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Aslı Tandoğan

Her Religion, Age, Face, Date of Birth. Marital status, life story, artistic career. And more than that in a detailed report about her and her dramatic works that she presented during her artistic career. And she won the admiration of the audience and achieved great successes. She played the role of Dylan in the series Summer, which achieved widespread fame throughout her career. We will get to know her most important works with the most famous Turkish stars through this article.

In brief Aslı Tandoğan

Date of birth: April 2, 1979.
Age: 41 years.
Place of birth: Ankara, capital of the Turkish state.
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim.
Marital Status: Married.
Spouse’s Name: Jahid Tan Yashilada.
Number of children: 1 (Atlas Yashilada).
Profession: Actress.
Education: Hageetepe University.

Biography Aslı Tandoğan

Turkish artist Aslı Tandoğan was born in 1979 in Ankara, Turkey. She stayed in the city for more than a year until she joined high school, then finished this stage and joined the Institute of Music. She studied at the Conservatory and during this period was one of the best students. She contributed a lot to developing herself until she became one of the young faces that participated in distinguished works during 2002. And she got starring roles in some TV series that are shown on Turkish channels. So, without a doubt, she became the most famous Turkish actor. The most important of these works is the series “Daqat Qalb”. In which she participated in the absolute championship role and was a prominent and important role during her artistic career.

The beginning of the artistic career of the artist Aslı Tandoğan

Turkish artist Aslı Tandoğan lived in Ankara after completing her education at Hagitepe University in Turkey. It was at that time that she had the first opportunity to appear in the art world. It is considered a golden opportunity to star in the TV series “Wardati” in 2002. After that, she presented a different set of roles in other series in which she participated between exceptional roles and starring roles with a group of the brightest Turkish stars.

But the real opportunity is for actress Aslı Tandoğan in the series “Aşka Sürgün.” And that was with the beautiful actress Beren Saat, who participated in the title role. This series has achieved great success and is considered the real beginning of the artist Aslı Tandoğan, and that was in 2005. Then she participated in other series that spread on Turkish television. She moved to the cinema field with a small number of films but still pursued acting in drama and television. But she varied between different roles and personalities to show her wonderful talent.

1husband and children Aslı Tandoğan

Actress Aslı Tandoğan married Jahid Tan Yisilada. And that after entering the artistic community more than a year. A big love story arose between them and this story culminated in marriage. And she bore him her only son, who is Atlas Yishelada.

Actress Aslı Tandoğan was very happy with her only son. She feels that she has achieved the dream of motherhood that all women seek, especially from a man she loves. She owns the whole world and spoke in an interview about the experience of motherhood when she received the news of her pregnancy and was very happy. Imagined her baby’s crying and the first look at him after birth.

Aslı Tandoğan religion
Aslı Tandoğan religion

She did not encounter any health problems during the pregnancy months, as these months passed peacefully. But she was offered a play to play in it during her pregnancy. Which made her go to more than one city in Turkey during pregnancy. This affected her hormones and she became very upset. But she endured her duty towards the artistic journey. In addition to preserving her baby.

Aslı Tandoğan in the series “Aska Sürgün”

The role of actress Aslı Tandoğan in the series Aşka Sürgün is one of the most famous roles that she presented to the audience. And that during her artistic career. The brightest stars such as Beren Saat participated in 2005. In it, she embodied the role of the artist’s sister, Beren. The audience loved this character very much, and it left a big impression on them.

Aslı Tandoğan includes the series “Heartbeat”

Actress Aslı Tandoğan presented a distinguished role in the series Daqat Qalb. This work was associated in the minds of many Turks and Arabs because of the wonderful role it played. She is best known as “Lamia,” which is the name of the little orphan girl who embodies her character, Tandogan. This girl falls in love with a well-known songwriter, who was co-starring with the handsome artist Burak Hakki. This series has received great attention in all the Arab world because of its distinctive characters and the different story. And the audience did not believe that this girl was Mia with an innocent angelic face. And the young, childish features have completed their third decade of life by this time.

Aslı Tandoğan in the series “The Bazaar”

Actress Aslı participated in the series “The Bazaar” as it was one of the most important works in which she participated, and that was with the Turkish artist “Jamal Honel” and the famous artist “Turkan Choray” and that in 2012 it was a different experience for her that showed her talent to the audience.

Aslı Tandoğan in “Take Care of Me Well”

The last work by artist Aslı Tandoğan, who has an innocent angelic face, was the wonderful Turkish film “Take Care of Me Well”. It was participated in the tournament by the artist “Begum Belgarn”. It was a good work for her, and she had a different experience on Turkish cinema screens and the audience was very impressed with this work.

Aslı Tandoğan TV series

The artist Aslı Tandoğan presented a group of famous works during her artistic career. These works are:

She presented the series “Wardati” in 2002, and it was her first appearance on television.
In the following year, she presented the series “Rassat al-Jarh” and the series “Amal Kabira” in 2003 and 2004.
In 2005, she participated in the series “Aşka Sürgün.” With artist Beren Saat in a work that achieved great success.
In 2007, she participated in a cinematic work, through the movie “Al-Qabdai,” she starred with the star artist, “Kinan Amir Zalioglu.”

She also participated in the series “Daqat Qalb” and played the role of Lamia with the artist “Burak Hakki”.

Followed by the famous series “The Bazaar” in 2009.
Then the series “Land of the Ottomans” was presented. It is considered a historical series that I presented in 2012. She also participated in the series “Broken Wings”. She played the role of Aisha in this famous Turkish series, a drama series with the artist Anwar Ozturk.

Also participated in the famous Turkish series “The Sultan’s Harem”. She played the role of Ferial. Her latest film work is the Turkish film “Take Care of Me Well”, which she presented as her last work so far. It is assumed that it will present new work in the coming period.