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Who is suleyman karadag?

Suleyman karadag religion: Islam.
Nationality of Suleyman Karadag: Turkish.
Birthplace of suleyman Karadag: Kars, Turkey.
Date of birth of Suleyman Karadag: October 1, 1971.
Age of Suleyman Karadag in 2020: 49 years old.
Astrological sign for Suleyman Karadag: Libra.
Suleyman Karadag’s artistic start: he started his artistic career since 1993.
Marital Status of Suleyman Karadag: Married.
Number of children of Suleyman Karadag: Unknown.

Actor Suleyman Karadag’s biography

suleyman karadag, a Turkish actor, was born in Kars, Turkey, on one day in October 1971. He is 49 years old and was born in a Libra. Karadagh holds Turkish citizenship and is an Islamic convert. After completing his high school studies he entered the oef university of business. After he graduated from university, he turned to the field of art and acting, as he liked to participate in the plays that were held in the school. Therefore, immediately after he graduated from university, he performed some roles in plays. Despite the small number of roles that suleyman karadag did, he was popular with followers. Among the most famous works that Tek Türkiye participated in. When talking about his personal life, we find that he does not talk much about his life and prefers to be far from the media and the artistic community.

The role of suleyman karadag in Tek Türkiye

The artist suleyman karadag participated in Tek Türkiye and appeared in the role of Zidan and that work was in 2003. The events of this drama revolve around a village where there are some conflicts between Kurdish militants and Turkish soldiers. And these conflicts are presented through the story of Dr. Tariq, who returned to his village after 26 years to fall in love with a girl. The family of that girl is among the families in revolt, and he finds himself in the conflicts between Turkish soldiers and Kurdish militants. After several episodes, the series turns to focus on the story of Dr. Tariq, who discovered that the family he grew up with was not his real family. He is even an adopted son whose mother gave him to that family. 

Suleyman Karadag
This is in order to protect him from the revenge that exists between his real family and another family. In the last episodes of the series, some solutions to these problems are presented. The series also clarifies its goal, which is that if we want to prevent these conflicts not only from the village but from the world with effect, we must spread knowledge and eradicate ignorance. Then the series clarifies another message, which is that violence does not resolve conflicts and disagreements, but rather ignites them further. We find that Dr. Tariq defends his homeland and his people and derives his strength from that love that is within him. This is considered one of the dramas that attract viewers to follow the episodes of the series.

The role of Suleyman Karadag in Kurtlar Vadisi

The artist, suleyman karadag, starred in Kurtlar Vadisi as a beauty. Despite his small role in that wonderful work, he met with great success and fame through this role. The series revolves around a child who was raised in the shelter and called Ali. After a while, he was adopted by one of the wealthy families. Ali Jundan grows up and becomes head of intelligence, but one day his boss asks him to do an operation called kurtlar vadisi.

It is a statement that Ali enters and joins a large mafia gang in the country, but after a while Ali is killed, and they enter another person in his place after doing a lot of plastic surgery for him. And he learns all the secrets and plans of that big gang and during his journey in the Valley of Wolves gets to know his true family. This series is considered one of the most wonderful series that discussed an important issue, which is the mafia gangs that were widespread in Turkey. Eleven parts of kurtlar vadisi were made, and it included a very large number of Turkish and Arab artists, and the series was translated into the Syrian dialect.

Suleyman karadag series

Karadag participated in some great series, including

He participated in Tek Türkiye and appeared in the role of Zidan, and this work is considered one of the most famous works that led to his fame in 2003.
He participated in the series “Kouloub Yatima” and this work was in 2014.
Furthermore, he participated in Tek Türkiye (TV Series) and this work was in 2007.
He participated in kurtlar vadisi and appeared in the role of Jamal.
Likewise, he participated in Bir yildiz tutuldu (TV Mini-Series) (2003) and this work was public.

He participated in the series Blood Drops in the Soil, and this work was in 2003.
He participated in the Vigoran series (My Side) and appeared in the role of a clip director, and this work was in 2015.
He participated in the series Çakma hayat and this work was in 2013.
He participated in the series Kollama and this work was in 2009.