Ayda Aksel Religion Husband Age TV Series and Biography


Ayda Aksel’s Birthdate: October 31. 1962
Age of Actress Ayda Aksel: 58 years
Ayda Aksel’s place of birth: Istanbul. Turkey.
Ayda Aksel Nationality: Turkish Nationality
Actress Ayda Aksel’s Husband: Unmarried
Number of times married: twice
Religion of Ayda Aksel: Islam
Graduate: Mimar Sinan University

Life story of actress Ayda Aksel

Life story of actress Ayda Aksel

Actress Ayda Aksel Axel was born in Istanbul in 1962. and she completed her elementary and middle school studies. and she studied at Mimar Sinan University. and she is a Turkish actress and is considered a theater artist because she began her artistic career in acting in the theater. She trained for a period in the theater department and also studied the art of ballet and cello Conservative parts. then she worked for 15 years on the national theater. and later she worked in Derayah Al-Sadri Theater. then moved to work in the television field and had a great fortune in Turkish series. As for her personal life. she was married twice.

Awards received by Ayda Aksel

Actress Ayda Aksel won the new awards in the world of art. as she won the best supporting actress of the year. the Afifa theater awards. the most successful actress in the comedy and music branch of the year for the play “An angel on my shoulder and the most successful actress of the year with the Lyons theater awards for the play Angel on my shoulder and the actress.” Most successful at Istanbul Technical University for the play An Angel on My Shoulder. Best Actress Award for the Play Half a Glass of Water. The Best Actress Award. Afifa Theater Awards for the play Guilty due to his death for a year. and Best Actress at the 11th Ankara Film Festival for the Film Queuing Diploma. and Best Actress Award at the tenth Orhan Ariburno Awards for Film Dlum Parking.

Theatrical works

I participated in many plays over many years. such as the play of Angel Ali in the State Theater in Istanbul in 2007. the play Half a Cup of Water in the State Theater in Istanbul in 2004. the play Mzbach due to his death. the State Theater in Istanbul in 2002. the private life of Noel Coward in 2000 and the play A woman in the window facing Yavuz Ozkan in the Sadri Alychik theater in 1998. the play I Anatolian by Jongorl Delmen in the State Theater in Istanbul in 1997.

the play of secret sessions in the State Theater in Istanbul in 1993. the play of Seven Women in 1992 and the play of the storm composed by William Shakespeare at the State Theater in Istanbul in 1991 and The fool play by Fyodor Dostoyevsky / Simon Gray in 1991.

the play Fruit orchards at the site of the fire Mimet al-Baidar in the State Theater in Istanbul in 1989 and the play of seeds and soil composed by Orhan Asina at the State Theater in Istanbul in 1986 The rhino play by Eugene Ionescu at the State Theater in Istanbul in 1986 and The play of witches in the play Macbeth that was adapted from William Shakespeare at the State Theater in Istanbul in 1986 and

the play of these young people at the State Theater in Istanbul in the year 1985 and the play Dear Doctor written by Neil Simoden at the State Theater in Istanbul in 1984 and the play The Decline in the State Theater in Istanbul in 1984 and the Master of Istanbul in 1983 and Snow on the Yoklar Mountain written by Excellent Zaki Tashkin in 1981 and the play No Truva War will take place in the State Theater in Istanbul in 1980

How did she start acting?

I participated in the spirit of age in 1987. then a movie that loves love of seashell in 2011 and the film A Handful of the Sea in 2011. 8 199. Diploma of Disruption in 1998. a movie called Love in 2002. Public Enemy in 2004. The Basic Family in 2002. the Spark Film in 1999. I Buried My Heart – 2011. The Lightning of the Heart. Science 2010. Exam in 2002. Captive Hearts in 2006. Remember the Beloved in 2002 2006 and in 2014 she participated in the Albanian philosopher’s film and in 2012 in the rich girl and the poor boy. captive hearts in 2006. the choice film in 2006 and the enemy of the people in 2004.

Ayda Aksel series television dramas

She participated in the series Boiraz Karayel in 2016-2017. the dead end series in 2015. the series False Spring in 2011. the Baiat Al Ward series from 2010 to 2011. and the series Remembering Valentine’s Day.

Her most famous series is Hercai


Her most famous series is Hercai

Actress Ayda Aksel participated in the famous series Hercai. which is a Turkish romantic drama series. The first part was shown on March 15. 2019 on ITV. and ended on May 31. 2019. starring Akin Akinuzu. Ebru Shaheen. Gülchen Centurgeoglu. Serhat Tutumelwer and Oya Onostasy And Ahmed Tansu Tashanlar. Sardar Auxer. Gulchen Khatkhan. Eli Arkuk. Jahid Jok. Aida Axel and Majid Sungkan. written by Ida Tazjan and Fahriya Shaheen and directed by Jim Karji and Benal Tayri. The story of the series revolves around Miran Aslan.

who was born an orphan and his grandmother raised him and planted in him the spirit of revenge for his parents The two who were killed at the hands of Hazar Shadoglu and remained in this state until the time came to take revenge on the Chadoglu family. and he married Rayan Chadoglu after it entered his heart a little. but his grandmother reminded him of his revenge.

so he left her the next day. there is no need for revenge. so his heart did not obey him by doing that so he returned to her From here begins the impossible love story and the events follow. Ida embodied in the series the role of the Aslan Bey clinic. He was able to achieve great success and to have a huge fan base and everyone is waiting for the follow-up of his new events.

The episodes of the series caused a sensation among other series. Many follow it. but this series in particular was able to become the best in terms of dramatic plot. along with some romantic scenes and dealt with many events in a way that attracted many followers

The date for showing the new episodes of the Hercai series

Everyone wanted to follow the new events of the series and the date of the next episodes. and the series was supposed to be shown on Friday. January 10. but the series’ episodes were postponed for two weeks due to the coincidence with birthdays. but then its episodes were returned again. it is shown one day In the week is Friday AD at eight in the evening.