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bahar sahin Ashil, the heroine of the secondary series, serials and
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Date of birth of bahar sahin: May 26, 1997, AD.
Age of Bahar Sahin: 23 years old.
Place of birth of bahar sahin: Ankara, Istanbul – Turkey.
Bahar Sahin Nationality: Turkish citizenship.
Bahar Sahin: Muslim.
Bahar Sahin Study: Istanbul University.
Career of Bahar Sahin: Actress.
Bahar Sahin’s artistic career begins: in 2015, when she was eighteen years old.
Astrological sign for Bahar Sahin: Taurus.
Length of bahar sahin: 165 cm.
The weight of bahar sahin is 45 kg.

Biography bahar sahin

bahar sahin is a young Turkish actress born in Istanbul. She is studying at a university in Istanbul. The girl with green eyes. The innocent beauty that helped her quickly blossom. She rose to fame quickly through a TV series named Hayat Benem in 2014. She joined the world of social media in 2015, where she posted pictures of her on Instagram, and she had many followers, more than 110,000 followers, with many Turkish stars, including Ozan Guler.

bahar sahin husband and lover

Most of the art stars turn to the camera lenses not only to present works of art, but also to transfer their personal and professional lives to satisfy the curiosity of the masses who want to know everything related to their favorite artist and as soon as any famous artist declares information about his life that is circulated on the media and social media Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other means that are a link between artists and the public.

Tadal that our star Bahar fell into a love story once and got married, but this relationship was not complete and at the present time it is not related, it is mentioned that her father and mother separated when she was fourteen years old and she is currently living in order to progress in her work and achieve greater fame and a strong audience that supports her And he continues its work.

bahar sahin series

Every artist has an opportunity he gets in a strong role if he works hard and performs this role brilliantly and professionally. The doors of fame are opened in front of him and he gets a large audience and participates in more artistic works. This is what happened with our star Bahar, who took advantage of her strong role in the famous Turkish series “Patrol Secondary” and presented it in a way distinguished to the extent that it attracted the attention of viewers from its first appearance because it is distinguished by its efficiency in its performance in addition to the beauty of its features.

This work was produced in 2013 AD and was classified as a crime-comic act, the series tells about a policeman who was assigned a dangerous mission, which is the arrest of a large mafia gang, but he could not reach a leader This mafia decided to reach him through his son, who studies in high school, and the events of the series are completed in an atmosphere of comedy and this work achieved great success, and our star declared her happiness with her participation in this work.

The role of bahar sahin in the series Zalim Istanbul

During the period of Turkish art and the lack of viewership on Turkish artworks, the series “Zalim Istanbul”, which achieved the highest viewership at that time with broadcasting only its first two episodes, circulated and continued to achieve higher rates until the end of the season. Our star participated in this work, which added more fame. And stardom is due to its artistic credit because this work talks about the things that Turkish art fans most like to follow, which is a social drama, and this work has already achieved its goal.

The events of the series revolve around the young man “Nadim” who has huge money and a palace in which he lives with his uncle and his family who hate him because he inherited all This is about his father, but his uncle loves and cares for him, and the events of the series begin when Nadim fell from a high height in the palace and was paralyzed, which sparked the curiosity of viewers to complete the events of the series. Of course, talk about the series spread in all media and on social networking sites.

This series is considered the last of our star’s strong work

It is worth noting that the Turkish actress, Zainab Tuça Bayat, was excluded from presenting her role in this work and decided to replace her with our star Bahar and contracted with her to play this important role and this work is produced by Afshar Film and directed by Jawdat Marjan and starring Fikret Kochkan, Muhammad Dolunay and Minh Togay.

Role of bahar sahin in Servet

Our star added to the balance of her artistic works the series “Servet”, which was shown on the twelfth day of April 2018 and was classified from romantic works. The events of the series revolve around the ability of the one who lost his granddaughter for a long time to inform his moral son about the truth of the matter and ask him to search for her to ignite among them A spark of love, but standing in their way is the true Ibn Qadrat who wants to kill her after he discovers that she will share the inheritance with him and the work events continue in light of excitement and suspense.

And the accident that affected Bahar Sahin

Our star appeared in a video on YouTube, through which many videos of different types are shown inside and outside the artistic community, the video that Bahar posted contains her being sharing her audience with the incident that hit her face and she was carrying a device in her hand to remove pimples on the face and talked about the wrong way She used the device with her and resulted in a lot of wounds and marks on her face, where she humiliated the makeup she was putting in front of the camera to show the effect of the bad use of the device, and she warned the users of this device to make sure of the correct use via the Internet as I mentioned in the video about a solution to her face wounds, which is flower oil Corn, and she used it in front of the camera as well, and she wished that on the second day it was better for being.

She stayed like this for a while she would use cosmetics until her face recovered, and she mentioned that the cornflower oil smells very bad, but it will treat the problem. Intense sadness appeared on Bahar’s facial features after this incident and being the first time to use skin cleansers at her home and only the spread of the Corona epidemic forced her to do so. All over the world and imposing a ban and closing all beauty and skin care centers, and she asked for help from her fans and fans to bombard her with comments. Some of them give her advice to help her, some of them are sad about what happened to her and some of them used the same device and caused her problems with her skin and some expressed his love for her and her beauty Without makeup, even after they saw what happened to her.