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Dilara Aksüyek Ibek, Biography

Date of birth of Dilara Aksüyek (Ipek): July 24, 1987.
Omar Dilara Aksüyek (Ipek): She is 32 years old.
Place of birth of Dilara Aksüyek (Ipek): Karsiyaka – Izmir – Turkey.
Dilara Aksüyek Nationality: Holds Turkish citizenship.
Religion Dilara Aksüyek (Ipek): Muslim.
Dilara Aksüyek’s Husband and Children: Dilara has not stated that she has entered into a marriage relationship.
Career of Dilara Aksüyek (Ipek): Actress.
The beginning of Dilara Aksüyek (Ipek) career: In 2015, when I was twenty-eight years old.
Astrological sign of Dilara Aksüyek (Ipek): Leo.

Dilara Aksüyek Ibek

Life story and biography of Dilara Aksüyek (Ipek)

An ambitious young actress who started acting recently in 2015, she worked in many works in Turkish drama, Dilara is considered one of the influential actors in the art world because of her intense love for art since her childhood, despite her appearance in small roles at the beginning, but she has pivotal roles and attracted the attention of viewers, and she has an audience that supports her And follow up all her work and Dilara performs her roles with creativity and professionalism.

It is worth noting after the failure resulting from the series “Sultana Qassim” and not being followed by the audience. The viewership on this work has become very weak. The director must change the plan of the series in the rest of his episodes in order to attract the audience to watch this work and follow it until the end and went with his thinking to add an artist. Another coincides with his acquaintance with the famous series “Merhamet” in which our star appeared when she was playing the role of Shadia and remembered how creative and wonderful her performance was and attracted the attention of viewers. Therefore, he decided that our star, Delara, joins this series in order to increase the number of viewers. Indeed, the series achieved great success after the amendment plan and became Our star is more famous and the number of her fans and followers increased.

Dilara Aksüyek her husband and lover

Many of the art stars who are attracted to the attention and create a strong audience in the least time and get to follow many viewers raise the chapters to know everything related to their personal and work lives and many of them satisfy the curiosity of their fans and spread their personal information everywhere, whether on the media or communication sites Socialist, which causes them some problems and their fame becomes a nightmare after it was their main goal and there are some other artists such as our star Delara who did not disclose anything about her personal life and separates her from her professional and professional life in the world of art and acting as she relies on preserving privacy away from the lenses of the cameras to avoid Any problems that come from this aspect, and our star is a great talent because she got fame and did not have many works, but participated in very few works of art, and despite that, she has the ability to attract views with her attractive appearance, the beauty of her features and her strong performance that makes the audience interact with her roles. And they are influenced by her and our star has achieved great success in the world of art and representation for her efforts in the role-play, which she is working on.

Her acting career as Dilara Aksüyek

Our star has participated in successful works that have an impact on Turkish art, such as the famous series “Sultana Qasim”, the first part that was shown on the twelfth of November 2015 AD. The work was classified from the historical character written by Almaz Shaheen and Safji Yilmaz and directed by Mira Baikal and Dines Coloss and the work starring Beren Saat, Akin Kush, Gulgan Arslan, Sezji Sina Akai and Ali Khan Turkdemir The series tells about the life story of Sultan Qasim when Ahmed I assumed the throne of the Ottoman Empire and the events of the series revolve around how she was chosen from among the slave women and how she got the throne and killed her son to prevent him From standing in her political path,

after the great success of this part of the series, a second part of it was presented, and our star Dilara also participated in it. It was called the same name “Sultana Qasim” which was shown on the twenty-seventh of June 2017 and contains the same staff It changes except for the addition of some new actors and the exclusion of others, and the events of this work revolve around the return of Sultana Kassem with much greater power than before to rule the country, but her son stands in her way, who will gain power and become his ruler, so it rotates between them conflicts.

Our star participated in the largest artwork, the series “Istanbullu Gelin”, which was shown on the third day of March 2017 AD. The work was classified as romantic, starring Ozjan Deniz, Nasslihan Yeldan, Asli Enver, Ipek Bilgin and Salih Badamji, and this series caused fame. Our star, Delara, with her distinctive appearance in the series, revolves around a big love story between Farouk and Soraya that ends with marriage, and they move to Istanbul in the house of the Farouk family in the stock exchange, but a lot of problems occur between Soraya and her mother-in-law, in addition to the ongoing conflict in Farouk’s mind when his past pursued him and causes all of that. In the occurrence of a problem between Farouk and Thuraya.

Our star also participated in the series “Merhamet”, which was shown on the thirteenth of February 2013 and continued until the twelfth of March 2014 on Canal D and the work written by Handa Ataili and Mahienor Argun and directed by Chatay Towson and starring Uzgo Namal and Ibrahim Chilikul And Burçin Terzioglu and Mustafa Ustundag. The work was shown in two seasons of Oguz Gul’s production and adapted from the novel Devil and Love.

She also participated in the performance of an important role in the series “Adı Mutluluk”, which was shown in 2015 AD and the work starred Azji Ayuboglu and was Yıldırım and Asli Bakruلوlu, and our star Dilara participated in the championship. Sea and they were presented in the same college and the girl is looking for her mother, and fate wants the young man to get involved with the mafia, and the events of the series continue in a comedic and romantic manner that led to the achievement of a great forgetfulness from watching.

Dilara Aksüyek’s most important works

One series at home in 2012, the Merhamet series in 2013, the old Sea series in 2014, the consummation of happiness series in 2015, the Muhteşem Yüzyıl series in 2015, and Istanbullu Gelin in 2017.