Batuhan Begimgil Religion, Age, Girlfriend Series & Info

 Date of birth is: September 4, 1991 AD.
Currently, Batuhan’s age: he is 29 years old.
Astrological sign for him: Belongs to the owners of Virgo.
Religion to which you belong: Carries the Christian religion.
Nationality: Turkish.
Marital status Single.
Husband or friend’s name: Girlfriend Zainab Kojak.
His father: Noss.
His mother: she is called Nawal.
Current residence: Istanbul, Turkey.
Place of birth: Istanbul.
University he graduated from: Unknown.
Field of Study: Not mentioned.
Position: Representative and presenter.
Beginning of his artwork: 2013.
His first artwork: the Medcezir series
His latest artwork: The Rosgar series My Heart.
Artistic Activity: From 2013 until now.
Languages: Turkish.
Eyeshadow Color: His eyes have a dark brown color.
Hair color: black.
Favorite clothes: Casual suits.
Length: approx 186 cm.
Weight: Approx 75 kg.
Favorite hobbies: acting.
Favorite sport: football.
Characteristics: Confident, handsome, elegant, very cool.
Batuhan Begimgil Religion
Batuhan Begimgil, hero of the series Heart of Rosgar. His religion and his age. Field of work and study. His wife. His artistic upbringing. His most important works. The roles he starred in. Awards won. Shine pictures. Multiple information and secrets reveal their truth for the first time.

Batuhan Begimgil Info



Features of the genesis and life of Batuhan Begimgil

Batuhan Begimgil is a famous Turkish actor known in Istanbul for his charm and elegance, which he used to appear in front of everyone. Batuhan was born in Istanbul in 1991 to a well-off family. He lived a life of luxury. He loved drama and art work from a young age and hoped to become a famous artist in his country and the world at large. He completed his education at the university and after graduating he worked as a broadcaster in one of the local channels in Turkey. When the opportunity to become an artist arose, he immediately agreed and performed his first cinematic work in 2013.

Artistic Genesis Batuhan Begimgil


Batuhan hasn’t thought much of acting since he was young but his biggest dream is to be famous. Although, he participated in many artworks and competitions within his school and university. It is also the first controller in the school radio display. He is truly a talented and intelligent young man who took advantage of this in order to achieve fame and influence and to make money. He worked as a presenter for Kutay in 2016. His real breakthrough came in 2013 while he was presenting the series Medcezir, and from there his fame began and took off. He did not present us with many films but rather led one experience in 2015.

Personal life and secret Batuhan Begimgil

Batuhan is 29 years old and has yet to accept the idea of ​​marriage. Rather, he believes that his work and life should be in art and drama, and that love and marriage will come later. While conducting biographical searches for him, some sources revealed that the artist had previously had an emotional relationship. But it was not complete with the good news, so Batuhan decided not to talk about it. It may seem like it was a rough experience. This relationship is related to the artist, Zainab Kojak, who is eight years older than him.

Batuhan Begimgil’s position on social media

Batuhan prefers to flaunt his personal image, as he has his fans who follow him from all over the world. Therefore, he is one of the active people on social networking sites, as he has many personal pages through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He likes to constantly communicate with his colleagues and fans. It also shares many photos. And some news and suggestions, as it is from young people who belong to that hidden world that embodies itself behind a mobile or laptop screen. Its pages have a huge number of followers.

Batuhan’s work in the field of radio and television and artistic works made him a rich person who is considered one of the richest stars of Turkey in the current period. As for his bank account balances, there are many reports that confirmed that he exceeded $ 5 million. He is paid at least approximately $ 2 million per job.

Awards received by Batuhan Begimgil

Batuhan Begimgil showed his artistic talents in providing some dramas and cinematics. Which appeared clearly during his presentation of TV programs. Which made it win the admiration of millions of viewers in Arab and foreign countries. He won the title of the best famous actor for the year 2016.
The most important works by Batuhan Begimgil.

Star Batuhan’s artistic career was not long, but he presented us with a few works of art in the field of drama and cinema. However, in that short period, he was able to achieve high viewing rates. He occupied the hearts of the viewers and made them wait for new works for him. Perhaps among the most prominent and important roles he presented are.

Ruzgarin Kalbi series

which premiered in 2016. It is listed among the romantic drama series. The series revolves around a young man who applies to marry his lover and after their engagement ends his lover’s life in death in a tragic accident Rose Jar is going through a difficult phase in his life and after two years he meets a girl named Zainab who took his lover’s heart to saveShe lives from death due to her heart disease and falls in love with Rose Jar. The series is directed by

Filiz Gülmez Pakman. Produced by Errol Demir. Burak Serdar Sanal participated in the work, who played Rose Jar – Deniz Besal as Zainab – Seismy Baskin – Ahmed Sarashoglu – Basak Dasman.


Nadia Hayat series for the year 2015, one of the most famous comedy series. His episodes revolve around a woman who loses her husband and lives alone, then decides to return to university to complete her studies again. The series is directed by Çagan Irmak and written by Ali Demirel-Emery Ozdor-Kagan Irmak-Volkan Sumpel. Dimit Akbagh participated in the work as Nadida – Seville Aki – Burak Kan – Batuhan Begimgil, replacing the role of Bora – Saadi Jalil Genghis – Umit Erlem as Karim – Nurkan Sirin.


The series Medcezir was shown in 2013-2015. It is one of the most important works presented by Batuhan. It was shown in two parts. The first time was broadcast on September 13, 2013, and the second time was June 12, 2015. The number of episodes reached 77 episodes. It has also been classified as a comedy-drama series with a character of romance based on the story of the foreign series The OC. The series revolves around a poor young man and a rich girl who fall in love with each other, then he is arrested for his brother stealing a car, and his new opportunity is when the lawyer takes him to his home. The series is directed by Ali Bilgin. Written by Ege Urenche. King of Gençolu. The series was first shown on the Turkish channel, Star TV. He co-starred with Mina Togai. Chatay Ulusoy. Parish Fly. Serenai Sarikaya.