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olgun toker who is he?

Date of birth: March 12. 1986.
age: 34 years old.
Astrological sign: Belongs to Pisces.
Religion to which he belongs: Islamic – Muslim.
Nationality: Holds Turkish citizenship.
Residence: Adana. Turkey.
Marital status Single.
Spouse or Girlfriend of Artist Olgo Thucker: Not mentioned.
His father: His father is a police chief.
His mother: a housewife.
Occupation: Actor.
The university he graduated from: Anadolu University.
Field of Study: Trade and Industry.
Postgraduate studies: studied in Jezzine volumes for the Department of Performing Arts.
Beginning of his artworks: Starting his first artworks in 2010.
The most prominent roles that he presented: The Song of Life series.
His latest artwork: Bir Aile Hikayesi. 2019.
Eye color: brown.
Hair color: black.
Weight: 77 kg.
Height: 180 cm.
Favorite hobbies: painting and playing sports.

Olgun toker  Religion

The origin and life of the artist. Olgun Toker. Maher

Olgun Toker is a famous Turkish actor. Born in Adana. Turkey in 1986. to a father who works in the police and holds the title of commander. And his mother is a housewife who devoted himself to raising her children. Olgun studied commerce and industry at Anadolu University.

After his graduation he joined the theater arts department in Jezzine volumes. Olgun was fond of art. he had many talents that affected his life and made him dream of becoming famous and one of his most hobbies is painting.

So he traveled to Istanbul to achieve his dream and become a famous painter. but his path changed and he became a well-known actor despite his lack of planning for that.

olgun toker Mahir begin of Acting

Every one of us has dreamed of becoming famous since his childhood. The world of fame is the world that has the most control over our lives. Everyone wants to become a doctor, engineer, great lawyer. or a famous artist.

Olgon’s dream was to become a famous painter whose paintings are exhibited in the largest exhibitions in the world. He was able to develop his artistic talent. He has many paintings that have received appreciation awards. And despite all these dreams. He occupied another position or could not think of him. Which is the world of art and artists.

After he traveled to Istanbul in search of his fame as a painter. He had the opportunity to become an artist. Which made him accept to study arts The play. Olgun started his first artistic work in 2010 on the stage of Istanbul. and excelled in performing the role that you are playing.

so he drew the attention of everyone around him. And the roles began to follow him. and he presented us with many artworks on the stage. TV screens and Turkish cinema.

Awards olgun toker

Olgun Toker presented many movies and series that won the admiration of viewers. so Olgun was able. Thanks to his skill and ability to control his emotions and show the true impression of character. as he is one of the best actors skilled in his mastery of work and characters. Which increased the confidence in himself and the confidence of his fans in him.

Olgun toker movie series

Olgun Toker is an ambitious young man who strives from a young age to become famous. so he exploited his talents in order to achieve his dream. He presented us with many artistic works. He has many plays. Films and drama series. Among the most famous of these works we find

Hayat Sarkisi, a series that was released in 2016. and since its presentation. the series has achieved high viewing rates on the Arab and Turkish screens. The events of the series revolve around a poor young man, and a rich one with a strong friendship between them who steal from the other the love of his life and live a tragic life until he decides. Finishing the gap that occurred between them. so he decides to marry one of her friends. But the gap has not ended yet.

Olgun Toker participated in the work of Friends of the Road. Part Two. and the crew included Ozhan Koch. Ibrahim Buyukak. Izgi Iyubogel. Qadir Bulaci. Aegean Koptor. Bahar Shaheen and Kevansh Baran Arslan. And its events revolve around when the singer Anwar decides to return to work and faces many troubles and life due to his scheming arrangement Before one of his friends.

Bir Aile Hikayesi series 2019

 Which is one of the Turkish series whose story was adapted from the American series ⁠⁠This Is Us. revolves around a girl named Reham who faces many difficulties during her pregnancy and the father of three children who are together on the night of the husband’s birthday. the series is produced by MedYapim and from Directed by Merve Girgin.

Hayat Sarkisi in 2017 series. the series revolves around an old love story that opens its doors and burns everyone who approaches it and takes revenge. the series starring both: Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan in the role of Mustafa Kuzgun

  1. Ekin Koç as Burak Özer
  2. Hazar Ergüçlü as Seher Kuzgu
  3. Seher Devrim Yakut as Inci Kuzgun
  4. Olgun Toker as Kemal Kuzgun
  5. Gökçe Yanardag as Aysen Özer
  6. Ecem Erkek as Sirin Kuzgun
  7. Mehmet Aslan as Zafer Pasali
  8. Aysegul Cengiz Akman as Melek Pasali
The series. Little Lies. 2015. revolves around 4 teenage girls who disappeared in mysterious circumstances. And after a year the leader’s body appears to them and the killer begins to show the truth of each of them and the hidden secrets. Starring Beste Kökdemir. Olgun Toker. Burak Deniz and Bensu Soral.

Abi Malak movie Benim Babam Bir Melek in 2017 and his story revolves around a young boy whose mother abandoned him when he completes four years of age and lives with his father and his grandmother accepts the child Omar parting with his mother and he lived happily with his father trying to forget his mother and when he grows up his mother returns to destroy his dreams and his life. Revealing many Mystery Secrets. The movie starring: Nilperi Sahinkaya: as Sandra

  1. Olgun Toker: in the role of Ümit
  2. Meral Çetinkaya: as Rukiye
  3. Aybars Kartal Özson: as Ömer.

Olgun Toker also participated in some series in which he presented small roles. Among them the series The Little Liars. The series The Matter of Honor series The Wedding Association and A Hidden Life. As for the cinematic works. He presented a film entitled The Last. Which was shown for the first time in 2012 and then the film Government for Women in the same year He also participated in the Women’s Government Championship. Part Two. 2013.

This was the group of works presented by the young star Olgun Toker. Which showed us his artistic features and the extent of his development. and the roles that Olgun presented were mostly in the title role.