yağmur aydan Religion

yağmur aydan Religion, Age, Husband Information & Biography



yağmur aydan Religion, Age, Husband Information & Biography

Yağmur aydan (Meltem), the heroine of Kehribar, information about her religion, her nationality, how did she enter the world of art, what were her first works, what was she famous, and how did her performance in Kehribar by Evlat Kokusu and Tatlı İntikam, and was she able to create a special place for her among the viewers? What are her most important works?

yağmur aydan

Year of Birth: On November 15, 1993, AD.
Age: 27 years.
Place of birth: Adana, Turkey.
Residence: Adana.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Profession: Actress and model.
Academic qualification: I graduated from the design department at Yeditepe University – I studied the 3D fashion design department.
Marital Status: Unmarried.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio.
Height: 180 cm.
Weight 61 kg.
Eye color: brown.
Hair color: brown.
The beginning of her artistic career: in 2015.
Her first work: the Amber series.
Hobbies: fishing _ swimming.
Favorite dishes: grills _ pasta.
Favorite color: Black.

Personal information about yağmur aydan

yağmur  aydan is from Turkey, where she was born in the city of Adana, which belongs to her. Her birth was on the fifteenth day of November 1993 AD. She belongs to Scorpio, as she is a sensitive personality with enough courage that hates lies and loves her work very much.

She was fully educated and obtained her elementary, middle and high school diploma from Adana School. Likewise, she decided to join Yeditepe University and majored in fashion design.
The features of the artist Yagmur are very beautiful with a distinctive look, blessed with beautiful brown eyes of 180 cm in length and 61 kg in weight. After obtaining a graduation certificate from the University of Yeditepe, she decided to go to study the fashion department in 3D and actually got it.
She decided to enter the contest “Who is the best model in Turkey” “Miss Turkey contest” and won in it and won the title of Miss Turkey where the first place.

Seven days after obtaining the title of Miss Turkey, her artistic career began by receiving an offer to work for one of the feature films, and she received another offer to participate in the series “Amber” and actually agreed to it. She did not know that she had this talent for acting, but she was very happy with her discovery.

All her roles were secondary roles, but she was distinctive and left a beautiful imprint in her artistic career, which makes all her followers always remember her for her distinguished roles.

Actress yağmur aydan and Kehribar

The beginning of the actress, Yamur Aydan, in this series, embodied the character of “Meltem”, as this role brought her a lot of fame and opened the way for her to participate in many other works.
This work is considered one of the most famous series and the universe is from one season only, as it was shown during the year 2016 AD classified within the action drama
This series starring the artist “Gorkan Uygun” with the participation of “Naseeb Mimli” and “Aika Farler” directed by “Ali Gundudu” and produced by Soroush Film Company.

The events of this series revolve around the character of “Orhan Yarmajali”. This man left his family and the girl he loved, “Lily” and this 20 years ago, and he traveled to Germany. Orhan used to love “Lily”, a girl from a rich family. Orhan offered to marry her, but her father refused this. Relationship.

yağmur aydan series Evlat Kokusu

This series of romantic and dramatic genre revolves around the character “Zainab”, who works as a nurse in one of the children’s hospitals. She fell into a man and established an intimate relationship that resulted in her pregnancy. All her hope in life was to form a happy family with this man “her lover” and her unborn son But she did not know what life had in store for her.
In one of the moments of anger that passes on “Zainab”, I moved away from her dreams and created an aggressive relationship with the “Akbash” family. This family represents a great position in the field of energy in the country of Turkey, and this family from the inside there is a lot of power struggles with many problems. Children of the family and wives and this made matters worse.
This made her transform from an innocent girl into a warrior and brave woman, and she does not have any compassion in her heart for anyone. After that, the events follow and the conflict continues between “Zainab” and the “Akbash” family.

yağmur aydan series Tatlı İntikam

This series was shown in 2016 AD, and it is one of the romantic comedy series, starring “Forkan Andish” and “Lily Lida”. The events of this series revolve around a young man “Tankot Sinan” who is still in the university stage. He fell in love with the girl “Beilin”. He makes many attempts to obtain her love, but she did not agree to it and did not pay attention to his love for her. The surprise leaves her husband on the wedding day, and one day a strange woman comes to her, telling her that the reason for this occurrence is her wounding to someone who was in her life before a previous one, and from here begins the journey of “Beilin” in search of the people who were in her life and wounded them in order to fix this The matter was able to reach “Sinan”, who decided to take his revenge in a sweet way, and from here a great development takes place in the events and a love relationship from both parties is born again and Belin marries Sinan.

TV series actress yağmur aydan

Series include: Amber, Evlat Kokusu, Black Destiny, Tatlı İntikam.
From the movies: We are in one world.

yağmur aydan Religion
yağmur aydan Religion