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Who is Sevval Sam?

Sevval Sam’s mother’s name: Laman Selim, Turkish singer
Sevval Sam’s sister name: Shinas Sam
Sevval Sam’s birthdate: November 11, 1973
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Age in 2020: 47 years
Sevval Sam’s birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Marital status: separate
Profession: Singer and actress
Husband’s name: Matin Teken. Their marriage lasted six years. From 1993 until 1999
Boys: Tariq Tekin
Beginning of work in the artistic field: 1994
Number of years of artistic activity: 26 years of artistic bid
Most important artwork: the role of Yildiz in the series Bodrum Masalı. There is no child in pain. Black and white film
The most important prizes she received: Award for the best popular artist in Turkey from Istanbul University for her role in the Black Sea series.

Sevval Sam religion


Biography Sevval Sam

Sevval Sam was born in Istanbul, Turkey. On the eleventh day of November 1973. She is the daughter of Turkish singer and famous singer Lyman Sam. She was born in the astrological sign, Scorpio.

Sevval Sam received her primary education at Ali Yujil Primary School. At the secondary level, she joined the vocational school, restoration department in Istanbul. Then she joined Marmara University to study in the graphic department of the Faculty of Fine Arts. And I got a master’s degree.

Sevval Sam’s marriage

In 1993 the actress Sevval Sam married retired Turkish football player Matin Teken. And she bore him one son named Tariq Tekin. But their marriage did not last long. In 1999, Sevval Sam officially announced the news of her separation from her husband and father, the soccer player Matin Teken.

Details of the incident of harassment of the Turkish actress Sevval Sam

While filming the second part of the forbidden apple series. Turkish star Sevval Sam was exposed to a difficult situation. Cheval stated that she was harassed by the Turkish artist, Talaat Bulut, who is participating in the series, the Forbidden Apple. As a result, she refused to shoot a scene that includes a kiss between her and the star Talaat Bulut.

For his part, the artist Talaat Bulot declared his innocence of this heinous accusation. His innocence has already emerged. But he insisted on filing a lawsuit against the Turkish artist Sevval Sam, accusing her of defamation and demanding a financial compensation of one hundred thousand Turkish liras. Talaat Bulot Although he was innocent of the harassment charge, the statements made by Sevval Sam caused him and his family a lot of psychological damage.

Artistic career in acting and singing Sevval Sam

The Turkish star has produced a number of singing albums. Which has achieved great success and an unrivaled audience. Among the most famous artistic albums released by Sevval Sam are the following:
Seck 2006
Istanbul Secrets 2007
Black Sea 2008
One in 2012
Tango in 2201

TV series, movies and others Sevval Sam

Sevval Sam performed a variety of important roles. She participated in many successful Turkish films. And a group of Turkish series. She also starred in a bunch of short films. Below we will mention the most important artworks presented by Sevval Sam:

The Eagles and Istanbul movie in 2002
The movie Living on the Beaches in 2006, and through this film I presented the song (Your Love is Me).
Black and white in 2010

Sevval Sam series

Farida in 1996 presented the role of Farida.
Wandering in waves of love in 1999-2000 presented the role of Kajal
Under the Stars in 2002 she presented the role of Turkan
The White Rose 2002-2003 presented the role of the White Rose.
There is a child in pain in 2004-2005. She embodied the character of Zainab.
Once again I love the year 2005-2006 I embodied the character Aisha
Tales of love in the city in 2006. She played the role of Iga Yildiz.
Derman in 2008, playing Dr. Derman Ozsoy
Wonderful Tales in 2012 where she provided a mentor role.
Tales of Bodrum in 2016 and played the role of Yildiz
The forbidden apple in 2018

Short films with which Sevval Sam co-starred

The visit in 2004.
To be yours in 2007 This movie was shortlisted for the Best Picture Award. At the Tayfour Festival for Short Films.

Awards won by the artist Sevval Sam

Over the course of her long artistic career, which began from 1994 until now. The Turkish actress has won many awards for her work in cinema and television. She has also won many awards for her albums and songs. Below we will provide a list of the most important of those awards that Sevval Sam has won:

Best Artist Award for Istanbul Technical University in 2007.
Best Turkish actress and singer from the Community Organization 2009
Prize for Contribution to Yukfu Education in 2009.
Best Actress Award at Bertinville High School in 2009.
The Golden Butterfly Award for Alhurriya newspaper in 2009.
The Best Artist of the University of Chukorva
Best Female Artist of the Year Award from Nineteen University in 2011.
Turkish Folk Music Artist Award from the European Union Jude Awards in 2011
The Best Female Artist of the Year, Selcuk University, Konya, 2010.
Best Female Artist of the Year 2009.
The Best Folk Artist at Kraal Television in 2009