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Aslı Bekiroğlu, Yasmine is the heroine of the series, it is enough for you to smile, her religion, nationality, movies, series, date of birth, the story of her leaked photos, her inception, the beginning of her artistic career, her most important artworks, and pictures with different views of her. Search indicators on the Internet, and therefore we, based on the desire of the star Aslı Bekiroğlu audience, offer you today a set of the most important personal information, and information about the birth and upbringing of the able Turkish artist Aslı Bekiroğlu, and we tell you features of her distinguished artistic career, and how the beginnings of her artistic career were, and the most important works She participated in it, in addition to other information and secrets that many of her fans aspire to know, and we also show you a set of the most beautiful pictures that were recently taken of her.

Asli Bekiroğlu

Information about Aslı Bekiroğlu

Full name: Aslı Bekiroğlu
Date of birth: February 16, 1995
Age: 25 years
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Profession: Actress
Academic qualification: I graduated from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics from Bahcesehir University, Turkey
The beginning of her artistic career: She began her career as an actress in 2015, when she was 20 years old
Most important works: Yasmine’s role in the series is enough for her to smile
Marital Status: Married with no children
Hobbies and interests: Loves to play the piano.

Personal traits of Aslı Bekiroğlu

The young artist Aslı Bekiroğlu possesses a high amount of beauty and attractiveness, and she has a distinctive look, and her features are characterized by the authentic Turkish beauty, she has soft and long brown hair, wide eyes with a dark brown color, and a charming smile that quickly grabs hearts, and has a harmonious body and a slender body. 1.62 cm, and it weighs 55 kg.

As for her personal qualities, she has a high degree of intelligence, as well as the ability to challenge and face difficulties, and she has the ability to choose her roles carefully, believes in love and sees it as the motivation and motivation for success and happiness, and she has a strong and distinct sixth sense that enables her to prejudge things and people with good judgment.

Personal traits of Aslı Bekiroğlu

Life story of Aslı Bekiroğlu

The beautiful star Aslı Bekiroğlu was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 16, 1995, to a well-off family, she received her education in Italian schools, and from an early age she was fond of music, especially playing the piano, her family was keen to develop her talent so she received many piano lessons to master playing on him.
Aslı Bekiroğlu studied at the famous Turkish University of Bahcesehir, graduated from the Department of Nutrition Sciences, and was to excel in her studies, and her personality was distinguished by fun, excitement and love of self-reliance.

The beginning of her acting career Aslı Bekiroğlu

Aslı Bekiroğlu possesses a high amount of attractiveness and beauty, and has distinctive charisma, and a charming look, and has an overwhelming presence that grabs hearts and minds, all of this is original people to start her artistic career as an advertisement girl, but soon the fun advertisement girl became famous among the masses. And from here the offers began to come to her To participate in television works and series, and began to get lessons in acting, the artist Aslı Bekiroğlu was able to achieve great success in the field of acting despite the short age of her artistic career, and she was able to attract the attention of critics and the masses due to her ability to perform her roles with unrivaled brilliance.

Aslı Bekiroğlu started in the world of Turkish drama when she presented the role (Yasmine) in the successful Turkish series “It is enough to smile”, which is adapted from the idea of ​​a Korean series, and its events revolve around Yasmine, the daughter of a businessman who loses his fortune on her wedding, which prompts her husband to leave her on the wedding day when he learned With what happened to her father, Yasmine began to escape from all these pressures and resorted to an old driver who was working for her father, to begin a series of conflicts between her and the old driver’s grandson.

The turning point in the life of star Aslı Bekiroğlu

The role of actress Aslı Bekiroğlu in the series “My Sweet Lie” in 2019 is one of the most important roles that she presented. She presented the role of (Sona), who falls in love with (Nagat), the owner of a shop selling a private brand of glasses, and he has his daughter (Kyra) who lost her mother, and she meets (Sona) with (Kaira) and (Najat) in interesting romantic social drama events.

The most important works of the Turkish artist Aslı Bekiroğlu

Although the beginning of the artistic career of the Turkish artist Aslı Bekiroğlu was in 2015, and although the age of her artistic career did not exceed five years, she presented many successful roles, and the most important roles are the following:

The Turkish series Enough to Smile is produced in 2015, where she played the role of Yasmine.
She presented a role in the Turkish series Animation in 2016
My sweet lie series in 2019
Aslı Bekiroğlu also provided a distinguished role in the movie My Friend in 2017.

Aslı Bekiroğlu and its latest news

The young actress Aslı Bekiroğlu woke up to a resounding scandal, as personal photos of her were leaked on social media, wearing scandalous nude clothes, and in daring intimate situations with her lover (Jan Koshak), and Asli resorted to the judiciary in order to be able to find out who was behind the publication of her photos.

She appealed to her fans to stop sharing and circulating photos, these photos sparked a clear controversy and some Turkish newspapers commented that the leakage of the images was a result of the penetration of Asli’s personal WhatsApp application, while some saw that Habib Asli, the DJ (Jan Kochak), was the one who leaked the images as a result of a sharp dispute.

It happened between them, while Aslı Bekiroğlu stated that the purpose of publishing these pictures is to distort her biography and rhythm with it, and to eliminate her artistic future, and many stars, artists and the public sympathized with Asli, and some original fans launched a campaign called (Do not be a partner in cybercrime) to urge Stop circulating these pictures.

Love life in Aslı Bekiroğlu

After she finished filming her series (My Sweet Lie), rumors spread about a love affair that linked the actress Asli to the star of the series, “Furqan Balali,” but Asli denied these rumors and published pictures of her with her DJ lover (Jan Kochak), and Asli lives a beautiful love story with Her lover (Jan Koshak), but she does not have children yet, as she dreams of becoming a mother, loves a stable family life and dreams of having children.