Toprak Saglam religion, husband full report on her



Toprak Saglam and detailed information about her life

The name in Turkish is / Toprak Sağlam.
The date of birth is / October 9, 1985, AD.
Omar Toprak is currently / aged 35.
Astrological sign he / she belongs to Libra.
Your religion / Christianity.
His nationality / Turkish.
Marital Status / Unknown.
The name of the spouse or friend / was not mentioned.
His place of residence now / Istanbul – Turkey.
Place of birth / Istanbul.
The university from which he graduated from Istanbul University.
Field of Study / Department of Majidy Majidi Theater of the Arts.
Her job / film and theater actress.
Beginning of her artistic work / 2000.
Her first artwork / Ilk göz agrisi.
Her latest artwork / series “The Goversen”.
Artistic activity / from 2000 until now.
Languages ​​/ Turkish.
Her eyes color / her eyes are dark brown.
Hair color / black.
Favorite clothes for him / Kajol.
Height / 166 cm approx.
Weight / 57 kg approx.
Favorite hobbies are / acting, dancing, listening and playing songs.
Favorite sport / not mentioned.
Traits special / lucky, energetic, friendly, smart, chic.

Toprak Sağlam

The Biography of Toprak Saglam

Toprak Saglam was born in Istanbul in 1985, and she grew up in a middle-class family. Toprak is one of the superior personalities with multiple aspirations and dreams that she wanted from a young age to achieve. She drew a life of fame and influence and went out of her world to the world of art. To many successes, she studied at the Institute of Dramatic Arts at Istanbul University inside the Nejdet Geran Center, she excelled in her studies, which made her get the first place in 2007, and then after her graduation she worked in the art of folk dance for 11 years, from here came her work playing guitar and singing music.

She started acting as Toprak Saglam

Toprak started her first artistic work after her graduation from the university, so she performed her first work in 2000 filming a lot of advertisements for commercial companies and worked in filming more than one video clip with top singers in Turkey, and in 2006 she started her artistic debut after she did the series Jamila, In 2007, she participated in the series North Wind series, through her performance of these works, she was able to win the admiration of millions of her followers in Turkey, Arab and foreign countries.

Her husband and her emotional relationships

The emotional aspect in every person’s life is his private secret that he may reveal or conceal in secret, but we find that the relations of artists and celebrities are more open, and you see that there are those who publish many of their new and others prefer to remain secret. As for the life of the actress Toprak, we are We notice that she takes the aspect of preserving privacy in her personal life, so far no information about her relationships has reached us, but she is the most active artist on social networking sites Facebook and Instagram, and she publishes many of her photos of her followers and friends, including her pictures on the sea. About the number of her followers, they exceeded a million, and Toprak is a popular and successful girl, and many girls hope to become like her.

Awards received by Toprak Saglam

Toprak is one of the most famous personalities in Turkey, due to her performance of many works of art on stage and cinema and her participation in dramas, through which she achieved great success, which made her obtain many awards, the most important of which was the award for the best rising actress for the year 2008, the effect of her presentation to anyone. The most important roles in the movie Three Apples Fallen from the Sky.

It is known that the artists get huge wages during their work, and their wages vary according to the role they offer, and Toprak is one of the richest artists in Turkey due to the artistic work in cinema and her musical work, so many Turkish newspapers confirmed that Toprak’s account exceeded 10 million dollars. Approximately.

Awards received by Toprak Saglam

Toprak Saglam series

Toprak participated in many valuable works that made her a famous star, despite her young age, she did about 17 to 20 artworks, most notably Najd

The Goversen series for 2019, which is a drama and adventure movie, the series is directed by

Altan Dönmez and production of Zeynep Anjin and Yisar Erful, co-working with Muhammad Ali Nuroglu – Mella Ada – Nursel Kos – Ginko Ozak – Toprak Saglam.
Fatih series for the year 2018, which is one of the most famous historical series that revolves around Sultan Fatih and the Ottoman International and what happened in that period of wars, the series directed by Sivit Mercan and produced by both Nadim Cenglioglu and Yahya Tomkin, co-starring the star Kenan Imerzalioglu in the role of Sultan Fatih Cetin Tekindor – Ertan Saban – Ismail Demirji – Laila Tanlar – Toprak Saglam.

Dügüm Salonu in 2018, which is a satirical comedy series whose episodes revolve around a group of people who marry in one building and form emotional and social relations between them that revolve in a satirical framework, the series directed by Hakan Al-Ghoul and writer Shaheen Irmak.

Sahin Irmak- Irem Sak- Gonca Vuslateri- Duygu Yetis- Nilgün Belgün- Hakan Bulut- Toprak Sağlam.

The series Crossroads 2017, which is one of the romantic works that revolves around children trying to save their father from falling into the hands of the police, directed by Muhammed Ada Oztekin, produced by Errol Afsi and Engin Sari, co-work with Sivval Sam – Helmy Jim Entebi – Murad Aygen – Basri Al-Bairaq – Ebro Onurtan – Toprak Saglam.

The series Lokman Ilyas in 2016, and it is one of the most important comedies of a dramatic character, the series directed by Inas Arbay by the writer Inas Arbay and Nargiz Arbay, it starred Toprak Saglam in the role of Zainab – Ismail Hasoglu in the role of Ilias-

Atalay Çetintas in the role of Sabri

The series Dilibal in 2015, the series revolves around the love story of two young men who were supposed to live together for their entire lives, but circumstances occur that make them think about the amount of sacrifice they will make. The series is directed by Ali Bilgin and writer Sia Kalim. The work was shared by Leila Lydia Togutlu – Hussain Avni Daniel as Tariq – Mustafa Afkran as Hariri – Nazan Kasal as Salma – Toprak Saglam as Velez.

The historical series Eksik in 2015 revolves around a military coup in which the pursuers live to this day. The series is directed by Baris Atay and writer Muhammad Kalla and Serf Nokta. The work was shared by Sarp Akaya – Salih Badamsi – Ugur Polat – Nur Sorer – Toprak Saglam – Pullen Cholak – Baris Atay.