Cagri Citanak religion, sweetheart, his series and a full report



The most important personal information about Cagri Citanak

Full name/ Chagary Alkan Chetanak
Date of birth/ February 14، 1993
Age/ 27 years old
Astrological Sign/ Aquarius
Place of birth/ Hatay – Turkey
Nationality/ He holds Turkish citizenship
Religion Muslim
The study/ Graduate of Istanbul University’s Faculty of Arts and Music
Height/ 180 cm
Weight is 75 kg
Hair color/ brown
Eye color/ brown
Hobbies/ playing guitar، playing football، collecting antiques and antiques
Parent/ Alkan Chetanak
Parent’s work/ a cardiac surgeon
Mother/ Eason Hakan Ozdemir
Mother’s job/ a school principal
Siblings/ Two boys and a girl
Marital status Single
Profession/ Model and Actor
First job/ Captured in 2008

Cagri Citanak

And Cagri Citanak Biography

The handsome Cagri Citanak was born on the fourteenth of February 1993 in Hatay province، Turkey، his father is Mr. Alkan Citanak and works as a surgeon in the field of heart and blood vessels، while his mother is named Eason Hakan Ozdemir

And he works as a principal for a secondary school in the city of Tahai. He has three brothers، one of whom is a football player in the Turkish Qasim Pasha Club، and the other has his own project، which is a gymnasium. The sister is married and lives in Madrid، Spain. He moved to Istanbul and joined the Faculty of Arts and Music at Istanbul University. And the events that were organized with friends and family، he enjoyed a lightness of light and a sense of humor that made everyone who saw him love him،, and he often imitated and simulated some actors in front of his parents and siblings or in front of some of the guests who visited them in their home.

Started acting as Cagri Citanak

The beginning of the star Cagri Citanak was not in acting، but the beginning was by playing the guitar in some youth concerts that were held in some clubs، then working as a model for advertisements for some famous brands through which he was able to achieve good fame and made a number of distinguished relationships Within the artistic community، through which he was able to enter the world of acting and present strong and distinctive roles that made him a large fan base among the young audience. His first experiences came in 2008 by participating in the series “Asir” and then participating in the series “Little Secrets” in 2010 and then the series “Al-Wind Al-Hoor” “It is a social series that takes place in a romantic and dramatic context about the life of art in Turkey. Its story is about two singers who appear in different times and engage in many conflicts and challenges in order to reach success and fame. It also discusses many social issues such as poverty، unemployment، corruption، conflict between classes and the impact of those circumstances. And the problems in the life and thinking of people who are united by the same circumstances، then he participated in the series “Our Aunt” in 2011 and then the series “Silent Love،” which revolves around a love story between A girl named Eileen and a young man named Ghassan، each of them is in love with the other and cannot move away from him even for a moment. In front of these torrential feelings and legendary love، a happy end is held، which is marriage، then a beautiful life full of love، romance، warmth and containment، but soon the matter turns to the opposite. On the contrary، that quiet life turns into Storms of problems and crises that disturbed the serenity of the happy spouses due to many problems such as betrayal and the boring routine that afflicted their lives، so Eileen tries to save her home and restore her husband and his love for her again، so she searches for the defect and tries to treat it، so she begins on her own، and in the meantime she discovers that she suffers from some psychological problems that affected her life With her husband and made him feel alienated for her part، so she decided to treat herself from these problems so that after that she would be devoted to her husband and try to bring him back to her again


Cagri Citanak religion

He participated in the series “The Lost City”، whose story revolves around a family consisting of a father، a mother، five brothers، four boys and one girl، who live together in love، affection and happiness. Suddenly the father dies and the family decides to migrate to another place in search of better living conditions. Many situations occur between siblings and some of them affects their relationship، which was strong before and during the migration of the family they lose their sister in the city of Istanbul،, so she becomes alone and faces the most difficult circumstances of poverty، tragedies، difficulties، violence and homelessness،, and she tries to overcome all of them while preserving herself from the human wolves surrounding her. A group of Turkish stars such as “Delek” participated in the series Goffin، Tivak Erman Kotlu، Juki Bahader ” also participated in the series“ My Heart ”، which is of the romantic type and tells about a beautiful girl from a poor family named“ Gilan ”who is known for her kindness and delicacy and loves a young man named Omar who works as an engineer and lives in the same city in which she lives. In adoption، where he lost his parents in a painful accident when he was young, and he is always busy at work and does not see his girlfriend except for a little، as for Gilan she works as a servant in the homes of one of the wealthy women and one day there was a party in the house of this rich lady and during the rise Gilan at the guest service is harassing the son of the rich lady، so she slaps him in the face in front of all the attendees، which causes him great embarrassment. The rich lady immediately expels two generations from the house while this reckless young man harbors revenge on Gilan and destroys her life.

His last and most important work came when he played the title role in the famous series “Sweet Revenge،” which achieved a high viewership and great success upon its presentation. But she rejects him and injures him with her words،, so he decides to disappear from her life permanently after feeling the embarrassment and pain that afflicted her after her words and her rejection of him، and after several years، Belen falls in love with another young man, and they decide to marry، and on the day of the marriage her husband leaves her and abandons her،, and then she meets a strange woman who reveals the secret behind leaving her lover has her on the wedding day، which is a curse that haunts her because of her wounding many people because of her severe behavior with them and her cruelty in speaking، so Beilin begins to search for the people whom she has wounded، including Sinan، and she meets him and tries to accept him to forgive her, so Senan finds her an opportunity to take revenge on her and return the insult to her, but he decides to make his revenge on her, They sweeten and while this is how Pelin feels for the first time and decides to open her heart to tooth and exchange love with him.
Information and facts about superstar Cagri Citanak

In his spare time he plays football with his friends and is keen to do sports on a daily basis. Many rumors have chased him about a relationship between him and a Spanish girl who was seen with her in a number of public places،, but he denied that new and said that she is just a friend and that he still did not find his true love until right Now.