Iran Castillo. The series was shown for the first time in 2003 and this series was shown in the Middle East on the Duzim channel and tells his story about a seamstress called Rossio, who took place in Twice Love, the series directed by Gaston Tissot, and co-starring in the series, Valentino Lanus and Vanessa Guzman. The number of episodes is 110 episodes. The duration of the episode is 45 minutes. The production company is Televisa.

Heroes of the series love again

The Iranian actress Castillo co-starred in 1977, she was born in the coast of Veracruz. She was born in Capricorn and began her artistic life when she was a seven-year-old through television advertisements, and at the age of twelve, she registered in an art workshop specialized in Mexican and television media for the production of series and programs. Artistic, where she got her first role in the series White Angels, and at this age also she tended to sing and work on a project for a singing group and recorded a large number of songs for some TV series.

She also won the MTV Movie Award as the best actress and one of her most famous films is Victorio, Game Story and Amour Extremo. The artist also participated in Valentino Lanos, a Mexican actor, producer and model, born in 1975 in Mexico City, Mexico and began his career as a model and then moved to The world of art, where he participated in a large number of Mexican series, including the series Full of Love in 2010 AD, the Marianela series in 2010 AD, the series To Love Without Borders in 2006 and the series My Ugly Home in 2006 AD and Dawn in 2005) And you are innocent in 2004 and love again in 2003 AD and Game of Life in 2001 AD.

Entered into TV drama

Turkish series has become very popular and has formed a large fan base in the Arab world in particular due to its romantic series and wonderful stories based in essence on stories of love and tolerance, and this is something that the audience misses in the Arab series that often mimic reality in all its ugliness from regions. Popularity, murders, thuggery and violence, and this work is often Turkish, and it is clear that Turkey wants to control the global market for cereals around the world. More than one international series has been adapted to present the Turkish version, and it is strange that the quoted Turkish version achieves greater success than the original version. The largest share of this quote was made by successful American and South Korean series.