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Gulden avsaroglu religion age husband and biography

Who is gulden avsaroglu?

Date of birth: August 12. 1980.
Age of Golden Avsar now: 40 years.
Her zodiac sign: she belongs to the owners of Leo.
The religion to which you belong: Islamic – Muslim.
Nationality you hold: Turkish.
Marital Status: Married.
Husband or friend’s name: Ismail Hajioglu.
Place of residence now: Istanbul.
Place of birth: Istanbul. Turkey.
University that I graduated from: Mimar Sinan Theater.
Her studies: Acting and theater.
Job: Actress.
The beginning of her artistic works: The beginning of her artistic work was in 1989.
Her most notable artwork: Complex Relationships series.
Eye Color: Her eyes are light brown.
Hair color: brown.
Favorite clothes: short dresses.
Height: 158 cm.
Weight: 67 kg.
Favorite hobbies: travel.

Who is gulden avsaroglu?

Gulden avsaroglu and her life story

Gulden Avsaroglu is a Turkish artist. Born in Istanbul in 1980. From a simple conservative family that follows religious teachings. Golden has many hobbies that she practiced since she was young. the most famous of which is acting. Her parents saw this talent and encouraged her to practice and develop from her life to enter the world of art. So that become one of the most famous movie stars in Turkey.

Actress Golden got married twice in her first marriage. It was not long despite his building on a love story. but soon proved his failure and the second time Golden got married to the artist Ismail Hajioglu. who starred in the series “Kouloub Mansih” in the role of Hussam. Although he is two years younger than them. But they are now living the most beautiful love story. They are more understanding.

Gulden avsaroglu and her life story

Gulden avsaroglu start acting

The real opportunity for Golden did not come since she was young for fame. and in spite of that. she struggled to achieve her dream. The first work that Golden did when she was nine years old. i.e. in 1989 AD. was the sitcom Kadin Sharchi. and when she grew up she studied at Mimar Sinan University of theater. She studied the art of acting And theater in her was more excellent in her studies. which helped her enter the world of art that she lived dreamed of.

After her graduation she practiced the profession in which she devoted her life and presented many theatrical roles. Among which was Rabi` al-Thani play – The Happy Family Play – The New Life Play And after the audience knew her. She had the opportunity to be one of the most famous actors on Turkish television. so she participated in the series Complex Relationships. Which was shown in 2015 – 2016.

Golden presented the role of Handan. and after the great success of Golden in that series. people called her by the name Hendan. and she was very happy Golden with this name because that is the beginning of her real breakthrough. as Golden played the role of the daughter of the famous actress Hülya Afshar. And she participated in the starring of the movie Two Young Girls and her name in the movie was Handan. and there are some rumors He said that Golden is now preparing for a new drama in which she will be the heroine.

Gulden avsaroglu awards

Thanks to her inimitable talent and persistence in achieving the dream of stardom. And her wonderful performance in all the roles that she presented. She was honored and won the Best Actress Award for a Leading Role in 2005 and the Golden Orange Film Award in 2005. and in 2006 she was nominated for the title of Best Actress for the film Destiny. in that year he won The movie is golden as the best movie screening of the year. The work of the TV series directed by Gulden Avsaroglu

Gulden Avsaroglu is a talented actress since her childhood. She was able to stand on the stage at a young age. She qualified for the championship roles. Golden is distinguished by her smiling face and beautiful smile that does not leave her face. She was the focus of attention for all people. She presented many secondary roles until she reached the lead roles that achieved It has high levels of viewership and has presented many films. Plays and dramatic series that dazzled everyone. Among her most famous works of art are Najd.


Karakomik Filmler: Emanet in 2020 The film directed by Cem Yilmaz and written by Cem Yilmaz. The events of the film revolve around a dancer who dreams of becoming famous and seeks to achieve this through her appearance in talent programs and realizes the dream that had been haunting her since she was young.

The Tales of Innocence series. which was shown in 2017. the story revolves around a conspiracy and a girl is run over to a car and her body is found dismembered. the series directed by Mustafa Sivki Dogan and Fred Kaitan written by Maryam Gultapak.

Iliski Durumu: Karisik in 2015 series. his story revolves around many situations of love. learning. play and friends. directed by Fahmi Ozturk and Hakhir Ugurlar. co-working with gulden avsaroglu-Berk Oktay-Siren Sirens-Norseli Ides.

Serious People series 2011. the series tells the story of an old man who migrates from his country with his family after the losses caused by the war in the country. the series directed by Çagan Irmak and written.

Çagan Irmak

Vay Arkadas 2010 movie. one of the adventure and thriller films. the events of the film revolve around three friends who live in the old places of Istanbul and a surplus comes out from the neighborhood from here. Her adventure begins. the film directed by Kemal Ozun written by Kanner Guler and Konet Inai. participated in the work on the hills and gulden avsaroglu- Utar Uzukan – Mustafa Yustandij.

Cadinlari Anlama Kilafuzo 2010-2013 series. directed by Jim Hascelik. cast

Bahar Akça- Gülden Avsaroglu-Didim. Czech Republic

The series nerdesin in 2004. it tells about three friends. they are Zlis. a lawyer and Sardar. a psychiatrist who decides not to marry. But when he reaches age and not to thirty. the situation changes and thinking about marriage is one of the basic things as it falls into the love story of a girl who changes his life. the series directed by

Emre Karakusak. starring Fosson Demirel-Metin Koskun-Serkan Keskin-Gulden Avsaroglu-Sener Kokaya.

The second spring series. which is one of the comedic drama series. revolves around a woman with two children who goes to work in a restaurant owned by a father of three girls. and they have many skirmishes. but at the end of things they fall in love. the series directed by Orhan Oguz-Turkan Derya- Ugur Yusel. Staff: gulden avsaroglu. ener Sen. Nadim Saban. Kemal Ensi. Yasmin Gunka.

The Alakkaranlik series 2013-2015. the series tells the story of a man named Tahir Kamal who has devoted his life in the paper for many years to serving murder. but his eight-year-old daughter and his wife. who divorced her. is concerned about the series directed by Alekan Yusel. Yagmur Taylan and Paxton Winters. In the work are Ugur Yusel-Gulden Avsaroglu-Kinan Imerzalioglu-Setar Tanryoglu.

Complex relationships series. adapted from the Korean series Full House. which is one of the most famous romantic comedy series. directed by Bulant Espilan

The series was shown for the first time in 2015 and in 2017 it was shown on NBC and Dubbed. its events revolve around the marriage of a benefit girl named Foton her friends come to convince them of the idea of ​​travel and at that time they sell her home to pay off debts.