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Who is Mehmet Ali Nurogl?

Date of birth: September – 07 – 1979
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Religion Muslim
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Turkish
Weight: 75 kg
Height: 179 cm
Marital status: Married
Wife’s name: Cicek Goulsen
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Qualification: Graduated from the Middle East Technical University
Artistic activity: 2004 – now
Hobbies: Acting – Yoga.

Life Story of Mehmet Ali Nuroglu

Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Nuroglu was born on the seventh day of September 1979 in Istanbul, the capital of art and beauty. He lived his life in Istanbul and after completing high school. He decided to study philosophy. Indeed, he studied it for 3 years. Then he felt that he was not inclined to study those theories and analyzes. Rather, all he wants is to study the representation in which he sees himself. Indeed, he decided to enroll at Hacettepe University and study acting. And during his studies because of his great interest in his talent.

Mehmet Ali Nuroglu managed to get several opportunities to participate in several plays in Istanbul. Mehmet Ali Nuroglu began to spread among the visitors of the Istanbul theater. And he became surrounded by a fair number of audiences. He even managed to get his first role in Turkish drama. To become one of the most prominent hallmarks in the drama. Not only in Turkey. But in many Arab and foreign countries.

His wife and sweetheart, Mehmet Ali Nuroglu

In 2009. Superstar Mehmed Alioglu announced his marriage to Celine. And the media had announced the existence of a big love story between them before marriage. But it didn’t last long. After only two years of marriage. The fans of the star Muhammad Ali were surprised by the latter’s announcement of his divorce from Celine. Which happened quietly without any problems from both parties, after that, Muhammad Ali decided to focus on his artistic career and distance from the emotional life that he sees as the main obstacle to acting and achieving success. Soon, he changed that theory. He announced his marriage to Celik Gulsen, and they live a big love story full of romance, which made them one of Turkey’s best duos.

Mehmet Ali Nuroglu in Sen Anlat Karadeniz

Turkish superstar Mehmet Ali Nuroglu got a special role in Sen Anlat Karadeniz Sen Anlat Karadeniz. Which was one of the most important reasons for Muhammad Ali’s fame in the Arab world. And Muhammad plays the role of the “vidat” of a sadistic husband who is keen to treat his wife with cruelty and violence without any reasons. The husband insults his wife “estrar” for the weakest and the smallest reasons. The series caused a sensation when it was shown, whether in Turkey or in the Arab world. During the show of the series. The stars and filmmakers came under heavy attack due to the scenes of violence and persecution that the series presented.

a large group of fans demanded to stop the show. Despite this, we find that the series was getting viewership rates that had never happened before. The action makers were delighted with the reactions because they found the protests a success given the audience’s interaction with the series. The makers explained that what goes on in the events of the series. It is nothing but a collection of events that take place daily in societies. And that the makers of the series wanted to shed light on these kinds of problems. That works to preserve women’s rights and prevent domestic violence. And despite the negative role that Muhammad Ali presented in the series. Except that his mastery of the role. It made him one of the most famous stars of Turkish series, not only in his country, but also in the Arab world.

Mehmet Ali Nuroglu in the Kırık Kanatlar series

Military-style historical drama is one of the most difficult types of drama that can be presented especially to foreign countries. This is what distinguishes Kırık Kanatlar most from other dramas. The star Mehmet Alioglu was able to win the hearts of viewers in Turkey and the Arab world again through his participation in the distinguished drama “Kırık Kanatlar”, which narrates the suffering of the Turkish people during their war with Greece. The series tells stories of love, hate, loyalty and betrayal. It shows many real events that took place at that time. The series managed to restore the glory of the Turkish series again. Such as the successes achieved by the first series, such as the series Nour and the series “Years of Lost”. Muhammad Ali presented the role of Lieutenant “Nozat”, who fell in love with many fans.

Mehmet Ali Nuroglu in the series Güzel köylü

Muhammad Ali succeeded in playing all the roles desired by the masses, whether Arab or Turkish. After the role of evil who excelled in his introduction in the series Sen Anlat Karadeniz. He managed to reappear as a light-hearted comedian in the hit series Güzel köylü. Although the series has not been officially shown in the Arab world yet. However, the series was able to spread quickly on the Internet. For a large group of Arabs to watch and admire millions.

The biggest proof of the series success was its seventh place in the list of the most profitable series for the year 2015. It revolves around a girl from Istanbul who moves to live in a small village. After disagreements occurred with her fiancé. To fall in love with a villager. And comedic events begin. In a comic framework, the series highlights the suffering of the villagers and the view of the people of the city. Muhammad Ali excelled at presenting comedy without any frustration.

The most important qualities that distinguish Mehmet Ali Nuroglu

Muhammad Ali is characterized by a quiet personality who tends to stay away from the limelight and the media. What defines his personality most is his love and passion for yoga. It is known in the Turkish community that Muhammed Ali regularly practices yoga with his wife. They also traveled to India more than once due to the existence of specialized centers for that sport. It is said that it helps him a lot in his calm life and enables him to control his emotions.

The most important works and series of Mehmet Ali Nuroglu

Çemberimde Gül Oya in 2004
Binbir Gece in 2005
The series omre bedel in 2009
Our big series 2011
Güzel köylü series, 2014
Sen Anlat Karadeniz series.

Mehmet Ali Nuroglu