Mine Kılıç Husband Age Religion Serials and Biography

Who is Mine Kılıç

Mina Kilic’s religion: Muslim
Full name: Mina Kilic
Date of birth of Mina Kilic: May 16. 1986
Age of Mina Kilic: 34 years
Mina Kilic’s place of birth: Mersin. Turkey
Mina Kilic Nationality: Turkish Nationality
Graduate: Film and Television Education Foundation
Profession: Actress
Mina Kilic’s husband: not married.
Number of children: No children
Her astrological sign: Taurus
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Eye color: brown
Skin color: white
Brother of the artist Mina Kilic: Artist Barisch Kilic.

Mine Kılıç

Life story of Mine Kılıç

Mina Kilic is a young actress from Turkey. She was born in the city of Mersin. located in southern Turkey. She studied cinema and television in the education institution since her childhood. She loves acting and films. Her wish was to become a famous great artist. So she got many acting lessons in order to learn and be trained on how to stand before The camera even started working in acting and standing on stage and television professionally and won the Best Actress award at an awards ceremony.

Mine Kılıç Begins Acting

The young artist. Mine Kılıç. Participated in many artworks that met with great success and was famous in a short time and had many fans and followers. She is an artist who mastered her roles professionally and always chooses her roles carefully so that she is at the good opinion of all her followers and her fans in Turkey and in all other countries.

The Bana Sevmeyi Anlat series

Actress Mina Kilic participated in the series Bana Sevmeyi Anlat in 2016. a Turkish series with a romantic and dramatic series. and Kadir Doglu. Sida Bakan. Mustafa Ustundag. Dolunay Swissart. Kadir Chmik. Serdar Ozar Asli.

Production Director Karam Shatai music produced by the moon participated in the tournament. The production was shown on the Fox channel on August 26. 2016. and the show ended on January 30. 2017. and the series was shown every week. One episode on Sunday at eight o’clock Turkish time. Written by Deniz Akçay and directed by Masouda Erarsla.

Life story of Mine Kılıç

The story of the series revolves around the city of Freiburg. where Leila’s father is a farmer. And Heshmat. who imports meat from Germany to Turkey to his restaurant. admires Laila. so Laila agrees to marry him. and on the day of the wedding.

she discovers that Heshmat is a mafia boss. so Laila decides to escape from the wedding to meet Albert. Who has a restaurant and works with Heshmat. to create a long love story between them and when he learns That is Heshmat decides to kill Balbir. and later Laila works in a company to discover later that the owner of the company is her mother. who left her and she is months old. and the series consists of thirty-three episodes and the duration of the episode is five N min.

The team of the series Bana Sevmeyi Anlat

A Turkish newspaper has published on Facebook photos of the heroes of the series Bana Sevmeyi Anlat. and the photo brings together the series’ crew as they sit in a cafe and celebrate the birthday of the actress Mina Kilic. who embodies the character of Izji in the series and shows in the picture the spirit of cooperation and love between all the series crew. and this is one of the reasons for the success of the series Significantly. the picture won the admiration of many in Turkey and in other countries. and many commented on the image that they are waiting for the series to be shown. and this indicates the success of all artists in this series.

Beni B yle Sev and game Over

I also participated in Beni B yle Sev in 2013 and this series was very successful as this series was the most exciting story. The story of the series revolves around a pure love relationship that arises between a young man and a girl who are Omar and Ayesam studying in the group and the events revolve between them in a romantic dramatic and interesting context. In the series Game Over.

Travel artist Barish brother of the artist Mine Kılıç

The Turkish actor Barış Kılıç. the brother of the artist Mine Kılıç. who is famous for his age in the series War of the Roses. traveled with his wife and two children to Los Angeles. USA. to spend a summer vacation there. The experience of presenting competition programs for the first time. The first episodes of his program “19”. which is presented on the Turkish channel. achieved a high and good viewership in the holy month of Ramadan.

Barış will continue his work on the program and filming between Istanbul and Los Angeles. and it is also mentioned that Barış has finished filming his series “Scent of the Son” with Sadaf Afji. who was stopped early for his failure in retting and did not approve any new series.