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Ozlem yılmaz its religion. Her age. Her husband, series. Information about her. And exclusive pictures of her. Personal information about her, including her date of birth. And her place of birth. And her nationality. Information about the most important artistic works that participated in the tournament. All this and more the reader will find in this article. Ozlem yılmaz presented many artworks. She co-starred in the hit Turkish series KARA SEVDA. She also presented a distinguished role in the series Kara Ekmek. And do not forget that she played Rasha in the series Zoraki Koca. This is in addition to many works of art that we will mention in the next few lines. For more exclusive personal and technical information about superstar Ozlem yılmaz, follow this article with us.

Ozlem yılmaz

Information on Ozlem yılmaz

Ozlem yılmaz Birth Date: July 17th, 1986
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Age in 2020: 34 years
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality and citizenship: Turkish
Profession: Model and Actress
Beginning of work in the artistic field: 2006
Her artistic age: 14 years, and she is still working in the field of art
Most important artwork by: Zoraki Koca. The black sea. Don’t cry, mom. Kara Ekmek
Religion Ozlem yılmaz: Muslim
Marital status: separate
Spouse’s Name: Ahmed Ayar (From 2013 until 2015).
Number of children: one daughter
Favorite hobby: dog breeding. The hunt. Horse riding. Running
Most important awards: Best Turkish Actress Award in 2010.

Ozlem yılmaz biography

The beautiful young Turkish artist Ozlem yılmaz was born in Istanbul, Turkey. On the seventeenth day of July 1986. She was born in Cancer. And you owe the Islamic religion.

Ozlem yılmaz loved acting from a young age. And after she finished her secondary education at the Turkish Republic School of Atakoy. She enrolled in a famous institute to receive acting lessons. But she did not complete her acting studies due to the death of her father.

After a while, Ozlem yılmaz joined Mojdet Jezzine Art Center. To graduate from it in 2006. Over the course of her career, she has played many important roles. And she won the Best Turkish Actress Award in 2010.

Star Ozlem yılmaz’s career begins

Ozlem yılmaz started her artistic career right after her graduation from Mojdet Jezzine Art Center in 2006. She got a role in the Turkish series Yarmouk Burns. It caught the attention of directors and producers. And she began to have frequent acting performances in Turkish series and films.

Then Ozlem yılmaz co-starred in the Turkish miniseries Ruilalda Polosoruz. Then the Tigris series. In 2007 Ozlem yılmaz presented a distinguished role in the Turkish comedy series Forced Marriage. Then she participated in the police series Detective Memoli.

In 2014, she participated in the series Amana. I embodied the character Zilal. Then she participated in the series Blind Love. And the Kara Ekmek series. She also played the role of Rasha in the series Zoraki Koca.

Critics praised the role played by Turkish actress Ozlem yılmaz in the Turkish drama series Don’t Cry, Mom. She played the role of Damla, who in a moment became a mother without love, marrying or becoming pregnant. Damla takes it upon herself to raise “Zainab,” the daughter of her sister Elif, who became pregnant with her after an illegal relationship. After 18 years, Elif returns to claim her right to motherhood to her daughter, Zainab. And Damla’s suffering begins.
Love and marriage in Ozlem yılmaz’s life and secrets from her personal life

In 2013, the beautiful young Turkish artist fell in love with the famous Turkish lawyer Ahmed Ayar. And the emotional relationship culminated in marriage. It lasted for less than two years. During them, Ozlem yılmaz gave birth to her only daughter. But before the expiration of the two years, the public was surprised by the news of Ozlem yılmaz’s separation from her husband after the family court judge divorced them after the first session without expenses or expenses.

Ozlem yılmaz stated that the reason for her separation from her husband Ahmed Ayar was the lack of understanding and harmony between them. And the arrival of disputes and quarrels to an intolerable extent.
As for the social aspect, it enjoys a high degree of humanity and emotional paper. Ozlem yılmaz donated about 30 cm of her hair to the benefit of cancer patients. She said cancer patients need support as much as they need medicine and treatment.
There is news about Ozlem having an affair with her current boyfriend, Taleb Selimogel.

Ozlem yılmaz stars as Rasha in the series Zoraki Koca

In 2006, the Turkish star Ozlem Yılmaz was chosen to play the role of Rasha in the successful Turkish romantic series Zoraki Koca. The series revolves around a wealthy, handsome young man named Omar, who has many feminine relationships. And he refuses to take any responsibilities. But one day his father’s company falls into a big problem, and the father forces Omar to go to a relatively remote province to solve this problem. But Omar decides to enjoy the trip and invites his friends to go to the tourist district for recreation.

In this district, Omar meets the beautiful girl Rasha (Ozlem yılmaz) and tries to fall in love with her. But it blocks him and turns away from him. His friends make fun of him. Omar gets angry and decides to bet his friends that he will marry Rasha.

Already he proposes to her, and Rasha agrees. On the day of the wedding, however, Omar discovers that he has put himself in great trouble. He tells Rasha that he has to go to Istanbul because his father is sick. After an absence of two weeks, Rasha decided to go to Istanbul to check on Omar. When she arrives, she discovers that Omar has lied to her and deceived her, and that his father is not sick. He married her only to win the bet and the events began to escalate

TV series Actress Ozlem yılmaz

Now we present a list of the most important artworks that the Turkish artist Ozlem yılmaz co-starred with. Some of them won the Best Turkish Actress Award. Among the most important of these works are the following:

In 2006, she made her first artistic role in the series Yarmouk Burns.
We meet in dreams 2006
Tigris in 2007
A wealth hunter in 2008
Rabat in 2008
Zoraki Koca (Rasha) in 2009
Detective Memuli 2010
Leaked in 2012. 2013
Deposit in 2014
Kara Ekmek (Asia) in 2015
Don’t cry mom (Damla) in 2016
KARA SEVDA in general.