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Ruveyda Öksüz,

the heroine of the series Brave Heart, her birth, her life, her religion, her astrological sign, her academic qualification, her interests and hobbies, her emotional life, her most important roles and her work, a complete report on her and photos.

Ruveyda Öksüz data

Date of birth: May 24, 1994
Age: 26 years old
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Holds Turkish citizenship
Religion: Muslim
Academic Qualification: I studied at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences
Father’s name: Hakim Oksuzoglu
Mother’s name: Inayat Mustafa Othman
Father’s occupation: owner of tourism companies
Mother’s Profession: Professor of International Law at Istanbul University
Number of brothers: four
The length is 180 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Hobbies: shopping, trekking, listening to music, yoga, car racing, swimming, ballet, painting
Martial status: single
Profession: Actress and model
Years of activity: 2013 until now.

Features of the genesis and birth of Ruveyda Öksüz

The beautiful, with charming features and an angelic face, the bride of Turkish drama and Miss Turkey candidate for Miss World, the famous and most wonderful model ever in all her looks Ruveyda Öksüz was born on the twenty-fourth of May 1994 in Istanbul, Turkey, with a volatile and ever-changing mood, she was born into a rich family where her father owns Mr. Hakimoglu is a number of well-known tourism companies that have a long history and a great history in the field of tourism in Turkey. Her mother, Ms. Inayat Osman, professor of international law at Istanbul University, has three brothers, one of whom is a pilot, the other is a doctor, and the last is an officer in the Turkish Air Force, and her father called her the spoiled girl owner Long hair, she passed all her academic levels in foreign schools, her family was keen to develop her multiple talents, so she went to lessons in music, ballet, poetry, literature, swimming and equestrian sports, as well as other sports such as tennis, and excelled in studies and graduated from the Faculty of Science at Istanbul University from the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences as she seeks to be the first pioneer. A Turkish space, she attracted the eyes and hearts of everyone who saw her, so she always appeared at parties and woes Special school and university events have appeared in all the technical performances, conferences, seminars and graduation ceremonies organized by schools and universities, due to their extreme beauty and politeness in speaking besides speaking more than one language, where Rufida is fluent in speaking English and Italian besides the Turkish language.

Ruveyda Öksüz Beginnings and Works

Ruveyda Öksüz loved acting since her childhood, but her field of study in astronomy and space prevented her from realizing her dream early, distinguished her by a great beauty that God Almighty loved her, opening many doors for her and creating many opportunities for her to enter the world of fame and glory, she was chosen as a young child to participate in a number of advertisements In some children’s roles that were presented in Turkish dramas, at the university she was chosen to become the face of advertising for some well-known brands. In 2013, she participated in the “Miss Turkey” competition and won first place and won the title of Miss Turkey overwhelmingly, which qualified her after that to run for Miss The world and Miss Universe later, she worked in fashion shows that made her famous and rich, her winning the title of Miss Turkey shed light on her, so producers and directors appealed to her to include her in a number of artworks

Her series

Indeed, her first artistic participation was the role of “Perrin” in the series Brave Heart, a series characterized by movement, action and adventure, a police series that revolves around a brave young man called “Omar”, this young man who used to live a calm and stable life, practicing his daily habits regularly, including the practice of bodybuilding, which was given to him. A strong and muscular body, Omar was not late in providing aid and assistance to all the people of the neighborhood and standing next to them on all occasions and in bad times before good fortune, after a period Omar was summoned to perform the national duty to serve in the army for a period of five years, during this period in which Omar moved away from the neighborhood There have been great changes in the neighborhood, where it was controlled by a group of mafia gangs who terrified the residents of the neighborhood and were horrified, and everyone who dared to open up words would be rewarded either for beating who causes serious injuries or harming his family or killing him. Among those who were harmed by the family of the girl “Beren” Omar’s neighbor in the neighborhood, who is the girl Omar loved, was killed, and after Omar finished performing military service in the Turkish army, he returns again to the neighborhood and finds the mafia gangs that control the neighborhood and trade weapons and drugs. And human organs and the practice of all kinds of violence and bullying without deterrence or obstruction, so Omar decides not to stand idly by in front of these criminals and wages a wide war against these gangs, and enters with them in conflicts and chases and numerous attempts to uncover and confront them in a framework of action and combat movements that the public loves. “Ruveyda Öksüz and Onur Tuna” Ruveyda Öksüz has also participated in a number of other successful dramas.

Fresh information about Ruveyda Öksüz

Ruveyda Öksüz jogs every day for twenty minutes, Ruveyda Öksüz loves Turkish coffee, Ruveyda Öksüz loves to read, and among the fields she is interested in is reading historical books, science books, romance novels and science fiction stories. Was Ruveyda Öksüz’s beauty the reason for her success? That question was asked to her in one of the meetings and she answered that the reason for the success of any artist is his diligence, work and development from himself in addition to acceptance and charisma.All of this, of course, comes after the success of God Almighty. As for the issue of her beauty, it is not the main reason for her success. How many beauties, and more beautiful than them, did not join them. Success and success in their artistic career,

Boyfriend and lover

The beautiful star Ruveyda Öksüz chased a lot of rumors and gossip about her emotional relations, there are those who said that there is a love relationship that brings her together with her colleague in the series Brave Heart, where they appeared together in many public places and events in addition to the evening parties that brought them together, but the two stars went out and lied about the rumor and said that what Between them is just a friendship, nothing more, and that if something else happens, he will announce it without any doubt, as some press reports linked her to the marriage of a famous singer in Turkey, as she was recently seen in the company of a well-known Turkish businessman at a number of parties in famous hotels, she traveled to the states United for four years and participated there in many fashion shows for leading international designers, she participated in many ballet shows that were shown in the opera when she was young, as she loved ballet and excelled in it.