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Information about Aysun Metiner

Aysun Metiner Nationality: Turkish Nationality.
Date of birth of actress Aysun Metiner: Born in 1972.
Age of Aysun Metiner in 2020 AD: 47 years.
Place of birth of Aysun Metiner: Istanbul – Turkey.
Aysun Metiner Academic Qualification: I graduated from Theater Department, Istanbul University.
Aysun Metiner Graduation Date: 1995.
Most important drama: Ivy.
Aysun Metiner’s first cinematic work: The Mustache Film.
Dramatic Beginning: 1996.
Aysun Metiner complexion color: White.
Eye color: Black.
Aysun Metiner Hair Color: Brown.

Aysun Metiner religion

Life Story of Aysun Metiner

Aysun Metiner was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1972 A.D. She loved acting and acting very much and when she reached the university she studied acting and acting at Istanbul University until she graduated from the university in 1995 and after that she was able to participate in her first work, which is the role she participated in the Turkish film The mustache cinematic and this was the first spark for her, so she participated in a number of Turkish films and series, which proved through her acting talent and merit. She had a very big role in the Turkish acting career and one of the most important works that was the reason for her fame is the famous Ivy series, and she continued to succeed until she became one of the most important Stars and stars of drama and television in Turkey.

Life Story of Aysun Metiner

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Her first series, 1996 Sharpe (TV Series)

The Turkish actress and beauty Aysun Metiner participated in her first cinematic work, which is the mustache movie in 1996, after she graduated from university one year. The film is considered one of the British drama works that tells the story of a soldier from Britain in the time of the Napoleonic wars. Sharp is called with the mark called Mark Strong, which was previously identified in 1810 A.D. When Sharp cooperated with Mark Strong, he was in the rank of major, and then he became in the rank of colonel who heads a group of soldiers, but they work in a place somewhat far from the enemies and the commander The one called Fraser ordered them to blow up the stores of gunpowder used by the enemies led by the French general called Calvet, and in order to implement this order, the group had to seek the help of an officer who is specialized in explosives and special operations matters, and then they reached the major called Nigel Bates. Juveniles A family of Roma tribes is subjected to robbery by a group of conspirators until he kills all the Roma except for one woman, who is called Zara, so she hid from them so that they would not kill her, and then she strengthened They visited to bury her family, father and mother, and is looking for someone to run away with and protect her from the conspirators until she reaches a masked man whose face is not visible, and with the events the identity of this man will be discovered. With her help in digging the graves for her parents, he helped her bury them, and he took the lady called Zara with him to protect her. While Zara was with Nigel Bates inside the British camp, she found some belongings for her family who treacherously killed some of the horses that she knew and distinguished her well from others. This was the reason why Commander Sharp made sure of the trap set for them in order to reach a certain order. So Sharp made a tight plan to trap Mark Strong and surrounded the whole fort. They were also able to collect a large amount of gunpowder to protect themselves, but there is a large entourage of the co-conspirators with Mark in the state, so I fear He mustered from preventing Mark Strong’s execution, so he himself executed him and executes Mark by placing him in a very deep beer that no one can save him from, but Mark’s men give Sharp another chance to correct a mistake. They help Sharpe’s soldiers to repel the French attacks, and then Sharpe’s wife gets angry at him and what he does as a soldier, so he leaves her and does his sermons Zara, which was the reason for her to escape from death.

About her popular series Yeni hayat

The beautiful actress Aysun Metiner participated in the famous Turkish series Bir Litre Gözyasi, as the work narrates a large part of the lives of girls and girls, especially at a young age, and the dreams and illusion that the girl lives and is one of the most difficult things that the girl lives because of her discovery of the great difference between normal life and the virtual life that she builds in her imagination These fantasies are based on a large base of information that a girl acquires at a young age from more than one medium, such as movies, series, romantic novels, emotional stories, and virtual life in this world, so the girl’s emotion and feelings are a victim of those unreal fantasies that do not exist in reality, so the girl continues most of the time searching About the prince who comes to kidnap her on the white horse and lives with him her life and romantic story that she sees in the novels, but she does not find her and does not find anyone to tell her that this is only fantasies and does not exist in reality the girl collides with this and begins to enter into a bad psychological state as a result of this.

Shepherd’s story series and its most important events

The Shepherd’s Story series revolves around the famous love story in most Turkish series and dramas, which, as usual, faces many problems to prevent it, but during this work the two lovers strive to overcome these circumstances and obstacles together and get rid of them. It is a romantic series of the one episode 45 minutes and the events are shown In 130 consecutive episodes.

The most important works of the Aysun Metiner films and series

2009 Kahve bahane (TV Series) – 1998-1999 Ruhsar (TV Series) – Sasifelek Çikmazi (TV Series) 2005 CE – 1999 Kurtlar sofrasi (TV Mini-Series) – Çoban Yıldızı 2017 – Bir Litre Gözyasi? 2001 AD – 2020 Fragrance – New Life 2001 AD – 2007 Arka Sokaklar (TV Series) – Marriage 2018-2019 Bir Litre Gözyasi (TV Series) – 2018 Ask Masali (TV Movie) – 2005 Iki Genç Kiz – 2019 The Cheat (TV) Series) – 2021 Hercai (TV Series) – 2020 Gençligim Eyvah (TV Series).