Fulya Ülvan Religion Her husband’s age and biography

Who is Fulya Ülvan?

Year of birth: On the 15th of March 1976 AD.
Age: 44 years.
Place of birth: the city of Ankara in the state of Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Profession: Actress.
Academic qualification: Faculty of Arts at Ankara University – Department of Theater, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Ankara.
Marital Status: Married.
Astrological Sign: Pisces.
Height: 170 cm.
Weight is 54 kg.
Eye color: black.
Hair color: black.
Hobbies: dancing and fighting.
Languages ​​Spoken: Turkish _ English.
Beginning of her artistic career: in 2014 AD.
Her first works: My Father and His Family.

Life story of Fulya Ülvan

Life story of Fulya Ülvan

Fulya Ülvan was originally from the city of Ankara in the state of Turkey, where she was born on the fifteenth of March in 1976 AD. She loved art since her childhood and always dreamed of acting and appearing on the screen. She received her education completely until she reached the university level and decided to go to the Faculty of Arts At the University of Ankara, but it did not continue because of her love for the world of art and about her, she decided to join the theater department in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Ankara until she obtained her graduation certificate after that she decided to search for an opportunity to try to fulfill her dream. She began researching within the field of theater and indeed was able to obtain this The opportunity and she participated in a number of plays and proved her true possession of talent and when she was participating in one of the plays she was seen by one of the great artists who never revealed his name and believed in her talent and ability to act and made her participate in her first work, which is her role in the series “My Father and His Family” and this matter was within a year 2014 AD and then launched in the middle.

One of the activities that she loves most is going to dance parties and going to the gymnasiums to practice the art of fencing. She is also fluent in speaking English professionally because she loved this language and always got high marks in her school years.

Fulya Ülvan and Five Brothers

This work is classified from the thrilling comedy business, so the role of the artist Fulya lvan was distinguished, where her character was a comedic and funny role, and she was able to perform her role in a genius way.

The events of this series revolve around five brothers, each one of them has a completely different personality from the other brothers, the first of them was Said, the second Nazem, the third Turgut, the fourth Orhan, and the fifth Aziz. Their grandfather died and left them a legacy, which is a large palace but made of wood. Then events take place full of laughter and comedy. These events revolve around the issue of dividing the estate.

Series Heroes: Serkan Keskin – Osman Sonant – Tansu Bicer.

Fulya Ülvan’s beginning to act

This series is classified from drama that revolves around a man called “Kamal” who lives with his family in Istanbul. This family is made up of his girlfriend and daughters. His life was full of happiness and joy, but the surprise comes as Kamal has another family that has been hidden for a long time and the reason for the disappearance is that Kamal He was ordered to force him to leave this family since a long time ago, and then the excitement revolves around here, where the many problems that occur between the two families, especially when revealing the matter of his life with two personalities, and the reason for not mentioning information about the previous family of his existing family, and many problems occur until there are disputes between children Themselves and with the development of events a kind of great excitement and the atmosphere of suspense increases.
The main characters of the series: Aisha Bingol – Jida Dovngi – Bulent Inal.

The most important series of Fulya Ülvan Dayan Yuregim

Hayat Yolunda classifies this great artwork from romantic dramas. The role of the artist Fulya lvan in this series was the embodiment of the role of “Nasreen”, where her performance in this series was more than wonderful. She possessed a beautiful talent as this role brought her very great fame and made her imprint. To distinction.
The events of this series revolve around a lady “Alfan” trying to live in this world a safe and Haniyeh life with her two children and her partner “Zahir”. This family lived in an area of ​​slum areas in Istanbul. Two thousand worked in one of the health clinics in this area. It was also at the same time that her husband cooperated in the market business and offered products for sale. Her husband was a corrupt man who did not do anything about doing good, and he beat her daily.
One day, one of her sons, “Salim,” which represents a trace of the soul to her while playing soccer, was injured by a car hitting him.

At that time, her other son “Serai” came and sat next to her and kept thinking about whether “Selim” would survive this accident, or did they lose him, and if he did, would he survive and return in good health, or not? .

But the big surprise is its knowledge at this time that “Tahir” was working with the “Chanal” family, which is considered one of the richest families in Turkey. The man who was driving the car that hit her son is “Atef” the son of this family and his crimes are not limited to Only this one but he is also involved in other cases.

On the other hand, he stumbled upon an amount of money that “Taher” had taken from this family in exchange for his silence about what happened to his son. After all these things happened in her life, she turns into another character and sets her goals for revenge against this family and her husband.
Then a man appears in front of her who works in the field of psychotherapy “Fouad”, but despite his work in this field, his personal life is full of problems that someone wants to solve. He also has a daughter, “Nazli”, and she lives a very miserable life. Then events develop and two thousand solve problems. Nazli, and Fouad will be the support and support for Evan in life.

The main characters of the series: Ece Uslu, Cansel Elçin, Nilay Deniz, Miray Akay, Bengi Öztürk, Ege Aydan, Berk Atan.

Fulya Ülvan Series Movies and TV Shows

The series My Father and His Family, which was shown during 2013 _ the series The Path of Life, which was shown during 2014 _ the series Five Brothers, which was shown during the year 2015 _ the series Dayan Yuregim, which was shown during the year 2017 _ the series The Sea Inside Me _ The series The Storm that appeared on Household .

Fulya Ülvan Religion Her husband's age and biography