Serhat Tutumluer religion, wife, age, series, and his biography


Serhat Tutumluer, his wife’s religion, his age, his series, information about him, pictures, his nationality, his place of birth, his date of birth, the astrological sign to which he belongs, the most important works of art in cinema, theater and television, and the most important prizes he has received, all the above and more we will deal with Today in our article about that Turkish star with a long reputation and wide fame, who participated in many successful works of art, no one can neglect the role of Boris in the series Velenta, as he presented the role of Veli in the series Ara.

Serhat Tutumluer religion

Who is Serhat Tutumluer for?

Serhat Tutumluer’s Birthdate: June 29th in 1972
Astrological Sign: Cancer Astrological Sign.
Age in 2020: 48 years
Place of birth: Eskisehir, Turkey
Nationality and citizenship: Turkish nationality.
Academic qualification: In 1989, he studied sociology at Istanbul University and graduated from it in 1994, then joined the theater department in 1995, and graduated from it in 1997.
Profession: Actor in cinema, theater and television
Beginning of work in the artistic field: in 1995, and his artistic career began by working on the stage.
Number of years of work in the technical field: 25 years
Most important artwork: Hamlet, Ara series, Villenta series, Underground film.
The most important prizes he received: The Sadri Award for Cinema (Best Turkish Actor Award).
Main hobbies and sports: acting, reading, photography, and swimming
His wife: Married
Wife’s name: Sinan Kara
The wife’s profession: a retired theater actress
Number of children: one son
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
Weight: 72 kg

Height: 178 cm.

Information about Serhat Tutumluer and his childhood story

The famous Turkish artist, Serhat Tutumluer, was born in the beautiful Turkish city of Eskisehir, on the twenty-ninth day of June 1972, After Totumlore finished his secondary education, he enrolled at Istanbul University in 1989, studied sociology, and graduated in 1994, and due to his passion for acting, he joined Ankara University in 1995 to study acting arts in the theater department and graduated from it in 1997.

His wife

Tutumlor married the able retired theater actress Sinan Kara in 2007, and she had one son.

Serhat Tutumluer begins acting

Serhat Tutumluer’s artistic beginning was in 1995, he began acting on stage, and participated in many important Turkish plays, the most famous of which is Hamlet, and the play “Deception for Love”.
After that, he participated in several successful Turkish series, his first TV role was in the series Reverse the Flow of the River in 2004, then the Sahara series in 2004.
Tutumlor made many successful Turkish films, and it was his first participation in cinematic films, the role he made in the movie Magic in 2004.

Serhat Tutumluer introduces the role of Veli in the series Ara

In 2007, the Turkish artist Serhat Tutumluer presented one of the important roles in his artistic career, he was chosen to embody the character of Veli in the Turkish drama series Ara, who owned a large hotel where Ara goes to work, gets to know Veli, loves and loves him, and they marry, and Ara bears two twin children, and lives Happy life with Veli until Veli suffers a serious accident and loses his life.

Ara series belongs to the category of social drama and consists of two parts, and has been dubbed into the Arabic language in the Syrian dialect, and the series starring a group of Turkish drama stars such as Nurgul Yesilçay (Ara), Arkan Sefer (Omar, first husband of Ara), Serhat Tutumluer (Veli, the owner of the hotel) ), Ahmed Mumtaz Taylan (Malik Agha, who will attempt to assault Ara).

The Turkish series Ara revolves around an orphan girl named Ara, who lives with her relatives as a maid, but is distinguished by beauty and intelligence, and Omar admires her and proposes to propose to her before he goes to recruit until he returns and marries her.

The village of Ara is ruled by a rich man named Malik Agha who admires Ara and tries to attack her, but she resists him, and while he is in the army, Omar suffers an accident that makes him lose his memory, and then Ara’s life is turned upside down.

Artworks presented by Serhat Tutumluer

Over the course of his artistic career, which extended since 1995 until now, the Turkish artist Serhat Tutumluer presented a set of plays, films and various series, and below we will mention a list of the most important artworks of the famous Turkish artist Serhat Tutumluer:

Serhat Tutumluer Business Film Series

1995–1996 Tersine Akan Nehir
2003 Çaylak Asım
2004 Kasırga İnsanları Alphan
2004 Sahra Mithat
2006 Esir Kalpler Demir Uyguner
2006 Erkekler Ağlamaz Murat
2007 Ezo gelin Kadim
2008 Ay Işığı Kemal
2009 Kül ve Ateş Ömer
2010 Güneydoğudan Öyküler Önce Vatan Metin
2011-2014 Umutsuz Ev Kadınları Sinan
2014–2015 Filinta Boris Zaharyas
2016 Oyunbozan Mahir Yamaner
2017 Vatanım Sensin kostas-kosta teodorakis
2019- Hercai Hazar Shadoğlu Serhat Tutumluer Movies
2004 Büyü Tarık Orhan Oğuz
2005 Cenneti Beklerken Eflatun Derviş Zaim
2007 Ara Veli mit Ünal
2008 Devrim Arabaları Ismet Tolga Örnek
2009 Kıskanmak Halit Zeki Demirkubuz
2012 Yeraltı Cevat Zeki Demirkubuz

Serhat Tutumluer plays

Yastık Adam (Mehmet Ergen)
Kız Tavlama Sanatı (Talimhane Theater-Mehmet Ergen)
Oyunun Oyunu (İstanbul BKM – Mehmet Ergen)
Bir Sevda Türküsü (Ankara State Theater – Ejder Akışık)
Budala (Ankara State Theater – Bozkurt Kuruç)
Giordano Bruno (Ankara State Theater – Erhan Gökgücü)
Küçük Nasrettin – Kukla Oyunu (Ankara State Theater – Soner Ağın)
Aşk Delisi (Aksanat – Mehmet Ergen)
Bir de Yolluk (Aksanat – Mehmet Ergen)
Küller Küllere (Aksanat – Mehmet Ergen)
Hamlet (İzmit City Theater – Işıl Kasapoğlu)
Sokağa Çıkma Yasağı (İzmit City Theater – Cüneyt Çalışkur)
Hakimiyet-i Milliye Aşevi (İzmit City Theater – Cüneyt Türel)
Nasrettin Hoca (İzmit City Theater – Işıl Kasapoğlu and Melih Düzenli)
Kuvayi Milliye Destanı – Kukla Oyunu (İzmit City Theater – Melih Düzenli)
Üç Kuruşluk Opera (İzmit City Theater – M.Kith Kay)
Karar Kimin (İzmit City Theater – Şakir Gürzumar)
İsli Sisli Pis Puslu (İzmit City Theater – Yaşar Özveri and Yücel Ertan)
Bahar Noktası (İzmit City Theater – Yücel Ertan)
Şahmeran Hikayesi – Gölge Kukla Oyunu (İzmit City Theater – Ebru Kara Dehekli)
Cimri (İzmit City Theater)
Yedi Cüceler ve Dev (Eskişehir – Children’s Play)

Awards received by Serhat Tutumluer

Best Turkish Actor Award for his role in the research movie in 2008, and best Turkish Actor Award at the 27th Istanbul International Film Festival.
Sadri Award for Best Turkish Actor for Cinema