İsmail Ege Sasmaz Religion, Age, Sweetheart, and Biography


İsmail Ege Sasmaz, the Güneşi Beklerken series, his age, his nationality, his religion, his sweetheart who met a sensation in the media and secrets about her and their relationship, his date of birth, his personal life, his family in which he grew up, his brothers, his artistic life, his films, his series.

İsmail Ege Sasmaz Religion

Who is İsmail Ege Sasmaz?

Ismail Egy’s date of birth: He was born on the twenty-fifth of November of the year 1993 AD.
Ismail Eji’s birthplace: Manisa, Turkey.
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish
His religion: Muslim.
Omar Ismail Eji: 28 years old in 2020.
His artistic beginnings: 2013
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius.
Years of activity: he started his artistic works since 2013
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Number of brothers: two
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: brown
His studies and educational qualifications: He studied music in Manisa and excavation, and he studies cultural and tourism heritage at Istanbul University
The name of the girl that Ismail Eiji loves: Demet Ozdemir.

Religion İsmail Ege Sasmaz His age and childhood story

The young Turkish artist, Ismail Iji, was born in the city of Manisa in Turkey, and his mother was at that time 18 years old, and she named him after her father’s grandfather, Ismail Eji’s grandfather, and this year he reached the age of twenty-eight. He has two brothers, a brother with him in the artistic community called Atak Shashmaz And they are close to each other’s age, as they used to go to school together and do artworks and go to the gymnasium, until they became the most famous sibling in the school and so far, as for his second brother,

He is still in the prime of life, so Ismail posted a picture of him with him on social networking sites Some said that he was his son, and with a while the denial of these rumors appeared, Ismail Eiji is known for his love for Spider-Man and wearing his distinctive clothes, and Iggy clarified that the American actor has a great role in his love for the character of Spider-Man, after he finished high school, studying at the Conservatory in Manisa, After he finished his studies, he started to enroll in the field of acting and said that he aspires to take a big role.

His age and childhood story

Beginning of actor’s artistic career İsmail Ege Sasmaz

After he graduated from the Conservatory, he decided to go to Istanbul to work in acting, he planned for that and decided to rely on himself away from the family and he deceived them, he told them that he had an opportunity to act in one of the Turkish series, but they were not convinced of that, but nevertheless he went to Istanbul with about 600 Lira, and he said that he lived quickly in the new city and got acquainted with cooperating people. After a while, he started doing some advertisements for a private university, opening an opportunity for him to train in front of cameras, self-confidence and act in some plays, and after a while he got a great opportunity in the series “Güneşi Beklerken”, in which he played the role of Baris Erdogan in 2013.

A role in the series Güneşi Beklerken

The young Turkish actor, Ismail Egy, presented the role of Baris erdogan in the series Güneşi Beklerken, and is the second hero in the series. However, the artist Ismail Egy did not imagine the brilliant success that the series achieved not only in Turkey, as it was translated and dubbed in many Arab countries and received high views, the events of this revolve The series is about “Zainab,” that beautiful girl whose mother told her to go to another suitable place to study. Zainab refused at first, but she eventually changed her school. When she went to school, she quarreled with the son of the school owner who claims Karam, but Baris erdogan saved her from him, he loved her. Baris erdogan after that, but she fell in love with Karam, the son of the school owner, the series combines comedy and romance, and tells the stories of teenagers at this time, and it includes a group of rising actors, and after Ismail achieved this success, he did not stop acting, but took roles in many series such as Palace Siraj and Sunflower, then a starring role in the series Love Doesn’t Understand Words, then he took on the role of Furat in the series High School Patrol.

The role of Ismail Eji in the series Mehmetçik

The role of Mehmet in the series Mehmetçik is considered one of the most important roles presented by the young Turkish actor, Ismail Eji, as the story of the series is considered legendary, its events revolve around Mehmet and his friends who protect the Ottoman Empire in the hope of liberating it, and they carry out a world war, so Mehmet participates in the Ottoman battalion and sacrifices the state, chosen by Sultan Suleiman as one of the soldiers Al-Basilin is the most powerful and capable, and the series shows that struggle and sacrifice that he made to the state.

Furat is the hero of the Lise Devriyesi series

The series Lise Devriyesi is a series that combines comedy and crime by its writer, Semid Aslan. The series revolves around a policeman who claims to have a mission to uncover illegal acts in several regions, but he knows who the perpetrator is, so the actor is one of the big mafia men, and he cannot reach him easily, so He works tricks to reach him through his son Furat, who studies in a high school

Habiba İsmail Ege Sasmaz

Eiji had gone to Istanbul alone with a small amount of money (600 lira), and he invested it well and kept it, as he knew the value of money. Ismail Eji worked a lot when he was young and relied on himself, so he worked in a barber shop from the third to the eighth grade, and worked in restaurants and in the industry Electric cars, he left his university for the sake of acting, as he used to study music in Manisa, but completed it in Istanbul, he studies cultural heritage and tourism at Istanbul University, works alongside acting in the paragliding team, as he has taken courses in this field and is now teaching many Of the people, Iggy was related to the artist “Ida Topshaw Glow” and they said in more than one place about their love and that they love each other very much, and Ismail stated that he was lucky to have and love a girl like her and that it was nice to live with someone she loved, but after a short time he deleted the pictures that brought them together She, too, did not explain the reason for this sudden separation, but now the start of a new relationship with “Demet Ozdemir”.