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Yasemin Allen the Turkish actress, her religion and is she a Muslim or Christian, her age and date of birth, her series and most prominent roles, the beginning of her artistic career, her personal life and information about her, from her series Muhteşem Yüzyıl series, series 46 yok olan, the series Merhamet, all of this we present to you in detail from Throughout this comprehensive report.

Who is Yasemin Allen?

Date of birth: July 10, 1989.
Place of birth: London, England.
Astrological Sign: Cancer.
Religion: Unknown.
Nationality: Turkish English.
Profession: Actress and model.
Her husband: single.
Age in 2020: 31 years old.
The beginning of the artistic career: It started in 2008.
Years of activity: since 2008 until now.
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Yasemin Allen Her Childhood Story

The young Turkish actress Yasemin Allen was born on the tenth of July 1989 and is 31 years old and her astrological sign is Cancer, she was born in the United Kingdom in London in particular, she holds English-Turkish citizenship, her father is English, who is Dudley Allen, and her mother is the English actress and singer Sonia Eddy She was known as Suna Yıldızoglu after her marriage to the actor Kayhan Yıldızoglu in 1974, so she obtained Turkish citizenship, and this in turn made Yasmine hold a dual nationality, which is Turkish English.

She went with her mother to Australia after the end of her primary school education and got there cinema, television and drama courses. She returned to Turkey when she was 18 years old and worked in the field of acting and obtained a degree in Turkey in theater studies from the famous Mujda Jizan Academy of Arts in Turkey. Was associated with the actor Onur Tuna, but they split up.

Yasemin Allen’s Husband and lover

The Turkish actress Yasemin Allen was associated with the Turkish actor Onur Tuna, but they did not last long, and when Onur was asked about their relationship, he said: “First of all, if I love another person and if there are common things between us, I respect her, and here I do not care if she is famous or not. That is why I can be with a famous person again, and for me there is no problem. I have lived this experience before, and I can repeat it is not a problem. ”He added,“ The fact that relationships between actors and celebrities is on television and all their private lives are in full view. Of people, that is why people form a completely different image about the relationships between celebrities. Love is difficult, but experiencing it is a very beautiful thing.

In one of the filming sessions that the young Turkish actress Yasemin Allen underwent, a behind-the-scenes video was filmed and posted on YouTube, and the video was admired by hundreds of thousands around the world who awarded her the title of the most feminine blonde star in Turkey.
The Turkish actress Yasemin Allen has been attacked because of the number of bold scenes and kisses in her new series CI, as many described her as being excessive, artist Yasemin Allen responded by saying that work events are the ones that impose those scenes and they are not imposed on work with the aim of excitement.

Yasemin Allen’s start with acting

The Turkish actress Yasemin Allen began her artistic career in 2008 when she got a role in the series “Elif”, which starred her mother, Sona Yıldızoglu, and her artistic work continued after that, and she presented more than one character. She participated in the Turkish star series, and also participated in the famous Turkish series Muhteşem Yüzyıl, 46 yok olan series, and other distinguished works.

Yasemin Allen in Merhamet

Merhamet is a Turkish drama series that was produced in 2013, it is a story adapted from the book Devil and Love, the series tells the story of Nadine, a young girl who lives in harsh conditions in the midst of her family due to domestic violence, but she is an ambitious girl seeking to fulfill her dreams, the series written by Mahienur Argun and directed by Çaatay Ulusoy, co-starring Turkish actor Ozgu Namal, Turkish actor Ibrahim Celikul, Turkish actress Yasemin Allen, Turkish actor Mustafa Ustundag, Turkish actress Burchin Terzioglu, Turkish actress Delara Akswik and others, the series was first broadcast in February 2013 and then ended In March 2014.

The role of Yasemin Allen in 46 yok olan

The young Turkish actress Yasemin Allen participated in the series “46 yok olan”, a Turkish series about action and crime events, the series starring Turkish actor Ardal Bishkichioglu, Turkish actress Yasemin Allen, Turkish actor Birkan Sal, Turkish actress Sayjin Soissal, Turkish actor Metin Bilgin and others The series premiered in 2016.

Yasemin Allen movies

She participated in the film “Water and Fire”, which was shown in 2013, in which she portrayed the character of the heroine, Yagmur Evi.
And a movie entitled “If she comes back, she is mine,” which was shown in 2016 and portrayed the character of the heroine, Celine.

Awards received by Yasemin Allen

She won an award for her series, Merhamet, as TV Star of the Year in the 2014 Internet Media Awards.
won the Most Elegant Actress Award at the Turkey Elle Style Awards in 2014.
She participated and won the Elite Miss Turkey contest in 2014.

Yasemin Allen religion
Yasemin Allen religion
Yasemin Allen Her Childhood Story
Yasemin Allen Her Childhood Story