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Who is Didem Inselel?

Name: Didim Ugur Inslal.
Didem Inselel in Turkish: Didem inselel.
Didem Inselel’s birthday: July 13. 1976.
age in 2020 AD: 44 years.
Didem Insel’s birthplace: Istanbul – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish Nationality.
Didem Inselel’s Career: Actress and Presenter.
Didem Inselel Technical Beginning: 1999 AD.
Didem Inselel Length: 172 cm.
Number of Didem Insel’s Siblings: She has two sisters.

Didem Insel’s Life Story

The young Turkish actress and presenter was born in Istanbul. Turkey on June 13. 1976. she was born in Cancer. She studied in Turkey’s private schools and graduated in high school from a school called Friends in Turkey. She began studying acting through acting exercises and workshops in one of the studios. I also studied at the Istanbul Academy in the Department of Radio and Television.

Entered the world of fame and its beginning was on the screens in 1999 AD through the presentation of television programs. so the first work presented was the Melody program and also participated in a number of simple works behind the camera and its beginning was through news programs such as the fire program line. which she presented for a period of up to 7 months.

After that she moved to the world of acting as she participated in a number of commercials through one of the advertising companies that she worked for for 4 years. She embodied the character Gönül Kara in the Kavak Yelleri series. which was shown in 2007 During it.

By embodying the role of a teacher in a school. Who moved to a new school located in Izmir Orla. during the events one of her students and a sister fall in love with her. She also presented the What to Do Program In March 2010. She participated in the series Bum lovers. Directed by Sherif Goren. and participated in the series “Love Me Like Her”.

Didem Insel’s acting career

Didem Insel has a large fan base and has presented a large number of television programs. many commercials and a number of dramas. but she works in this profession for financial gain and does not care about the nature of the role that she plays and also does so, and she is very happy.

Didem Inselel loves to live in peace. Loves raising animals a lot. and loves optimism and smiling. One of the times she enjoys most is the time she spends with his family. You care about the financial factor the most.

Things you know about Didem Inselel for the first time

When asked the artist Didem Inselel about the matter of planning in order to reach the goals and her response was that she does not have such skills and does not have the ability to compliments in order to reach certain goals or achieve a specific purpose, and she loves this matter in her character and is considered to have gained a lot and lost nothing because of her loss For this skill or this matter.

And this matter made about her good personalities and not friendly for the sake of the goals and non-hypocrites. And this matter is not something she acquired or preferred. But something she inherited from her grandfather who was taking him as an example to her and raised her on this matter and implanted in his grandchildren faith in the matter before doing it because of his belief in the saying do What she believes in as raising them is that life is only lived once and life is spent quickly.

There is no time for compliments and doing things that contravene personal desires and that death has affected her life greatly. Which is the reason that prompted her to do so. These movements that you see are meaningless.

Family life of Didem Inselel

Didem Insel’s upbringing had a very strong impact on her life and building her personality. Her mother was a woman who gave birth to three sisters. Including Didem without a man. And she lived single for 25 years, and she was raising her children alone without anyone’s intervention.

It was different from the usual because of the loss of the father and this is what women get used to in the same circumstances as men by their innate nature of love and are attracted to the weak woman who always needs the support of the man in her life.

The man is never attracted to the independent and strong woman and all this is what made her sharp in character not inclined Meaningless compliments.

The most important works of Didem Inselel films and series

The Pseudo-Princess series – Tameela Ya Heart in 2017 – Melody program – The Willow Season series in 2007 – The Glass Shoe series – This My Life series – Love Me as I Am in the role of Angie – The series When Waiting for the Sun.

Facts about Didim’s role in O Hayat Benim

Didem Insel talks about her famous role in the series O Hayat Benim and about her embodiment of the character Fulya. Who embodies the personality of 80% of women in Turkey in all classes. despite the class difference between Turkish women and despite the disparities in society.

But there are a very large number of Turkish women who live the same The life and circumstances of this lady, and they suffer from almost the same problems that she faces despite the apparent ugliness of the character. but there are a number of followers who sympathize with such roles and personalities. In fact.