Erhan Ufak religion, age, life story, full report on him

Erhan Ufak, the Turkish actor, his religion, his age, his astrological sign, his academic qualification, the color of his eyes and his hair, his length and his weight, his roles and his life story, a full report on him.


Erhan Ufak, Turkish actor, his religion, his age

Full name: Erhan Ojzberg Selim Ovak
Date of birth: May 5, 1978
Age: 41 years
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Place of birth: Elazig, Turkey
Religion Muslim
Nationality: He holds Turkish citizenship
Academic qualification: Graduation from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Journalism and Media, Furat University, located in Elazig
Profession: Actor
Years of activity: 2004 to date
Marital status: Married
Wife’s name: Suraya Cole
Height is 179
Weight 82 kg
Hobbies: reading – listening to music – writing and composing – composing.

Erhan Ufak

Actor Erhan Ufak is born

The actor with a beautiful smile and a kind and sometimes cruel face, the owner of childish features Erhan Orphak, the legend of the Valley of Wolves, Erhan was born on the 5th of May in the charming city of Elazig in Turkey for a family of a fairly good social level. His father works as an employee at the university, while his mother is a housewife and has three brothers and sisters Their father worked to provide them with a decent life. He was ranked third among his brothers. His father loved him especially for his lightness, beautiful smile, childish features and spontaneity. He passed all his school stages with distinction until he graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Journalism and Information at Furat University.

He loved reading, writing and writing from a young age. The head of the elocution group and responsible for broadcasting the introduction in the school morning parade, he was always chosen to deliver the opening speeches at the conferences and seminars of the college at various events and graduation ceremonies. He loved composing and studying playing the stringed instruments “guitar, oud, he studied acting and directing at the Higher Institute of Arts in Istanbul. He worked in some newspapers and magazines and worked as a press correspondent for several channels.

Likewise, he participated in writing some songs and composed some brother R for a number of rising singers at that time, he participated in a number of plays that were presented on the university stage, such as “King Lear” and the play “Waiting for Godot”. His beginnings were with the brilliance and spread through the famous series “Valley of the Wolves”, which began showing in 2004 and continued to be shown Over the course of five parts, Arhan Orphak participated in it

Erhan Ufak’s acting start

The beginning was before 2004 through studying in the Department of Acting and Directing at Istanbul University, after graduating from the Department of Journalism and Media at the Faculty of Arts, Euphrates University. Erhan Ufak’s love and passion for acting pushed him to sacrifice a great job in a newspaper, which was mediated by one of his father’s friends, but soon he left and submitted to auditions. In several series, his talent was praised and praised, but he needed to study in order to master the dynamic performance, so he went to study to support his talent and after graduation he was not satisfied with that, but he attended many acting workshops of all kinds and in all fields “drama, comedy, tragedy, action, horror, theater, cinema, Television.

His experience in the field of writing and writing helped him to weigh his talent besides studying, and after Errahan Orphak became ready, he entered the world of art by participating in a strong series called Valley of the Wolves in 2004, his strong and distinctive performance in this series prompted the producer and director to join him with the staff in all The five parts of the series In addition to his distinguished participation in other series and films, Erhan Ufak relies on his representation on the features of his face, as critics and analysts have classified him among the actors most able to express all the rumors The different and varied t between joy, anger, sadness, amazement, excitement and shock with the movements of his face only in addition to his having the ability to vocalize the textual sentences of the role with great sophistication and mastery, all of this had a great role in achieving Erhan Ufak’s great popularity in a few years, where he became many Followers inside and outside Turkey and many social media who follow his artistic or social news and are eager to know everything new in his artistic career, the Valley of the Wolves series is the real breakthrough of the star Erhan Orvac towards the world of fame and stardom, which is a political framework that is not without adventure, movement, excitement, action and telling On the authority of a young Turkish national security officer assigned to an operation called Valley of the Wolves, the purpose of which is to uncover a terrorist organization that is working to demolish and disrupt the Turkish intelligence system and destabilize the security and stability of the country, so this officer is removed from his family and is attached to the mission training unit, which one of the conditions is that his appearance is completely changed and many are done From cosmetic operations to change his appearance, then he tries to join the mafia gangs to be able to convince the leaders of the organization to join them, and indeed he joins The Mafia through an officer of his disguised friend, this officer can create a place for him among the mafia gangs, and he has a reputation and fame among them. During his search and investigation of the leaders of the organization to be destroyed, his colleague who was the reason for joining the Mafia is injured and dies at the hands of one of the leaders of the organization who doubted his matter. He immediately got rid of him, so the main goal of the officer became revenge for those who killed his friend and the destruction of this filthy organization and demolishing him at the head of all its leaders.

Quick facts and information about the Orvac bet

Erhan did not like Turkish coffee and prefers Arabic coffee. Erhan married the model Suraya Cole after a great love story that lasted for three years during which they went through many difficulties and crises, but thanks to the strength of their love, the two were able to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles that they faced, and their love story was concluded with a happy ending, which is marriage Where Erhan held for his wife a legendary marriage ceremony attended by many stars and the elite of the Turkish society from the men of the press and the media and some famous public figures, he had attempts to enter the world of singing before entering the world of acting due to his love for music, but his attempts were not so lucky, so he only composed some songs and wrote others For a number of rising singers, while studying acting, he worked in several jobs to be able to provide for his study expenses and personal expenses, as he faced major objections from his family after leaving the job that his father’s friend sought for him, so he worked for a period in a gas station and worked for another period as a waiter in a restaurant and a security guard in one of the companies and at His question: Are he ashamed of his past? He answered with pride that he worked hard and exerted effort and sweat in order to achieve his dream and was not ashamed of any period he went through in his life These are all degrees that lead him to achieve his dream and that he is still in contact with all the people he worked with in the different places in which he worked. Arfan Ofak seeks to reach the world by entering the world of Hollywood and is currently working on that goal where he spoke with a number of acquaintances and mediators to present his work on One of the directors and producers of films in Hollywood to join one of the works that are being prepared in the coming period.