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Berrak Kus

Date of birth is: January 1, 1972.
Omar Barrak is currently 48 years old.
Her zodiac sign: she belongs to the owners of Capricorn.
Religion to which you belong: Not mentioned.
Nationality you hold: Turkish.
Marital Status: Married.
Name of spouse or friend: not mentioned.
Children: She has one child.
Place of residence now: Istanbul, Turkey.
Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey.
The university she graduated from: Al Mimar Sinan University.

Her studies: She studied performing arts.
Job: Actress.
The beginning of her cinematic works: She started her work in 2005.
I started working in the field of acting in 1982.
Her most prominent voice work in dubbing: In the film Portman Salt.
The latest artwork: Bir Litre Gözyasi, 2018.
Her Artistic Activity: 1982 to the Present.
Languages: Turkish and English.
Eye color: Her eyes are brown.
Hair color: light brown.
Favorite clothing: casual wear.
Length: 165 cm.
Weight: 54 kg.
Favorite hobbies: music.

Berrak Kus her childhood story

Berrak Kus was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1972, she showed us many talents since her early childhood, which highlighted the features of her artistic inception, and her father was the first to discover these talents, as she is one of the characters who love art of all kinds and was able at a young age to lead the first milestones of her artistic experience Through one of the roles she presented in 1982, she worked since her childhood to develop her talent and increase her artistic activity, so she studied theater arts from the beautiful Mimar Sinan University. She married the artist Berrak Kus after living her first love story, then God gave her a child and gave her most of her time for His upbringing and care, she is very fond of him, and you may see many pictures of her with her child.

Berrak Kus’ beginning of acting

Berrak Kus entered the world of art when she was not at the age of fifteen years, and this helped her to adapt and educate on the artistic situation, which qualified her to be a star of Turkish cinema, and that Perrak did not take a specific field, but expanded her work in cinema, theater and dramas, and in the year 2005 Dubbed Voices, she embodied the voice of Natalia in the film Portman Salt, and she also worked as a presenter in the morning holiday program, then she went into the world of cinematic acting and was the first work she did in 1999 in the series Family Links, and in 2002 she participated in the series Rawabet Family, artistic works followed after that, so she performed many works of art that made her a famous heroine on Turkish and Arab screens.

The position of the artist Berrak Kus Facebook Instagram

There are many movie stars who refrain from appearing heavily on social media, as for Perak, she is one of the activists on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, she has many photos and she shares parts of her work on her personal page, followed by millions of people. Different countries of the eastern and western world, it is one of the social figures with a good face and good spirit, in every picture you share you see many positive and encouraging comments for her.


Berrak Kus presented many works that she co-starred in, so her reputation spread all over the world and gained the hearts of her fans and followers, which made them follow all her news and work up-to-date, because there is no better prize than the love and encouragement of others, and there are many sources that confirm that Berrak Kus She will be nominated for the Best Actor award for this year, Berrak Kus has been cut off from artistic work for a long period of time, and during that period she worked as a presenter for programs, then returned to her audience and her work in Sefkat Tepe Fezoun, Turkey, after her return she did the series Sun Winter, which was shown in 2016.

The most important series and TV shows

Berrak Kus’s artistic work has varied and varied, among which was the series Bir Litre Gözyasi for the year 2018, which was classified as one of the conspiracy series, which has achieved great success since its presentation. The series revolves around a university girl named Jehan who is preparing to complete her studies and finds love from then on. Battle and Conspiracy, the series directed by Kajil Nurhak Aydogdu and Yassin Stein, produced by Fateh Aksoy and Celali Baskisi, Berrak Kus – Mirai Danner – Tolga Tejen – Polat Pelegin – Muhammad Ayak – Helen Kandemir – Ahmed Somers participated in the work.

Bu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek series 2017,

The series revolves around the story of a rich girl, Darren and a young man whose mother was killed. He grew up in the house of Rauf Khan. The young man returns to his native country and then begins to reveal the truth about his father’s murder. – Leyla Lydia Togotlu- Burak Tamdogan- Defne Kayalar.

Gamsiz Hayat, which was shown in 2015, the series is directed by Hakan Geratop, produced by Sebanim Oka, the crew, Kinan Akar, Yasar Akin, Josid Arslan, Alyona Bozbey, Berrak Kus.

Gesikondo series for 2010, the series directed by Mustafa Kattan and Furat Barlak, produced by Sinan Stein, the team includes Berrak Kus – Ali Parisik – Derol Bazan – Erkan Kos.

The series “Ah su komsularimiz,” which was first shown in 1990, the series directed by Zainab Esen, the script for Sitka Tekken, the team of work Yusef Atala- Savas Barucho- Muhammad Bulduk- Tayfun Coragan- Tamer Akkal- Berrak Kus- Pekan Kosar.

Representative works performed

2021 Akinci (TV Series)
2018 Bir Litre Gözyasi (TV Series)
2017 Bu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek (TV Series)
2015 Gamsiz Hayat (TV Mini-Series)
2013 Derin Düsün-ce
1990 Ah su komsularimiz (TV Series)