duygu karaca religion, age, husband, her series


duygu karaca the Turkish actress, her religion and her age, for her studies, her artistic upbringing, the diet that follows her, her attitude towards social media, her most important works, the roles she has starred in, the awards she has won, the pictures of the artist’s brilliance, and a complete report on her life.

duygu karaca religion

duygu karaca, her religion and her age, her residence

Date of birth: June 5, 1985.

Currently age Dojo: She is now 35 years old.

Her zodiac sign: she belongs to the owners of Gemini.

The religion to which she belongs: Islamic – Muslim.

Nationality you hold: Turkish.

Marital Status: Married.

Husband or friend’s name: Ahmed Genghis Khan.

Place of residence now: Istanbul.

Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.

Graduate University: Istanbul University.

Her study: Theater Center Arts.

Her job: Actress.

Beginning of her artworks: She started her artwork in 2007.

Her First Artwork: It was a romantic series.

Highlights of her artwork: 2016 Please Let’s Separate.

Her latest artwork: the series Son of the Ambassador, 2019-2020.

Her Artistic Activity: From 2007 to Present.

Her eyes color: Her eyes are honey colored.

Hair color: brown.

Favorite clothes: dresses.

Length: 153 cm.

Weight: 70 kg.

Favorite hobbies: walking and listening to music.

duygu karaca the story of her life

duygu karaca is one of the most famous comedy stars in Turkey, Duyjo was born in 1985 in Istanbul, Turkey, from a Muslim family that follows the customs and traditions of Islam. Duyjo grew up on Islamic principles and grew up with a decent life in her family. She was close to her father’s heart. She lived a happy life. Their simplest dreams are Becoming a famous artist, she participated in many celebrations in schools. She liked acting. Her family’s opinion is that she is good at performing comedic roles, due to her wit and simple peaceful spirit. Dujo worked on studying acting, so he joined the Arts Center Theater Institute. She played some roles on stage Theater at Istanbul University.

duygu karaca, husband and kids

The artist duygu karaca got married to Ahmed Genghis Khan after a long love story witnessed by many of their friends, and the wedding ceremony was held in her home in the presence of a few parents, relatives and some friends, and many pictures that brought together the couple were taken in many public places, However, no information was mentioned the husband except his name.

Duygu karaca’s career in acting

Despite Dujo’s talent since her childhood, the opportunity was not available to her to enter the world of cinema, so she decided to fight the battle through its doors by entering one of the art colleges and institutes, and indeed she was able to join the theater of the Art Center of Istanbul University, and after her graduation she performed her first television work In 2007 in one of the romantic series, but Duego soon discovered that the roles of comedy and laughter are the most popular for her, so I hastened to join

To those works, then the roles began to follow, until she succeeded in achieving her dream, so many of her followers were dazzled by her performance and began to follow all her films and series. 


Duygu Karaca achieved during her short career many successes that made her a famous actress in all countries of the world, as his comedy series got high rates of viewing at her first show, giving many enthusiasm, strength and determination to continue artistic works with a light and more active spirit.

And weight loss duygu karaca

Despite the increase in the weight of the artist duygu karaca, but that was not an obstacle to achieving her dream and reaching stardom, and the artist Dujo announced that she followed a diet that helps him get rid of excess weight and live healthy, and in addition to that intimate, she does many exercises Perhaps what she follows most is walking, as it has become her favorite pastime. 

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

duygu karaca is one of the most active artists on social networking sites, she has many accounts via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and she also shares many of her photos with her great audience, who follows all her works up-to-date.

TV shows and series

His Son, the Ambassador series, which is one of the most famous romantic series produced for this year, was attended by many famous people, most notably duygu karaca – Neslihan Atagul – Engin Akyurek – Erhan Al Bey – Isra Kizeldogan – Aras Aydin, the series directed by

Emre Kabakusak, produced by Sanir Ayar, Nazli Hepturk and Ujur Turkman, the series revolves around the story of a girl called Tara and a young Sinjar who fall in love with each other, and on the wedding night, a disaster occurs as Sinjar discovers Nara’s betrayal and beats her and expels her from the house.

Pir Zamanlar Chukurova series 2018 The series revolves around a couple who love each other but hide the fact that they marry, flee from the Jurists, and live together under a different name as if they are brothers and work on a farm, the series directed by Evrin Karabek and Farouk Tiber written by Derm Serai, co-starring both of duygu karaca- Vahide Perçin – Hilal Altinbilek Selin Genç

Kaban series 2019

The series, directed by Kodret Sabanci, tells the story of the series about a man who is considered one of the richest in Antalya who loves his children greatly, but after the death of one of his close friends, his life is turned upside down, he participated in the work of Oyka Jalik – on Garghar – Neslihan – duygu karaca.

The 2017 series, Yanlis Anlama, revolves around a Turkish family and an Azerbaijani family who are forced to do many works together in order to be able to obtain the inheritance, the series directed by Olas Jehan Simsek and the writer of the book: Ayberk Cinar, Ceylan Güleç. The work was co-authored by: duygu karaca – zamvira abdelsamdova – parvin abiyev – hakan biljin – cengiz okyoku.
2017 series Fair Illini Ask, directed by Avoc Hakan Erin, Denise Yilmaz Sayer and Bora Onur.

Nolor Irillim series 2016,

The series revolves around a father who believes that every girl is destined to marry and then divorce, and then begins to tell one of the funny stories that he tries to extract a true love story from them. Osman Karakuj-duygu karaca.

Ask Yeniden series 2015-2016, the series revolves around a girl who escapes from Turkey to America and then returns with her frustration to meet a young man from here, the events begin in an atmosphere of laughter and excitement, the series directed by Ersoy Guler and Celil Murad Sari, produced and written by Ali Gundogo And Ismail Gundogo, co-starring Tamer Levent-Nilai Deniz-Nazli Towsonoglu-duygu karaca.

The series Love Again – the series Al-Ashk Al-Shaboush – The Scent of My Son. 


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