Dolunay Soysert Religion

Dolunay Soysert Religion, Age, Husband & Information



Dolunay Soysert Religion, Age, Husband & Information

Dolunay Soysert. Janan in the series taught me how to love. Her full name is in Arabic. Her full name is in Turkish. Her place of birth. Her nationality, date of birth. Her age, astrological sign, marital status, husband, religion. Her academic qualification. Her profession, personal life. Her artistic life. Her series. And her movies. All this in a comprehensive report on it. Dolunay Soysert has been mentioned in many dramatic and interesting cinematic artworks. She also participated in many wonderful roles. In which she showed great artistic creativity. Among the most important works of art in which she participated is the Muhteşem Yüzyıl series.

Personal information about Dolunay Soysert

Place of birth: Adana, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Date of birth: March in 1973
Age in 2020: 47 years old
Astrological Sign: Aries
Marital Status: Divorced
Her husband: She married the artist Sinan Tozko on June 9, 2006. She broke up with him in 2016
Religion: Muslim
Academic qualification: I studied at Istanbul University in the Department of Archeology and Art History. She also studied theater at the Moujdat Jezzine Arts Center
The beginning of her artistic career: Her artistic career began in 1994
Years of activity: the years of its activity so far reach about 24 years.

Biography of artist Dolunay Soysert

Well-known Turkish actress Dolunay Soysert was born on March 25th in 1973. I was born in Adana, Turkey. She studied in a school in Ozal until high school. Then she moved to Istanbul and joined Istanbul University in the Department of Archeology and Art History. Then she studied theater at the Moujdat Jezzine Arts Center. She was known to love animals. She also practices several sports, including swimming and skiing. Dolunay Soysert was married to Sinan Tozko from 2006 until 2016. And she gave birth to her daughter, Layla.

Dolunay Soysert’s actress career

Talented Actress Dolunay Soysert. She was known for her love of acting from an early age. And her love for acting emerged from her young age. When I participated in the school theater, from the primary stage to the secondary stage. After her graduation, she studied at Istanbul University in the Department of Archeology and Art History. During that stage, Swiss participated in many plays prepared by the university.

After her graduation, she joined the Mogadat Jezzine Arts Center and studied theater there. After her graduation, she worked in Istanbul City Theater for four years. During the four years she attended the University of Nebraska Department of Drama and Theater. After the end of the four years, I traveled to the United States of America. I settled there for four years. During this time she worked at Sally Johnson’s studio. For her inimitable talent, Dolunay Soysert has won many awards. Among the most important awards she won was the Best Actress award in 2004. She also won the Most Successful Actress Award in 2005. And Best Actress Award in 2007.

Dolunay Soysert Series

Beautiful Turkish actress Dolunay Soysert has participated in many artworks. And in which she appeared in different roles, including the pivotal roles. Including sub-roles. And in which she showed artistic creativity indicating a distinguished talent. Among the most important artworks in which the artist Dolunay Soysert participated:

Dolunay Swiss series

Kaygısızlar series produced in 1994
Çılgın Bediş series produced in 1996
Baskül Ailesi series produced in 1997
The Republic, which was produced in 1998
Bir İstanbul Masalı series produced in 2003
Sultan Makamı series produced in 2003
Avrupa Yakası series that was produced in 2004
Yine de Aşığım series produced in 2005

The İlk Aşk series produced in 2006
Benim Annem Bir Melek series produced from 2008 to 2010
Adanalı series produced in 2010
Başrolde Aşk series produced in 2011
Kayıp series that was produced in 2013
Muhteşem Yüzyıl series that was produced in 2014
Seddülbahir 32 Saat series produced in 2016
Çifte Saadet series produced in 2016
Bana Sevmeyi Anlat series produced in 2016
The Elimi Bırakma series that was produced from 2018 to 2019
Kuzgun series produced in 2019
Dolunay Soysert Films

Actress Dolunay Soysert has participated in many cinematic artworks. Among the most important artistic works in which I participated:

Sekizinci Saat, produced in 1995
Mrs movie Salkım’s Diamonds which was produced in 1999
Yürek Çığlığı movie produced in 2004
Zor Adam movie produced in 2014
Kalbin Zamanı which was produced in 2004
Omuz Omuza movie that was produced in 2004
Kırık Kalpler Duraı movie produced in 2005
The film Bebeğim produced in 2006
Tövbe, which was produced in 2006
Hacı which was produced in 2006
Mavi Gözlü Dev, which was produced in 2007
Açık Mutfak movie produced in 2009
The movie Veda which was produced in 2010
Urfalıyam Ezelden movie produced in 2014
Son Çıkış movie produced in 2015
Kayıt Dışı which was produced in 2017
Bücür movie produced in 2018
Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm movie produced in 2020

Dolunay Soysert plays

She appeared in many theatrical productions. Among the most important plays in which the artist Dolunay Soysert participated:

Play İki Kova Su
Elma Dersem Çık
İbiş’in Rüyası play
Play Le Bourgeois gentilhomme
Silvanlı Kadınlar play
Buluşma theater produced in 2004
Ayşe Opereti, a play produced in 2005
Can Tarlası produced in 2007
Sürmanşet play produced in 2008
CAM theatrical production in 2010
Çehov Makinası play produced in 2012
Personel, produced in 2015
Kul, which was produced in 2012