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Who is Mine Tugay?

Date of birth: July 28. 1978.
Age: She is currently 42 years old.
Astrological sign: belong to Leo.
Nationality: Holds Turkish citizenship.
The religion to which you belong: Islam – Muslim.
Mina Togai’s husband or girlfriend: not mentioned.
Place of birth: Konya. Turkey.
Her study: Istanbul University Kumpanya Jar Institute.
Profession: Actress.
Years of activity: from 1997 until now.
Beginning of her artwork: 1997 in the play Little Bear With Two Big Ears.
Her most prominent artwork: The White Rose.
Hair color: brown.
Eye color: brown.


Who is Mine Tugay?

Mine Tugay and Her Life Story
Mine Tugay is a Turkish actress. born in the city of Konya in 1978. with a comfortable family financially. Her father was an officer in the city of Konya and her mother was from a well-to-do family. which helped create a decent life for Mina. She studied at the modern Levent High School and after her graduation she joined the Kumpanya Jar Institute in Istanbul University was fond of acting and the world of art since she was young and had an exceptional talent. which made her participate in the play Little Bear in 1997 on the stage of the real story. as if that was his first work and after she met with great success. she studied the art of acting at the lost art institute. but Excluded from class for indiscipline. she worked after graduating from the Semfer’s Conservatory.

Mine Tugay’s Beginning Acting

Mine Tugay began her artistic career when she was at the university. so her first work was her appearance on the stage of the Technical Institute. and in 1998 she won to obtain the acting department at the Istanbul University Conservatory. and then she began to present many theatrical roles. and in 2003 she participated in the play Attack The birds and the twelfth night. with which the work was shared by actor Işil Kasapoglu. then went to Turkish television and cinema. so she presented the Heartache film and a series called Love since 2014 and in the same year presented the Mama and Zayn play. Then she made many promotional films. and in 2005 she performed By doing the series Love at Every Age. which dazzled its audience.

Mina decided to complete her postgraduate degree and after obtaining a master’s degree in acting. which she established at Bahçeşehir University. she played a new role in one of the series that was shown to her. which is a series Aliya. but that role was a watershed point for her. where she presented the title role. and after completing her masters degree. she performed the title role Once again in the series Gulbara. and she did a play called Too Far with the star Amry Koenjooglu and this came on the Dot stage. then she played the roles in which she always took the lead role and became famous on television and theater. and in 2007 she acted as a volunteer in Nazim’s plays Reading theater. which was organized by Yilmaz Unai. participated with Engin in the 2013 Antalya Television Awards. which was held for the fourth time.

News about Mine Tugay you know for the first time

Actress Mine Tugay ignited the anger of her fans. who were grateful to her with all the features of love and friendliness. and this came after she posted a picture of her on her personal page on the famous social networking site

Instagram holds a cigarette in her hands that she used to drink on her balcony. then a large number of her followers took the photo and re-posted it on their pages. asking them to refrain from smoking in order to preserve her health because of its negative effects. and that will affect her beauty.

The reason for the beauty of Mine Tugay despite reaching the age of forty

All movie stars are interested in their natural beauty and fresh skin. in the midst of the world of lights that control their lives. which brings them fame and influence. and their mastery of all the roles they perform has made their followers and fans from a large number of different countries of the world. but what is the secret of that striking beauty for the eyes and hearts. if The secret lies in the stars performing many plastic surgeries that make them look younger and the most beautiful people in the entire world. and the beauty of the artist Mine Tugay appeared when she shared many photos on her personal page in which she appeared as a young girl in her early twenties despite her over the age of forty.

Mine Tugay is insulted and slandered

Mine Tugay posted a post on social media. in which she told about her being attacked violently by a pedestrian in the streets during the day in Istanbul. and this came as a result of announcing the car codes and the first to start the attack was a minibus driver because she was a woman and accused her of not knowing how to drive and then He insulted her.

One of the most popular series of Mine Tugay Kalp Hirsizi

It is a Turkish series produced in 2014 by Endmol. starring Mine Tugay and Arkan Batik Kaya. and it is a dramatic series whose episodes revolve around a poor woman. Golesran and a rich one named Dilara. who both give birth to children on the same day and in the same hospital and by chance meet their names with each other. and it happens. An unintended mistake of the nurse and the children are changed. and after fifteen years the truth about the child begins to appear. which causes many fear. anxiety and psychological tension experienced by the family of the two families.

The most important artwork of actress Mina Togay

Mine Tugay presented many works of art that she co-starred in. and through which she won many awards as well as fame and making money. one of her most important works was

The series Çilek Kokusu. which was shown in 2015. directed by Velez Golms Bachman – written by Banu Zinjin Tak and Asli Zinjin. and its events revolve around a simple girl who meets a reckless young man in the plane who quarrels a lot together. and the girl’s life turns and changes 100% until they meet by chance again. but this time it happens A surprise that no one expected. co-starring Yusef Jim – Mina Togai – Murat Basu Jalou – Maher Jonserai – Demet Ozdemir – Akin Mart Doymaz.

The Tide series in 2013 directed by Ali Bilgin. written by Milik Ginsoglu and Es Yorink. the series tells about a young man who lives in Istanbul who is striving for his education and wants to be diligent. but he has some problems after his brother steals a car. and by chance he meets A lawyer working to help him. co-starred with Cernai Sarikaya – Metin Akdulger – Chatay Ulusoy – Mina Togai.

Series plays

2011-2013 Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki (TV Series)
2013 Güldür Güldür Show (TV Series)
2013-2014 Medcezir (TV Series)
2014 Kalp Hirsizi (TV Series)
2015 Çilek Kokusu (TV Series)
2016-2017 Paramparça (TV Series)
2019 Verda (TV Series)
2019-2020 Zalim Istanbul (TV Series)
2021 Hükümsüz (TV Series)
Blackbird in 2008 and very far in 2004. Bird Attack in 2002 and Ball and Pin in 2010.

Awards won by Mina Togai

Mine Tugay won many awards, including: She won the Young Theater Award as best actress during her performance in the blackbird in 2008.

She was named Best Actress at the 2008 Short Film Festival. The Little Cats Film Festival.

And in 2009 she won the title of the most successful actress of the play Shahrour.

Mine Tugay TV Series Spouse Age Religion & Biography