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Selin Uludoğan

Who she is Selin Uludoğan?

Date of birth: August 3. 1986.
Celine’s current age: She is now 34 years old.
Her zodiac sign: she belongs to the owners of Leo.
Religion to which you belong: Unknown.
Nationality you hold: Turkish.
Marital Status: Unmarried.
Name of spouse or friend: not mentioned.
Sibling: Essen Aidemeyer.
Place of residence now: Istanbul.
Place of birth: Istanbul. Turkey.
Graduate University: Columbia University.
Her studies: College of Performing Arts.
Job: Actress.
Beginning of her artworks: She started her artwork in 2016.
Most notable artwork: the series “46 Al-suspicion”.
Her Artistic Activity: From 2016 to present.
Eyes color: Her eyes are honey colored.
Color: brown.
Favorite clothes: Dresses and Kajol.
Length: 168 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Favorite hobbies: discovering new places.

Features of the emergence and life of actress Selin Uludoğan

Turkish actress Selin Uludoğan was born in Istanbul. Turkey in 1986 from a simple family. Celine’s biggest dream is to become a famous artist with a name and reputation not only in Turkey but all over the world. Celine began to discover her artistic talent from her childhood.

But the opportunity was not available for the beginning of her artistic career. She was not recognized nor her personality until she began studying theater arts and participated in many roles on stage at Columbia University. Then went abroad to complete her studies at the University of Richmond as an exchange student.

She was able to obtain a BA in American Culture and Literature from Bilkent University. Sweden. Did not get married despite her over thirty years. So Celine preferred a single life in order to reach her dream and there was nothing to distract her from work.

Selin Uludoğan boyfriends

Celine’s personality has been known since she was at the university for her social personality with others. She has many friends whom she considers her second family. Throughout her life. Celine made many friendships in the artistic field.

Which some consider to be their sister. Celine’s character appears in many of the pictures that she takes with her friends. She also takes their opinions on many technical and personal matters. And is one of the active personalities on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

She started acting Selin Uludoğan

Celine started her first drama in 2016. she is considered one of the beginning actresses in the artistic field. despite that. she drew with her hands the milestones of her success. she took the first steps of success and that came after she starred in the series Suspicion 46. Which was broadcast on March 27, 2016 On Star TV in the Turkish language.

and it is one of the best crime and thriller series for this year. the series was dubbed and shown on several Arab channels. which contributed to the increase in the number of its followers in various countries of the world. The success of the series. Celine was offered many roles. some in minor and others. in which she starred.

Awards received by actress Selin Uludoğan

Selin Uludoğan presented a good number of dramatic and cinematic artworks. and won the hearts of many followers and had a special place for them. so her beauty and brilliance helped draw many eyes to her.

One of the best things that distinguishes actress Celine is her self-confidence and mastery of the roles that she is attributed to. Which increased the confidence of his fans in him. The real prizes are not money or certificates. But rather the audience’s love and interaction in the presented works.

The works of Selin Uludoğan

Selin Uludoğan is an ambitious girl who always strives to achieve the dream of stardom. and was able to exploit her talents for those beautiful moments that appear on the Turkish television screen. and she presented us with many works of art from films and dramatic series. among the most prominent of her works.

Suspect series Yok Olan 46 for the year 2016 The series revolves around a genetic engineering doctor whose father works in the year of genetics at Al-Asus University. He has a sick sister who suffers from an unknown disease that led her to enter a coma for five years and no treatment was discovered for him.

Murad did many experiments trying Discovering a cure to cure his sister. so he turned part of his house into a laboratory and began to conduct many experiments and experiments on himself and his sister.

Then he turns into a sinister character and kills those who had a hand in killing his father. the series starring Ardal Bishkichioglu and Selin Uludoğan. As he participated in the work both From Meles Birkan – Esha Irene – Yasmine Allen and Erdal Peachikoglu – Saigin Swissal – Metin Bilgin – Birkan Sal.

Information about the series Evlat Kokusu

Arabic name: Scent of the Son. for the year 2017. and it is one of the best romantic Turkish series that has a dramatic character. The series revolves around a girl named Zainab who works as a nurse in a hospital in Amsterdam.

Her simplest dreams is to create a happy life with her husband and her child. But her dreams are reversed, and she takes Zainab The character of revenge and defiance. participated in the work by: Hande Soral: in the role of Zainab.

Barış Kılıç: in Aslan Akbash. Sedef Avcı: in the role of Emerald Akbash. Murat Han: In the role of Akbash sahir. Bouquet Jade: As Sultan Akbash. Selen: in the role of Palma Akbash.

Return to the Homeland for the year 2018. is classified among the most famous films in history. The events of the film revolve around a group of people practicing snowboarding in the eastern highlands in 1915 and then capsized by an accident that makes them get lost.

Both Selin Uludoğan and Auger Bulat participated in the work. Nargis Oztak and Sridar Ursin. directed by Alphan Esila.

The Turkish star Selin Uludoğan also participated in the starring of a film. Selin Uludoğan. Which is one of the films that has become popular in Turkey in the current period. And there are many sources that confirmed to us that Celine is preparing to enter one of the recent films in which it will appear to us differently from all the roles It performed during the previous period. Which made all of its followers await any new details or news to be presented to them during the next few days.

Opinions of followers of actress Selin Uludoğan

Opinions came about her first drama. The series Suspect 46. And the audience considered her among the young faces that smashed the screen. Which made them expect a new cinematic hit that history will witness.