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Who is Serkan Onat?

Full name: Serhan Onat.
Date of birth: May 27, 1994.
Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Place of birth: Izmir, Turkey.
Age: 26 years old.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion Muslim.
Profession: Actor.
Marital Status: Unmarried.
Education: Anadolu University Department of Theater and Music.

Serhan Onat Biography

The Turkish artist Serhan Onat was born in Turkey in 1994 in the month of May, especially in the city of Izmir. He is unmarried. He studied in the theater department. He finished his primary and secondary studies and joined the Anatolian University and specialized in the theater and music department, in order to study theatrical art and learn a lot about theater in order to develop his talent to present Many to Turkish TV screens.

Indeed, he presented the wonderful talent in acting through his artistic works, despite his young age, but his roles are characterized by the attractive and strong personality, and despite the few such works, they are purposeful works in which the characters have diversified to show his strength in acting.

His acting debut is Serhan Onat

The artist Serhan Onat is a young artist from Turkey who joined Anadolu University, majoring in music and theater after the end of high school, and he worked for a long time in the field of dance and theater training, so that he trained more in acting, as all his ambition was to present successful roles on the university stage.

And he remained in the training period until 2014 and then entered the world of acting to appear in his first television work, which is his role in the series “Muhteşem Yüzyıl”, he played the role of Prince Murad, and it was one of the exceptional roles that showed him to the audience appropriately, and showed his brilliant talent, as he always cared In external and internal festivals and always attendance at the country level, in addition to his participation in many theatrical and artistic workshops in order to develop his talent and present the best roles to the audience.

Serhan Onat’s role in “Muhteşem Yüzyıl”

The artist Serhan Onat participated in the series “Muhteşem Yüzyıl”. He joined the team to play the role of Prince Murad, who is the Crown Prince of the Ottoman Sultanate, as he is the son of Prince Selim and that was in the last episode of the series, so it was necessary to play the role of Serhan Onat until the role of Prince Selim was completed When he becomes a young man at the age of 18.

At that time, the Turkish artist Serhan Onat was studying at Anadolu University, Department of Theater, and confirmed that this role will be a big leap that he will benefit from during his artistic career, and that this role, although it is a small role in size, will be a big reason for his fame throughout the world Art and cinema because it will appear to the audience in a popular series with the participation of a group of the brightest Turkish drama stars.

Serhan Onat in “Bodrum Masalı.”

Bodrum Masalı is considered one of the most famous series in which the Turkish artist Serhan Onat participated, as he played the absolute lead in this series, and it is considered the first role he made to show his distinguished talents, and that was in 2016 as it is a Turkish series in which a distinguished group of Turkish stars participated. Actress Dylan Shishk represented, Shawal Sam was shown in 2016 and its premiere was completed in 2017 and achieved great success in Turkey.

In addition to the great success in the countries of the Arab world, this series has been dubbed into the Syrian dialect so that it can be shown in other countries, as it is a romantic series directed by director Mehmet Oztekin, and it is only one season, and the events of the series tell about a very rich family who lived in Istanbul, and it happened. It has some difficulties and problems that led to this family losing all the money they owned, and because of this, this family left the city and decided to move to Bodrum due to its bankruptcy.

The heroine Yildiz meets the hero Firyali and a great love story arises between them and the conditions of this girl change because of this great love that becomes all her hope in life, but there are a group of problems that happen to her because of her family and their rejection of this love, and the artist Sarhan presented the role of Ozai, and it was a distinguished role Absolutely.

Serhan Onat Film Series

The artist Serhan Onat presented a group of distinctive works, and despite the small number of these works, they were very famous among the fans who loved him because he was one of the rising young faces who had a wonderful talent, and he could show this talent through his works, and the simple opportunities he got in the drama Television and cinema show a little of his talent, except that he was always waiting for real heroism until he became famous and fulfilled the dream that he pursued for many years since he went to the university theater, and this is what Onat stated himself, and these works are:

In 2013, the artist Serhan Onat presented his first work to the public, and it was only through the university theater that he began presenting a group of dances and short plays that the audience attended.

Serhan Onat religion
In 2014, Onat got the opportunity to enter the world of art and participate in the TV series that appear on Turkish television. He participated in the series “Wonderful Century” with a secondary role that made the audience pay attention to him.
In 2013, at the end of it, he appeared in the last episode of the series “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” with the role of honor, but he considered this opportunity as the golden opportunity for him to appear to the public because he appears in a famous series and is participating with a group of the brightest Turkish stars, as it was a real opportunity for this artist.
In 2015, he participated in the series “Queen of May” and it was shown on Turkish television.
In 2016, the young artist participated in the series “Bodrum Masalı.” And the body of a character (Ozai) and was shown until 2017 on Turkish television, then the dubbing was completed and shown on the screens of the entire Arab world.