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Who is Timucin Esen for?

Date of birth: August – 14 – 1973
Age in 2020: 47 years old
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Religion Muslim
Astrological Sign: Leo
Marital status: Married
Wife’s name: Belge Torey
Children: 2 (Aida – Jukyuzu)
Profession: Actor – Musician
Artistic Activity: 2003 – Now
Nationality: Turkish
Eye color: black
Hair color: black
Academic qualification: Holds a master’s degree from California Institute – USA
Main works: Gönül İşleri – Bodrum Masalı

Timucin Esen Biography

Timucin Esen is one of the best talents in Turkey. Esen was born on the fourteenth of August 1973 in the city of Adana, Turkey. Timucin’s talent is unique and unique since his childhood. He did not depend on his talent that God gave him naturally, but rather worked to provide This talent to study and research in a number of local and international universities, at first Timuchin joined the Higher Institute in Ankara, the capital of the Turkish state, and studied at Mimar Sinan University in the Faculty of Fine Arts and graduated from it, and then he wanted to go to the United States of America to join the California Institute of Arts to obtain a degree Masters degree, and Timoshin managed to obtain a master’s degree and became an acting coach for a while due to his proficiency in impersonation and in performing roles in a way that is absolutely unparalleled.

Done by singing Timucin Esen

His talent did not stop at acting only, but he also excelled in playing and singing, after Essen obtained a master’s degree from the California Extreme Institute in Los Angeles after 7 years, he worked in many bars as a guitarist and singer, and Timoshen had a unique talent in playing that made him do a job More than one album, and it was surprising that these albums received great success in Turkey due to the new type of music presented by Timucin Esen.

Timucin Esen starts acting out

Timucin Esen’s unique talent did not bear waiting until he finishes his studies. During the study period, Timucin got the opportunity to participate in one of the short films under the title Cikmaz Sokak and won the admiration of critics and audiences through his prowess in the film, after which he presented the role of Mr. Hakki in the series Gurbet Kadını, and he was trying as much as possible to prove his great acting talent, which then made him one of the most important and strongest Turkish drama stars.

Timucin Esen is in the hottest and most famous movies

One of the most important and famous Turkish films produced in 2018, is a Muslim movie, the film revolves around the life story of the Turkish singer and musician Gurses, Timucin Esen embodies the role of Gorses in the teenage stage, and it is co-starring many Turkish stars such as Aisha Banjul, Zirin, and the film got On great revenues, in addition to his success that dazzled many audiences around the world, Timuchin excelled in embodying the role of the singer Muslim Gores, and his musical talent helped him to be creative in presenting the role, so Timoshen was the best and most appropriate choice without a doubt.


One of the most wonderful roles Timucin Esen presented during his artistic career is his role in Gülperi, which is the best example of magnanimity and humanity. A bad family they treat cruelly, one time one of her husband’s brothers tried to assault her, and the faithful wife defended herself by stabbing him so that he would not repeat this act again, and in order to take revenge on her, her children’s uncle spread a false rumor about her as a notorious woman and when he tried to uncover her she tried to kill him.

Timucin Esen Series

Gurbet kadini, 2003
2005 Hirsiz polis (TV Series) 2005
Vicdan 2013
Gönül Isleri series 2014
Bodrum Masalı 2016 series
Gülperi 2018

Timucin Esen Movies

Heads or Tails, 2003
2005 film Heartache
The Blue Elephant 2008
Lake 2008
The Grand Bazaar 2009 movie
Your story 2013 movie
The movie Mr. Seagulls in 2017
Muslim film 2018