Basak Parlak, husband religion. series full report on her



Information about the life of Basak Barlak

Basak Parlak: a Muslim
Date of birth of Mina Kilic: November 3. 1989
Omar Basak Barlak: 31 years old
Basak Parlak’s birthplace: Tekirdag-Turkey
Basak Parlak Nationality: Turkish Nationality
The Religion of Basak Parlak: Islam
Graduate: University of the European Union
Profession: Actress
Basak Parlak’s husband / friend: Alp Vanzone
Number of children: No children
Her astrological sign: Scorpio
Length: 170 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Eye color: blue
Skin color: white
Hair color: brown.

Biography and life story of Basak Barlak

Biography and life story of Basak Barlak

The young artist Basak was born in 1989 in Turkey in a village called Charkoy in the city of Tekirdag. She studied in Istanbul and graduated from Maltepe University from the Department of International Relations. Despite her young age. She became one of the rising stars in Turkey and has participated in many series about 34 A series.

she loves acting since her childhood and she entered the world of art when she was young in 2002 when she participated in the Dunia Asrar series and participated in the series The Great Interview in all its parts. She also participated in a number of cinematic films that had a great success and because of her effort and talent. she gained wide fame. followers and fans. All over the world at a young age.
The series. in which Basak Barlak participated

As we mentioned. the artist Basak participated in a large number of series. and the size of her roles varied from small roles to important major roles and this is thanks to her talent and very carefully chosen all the roles, and she also participated in series that had more than one part and this was one of the reasons for her fame as well.

Sultan Cook series

It is a Turkish series that was produced in 2013 and this series is one of the best Turkish dramas presented on television screens. Where the story of the series revolves around the days of the Ottoman sultans and the palaces in which the sultans lived and the series deals with what was happening inside the palaces of the sultans and tells a love story that arose between a young man His name was Ahmed. Who worked as a cook in the palace of one of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire. And between a girl who worked with him in the same Ottoman palace. And the stories of their parting and the series starring many of the brightest Turkish drama stars.

The Acı Hayat series

The story of the series revolves around a young man named Muhammad and a plastic surgeon. Nermin. Who lives in a suburb of Istanbul. And they are two young men who love each other. and although they want to marry and set up a home for them. They find constant difficulty due to lack of money and poverty seems like a nightmare for them. It breaks the hearts of these two lovers. and Nermin feels despondent. and Muhammad cannot convince Nermin of a future that makes her happy. The series is directed by Abdelkader Ceylan Eddy and starring Kenan Imerzalioglu.


Basak Parlak, husband religion. series full report on her

Evkat YerimDar series

It is a Turkish comedy series that was shown in 2017 and co-stars in this series. both Ozor Kan Gevik and Basak Parlak. The lead roles and the script of the series is completely independent from the films of the same name. Injustice. But the bad thing in his character is that he cannot control his anger. but he always wants to help others. And there is a person who wants to change the character of his daughter Esin. Who returned from Paris. Iseno. But she is hostile to him. The series takes place in a nice comic framework between Shawkat and Esen.

Films with the participation of the artist Basak Barlak

The actress. Basak Parlak. has participated in a good number of films. and her choices have always been successful. as all the films in which she participated have been very successful and garnered huge revenues.

Evkat YerimDar and evkat YerimDar2

It is a Turkish comedy film that was shown in 2013 directed by Bulent Espin and starring Virgo. where the film appeared for the first time in the history of cinema in Turkey on October 25. 2013 and a second part of the film was made in 2015 directed by Bulent Esplan also and the film starring Ozgur Kan Cevik and Basak Parlak and was released on January 22. 2016.

Basak Parlak’s boyfriend

In 2017, a big surprise occurred that surprised all followers of the actress Basak. A number of paparazzi photographers in the Nishan Tach region spotted the Turkish actress Basak on a romantic tour with the young actor Alp Navruz. The star of the series “Fadela and her daughters. Beige and black shoes. As for the Turkish star known in the Arab world as Sinan. 

Who is three years younger than his girlfriend. He wore gray pants with a black jacket. And the two lovers seemed to be at the height of romance and did not hide their relationship from the eyes of the photographers or the public. And this was it.

The first appearance of the two new lovers. Who represent the sweetest love story in the Turkish artistic community. But only two days after they announced their relationship. Pictures of the artist Alp were taken in a public place with a beautiful girl. But Alp said after the spread of this picture that she was just a fan who wanted to talk to him a little and Basak She did not make any statements after this position.

Basak Parlak’s dress resembles that of an Egyptian artist

The distances between the Turkish actress Basak Parlak and the Egyptian star. Donia Samir Ghanem. were far apart. Despite this. They wore the same wedding dress. as Donia Samir Ghanem wore this dress at her real wedding while Basak wore it while filming a scene in one of the series. and the image spread on social networking sites and everyone commented on the similarity Dresses and opinions are divided about who is more elegant in this dress.