Özgür Çevik Religion

Özgür Çevik Religion, Age , Series Info and Biography



Özgür Çevik Religion, Age , Series Info and Biography

Who is Özgür Çevik?

Name in Arabic: Özgür Çevik

Name in Turkish: Özgür Çevik

Date of birth: May – 27 – 1981

Age in 2020: 39 years

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Mother’s name: Nihal Cevk

Father’s name: Zaki Jivek

Place of birth: Ankara – Turkey

Nationality: Turkish

Religion Muslim

Marital status Single

Academic qualification: Philosophy Department – Faculty of Arts – Istanbul University / Radio and Television Department – Bilkent University

Hobbies: acting – composing

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Artistic activity: 2004 – now

Eye color: blue

Hair color: Yellow

Lyrical Activity: 2008 – Now.Actor Özgür Çevik has information about his religion, his age, his series, his emotional relationships, his life story, his artistic beginnings, his height, his weight, his most important works and all his information that we present to you in a full report about him, Özgur won great fame not only in Turkey but in most countries of the world Al-Arabi after the famous series Ghareeb was shown, and he has become a lot of fans in many countries of the world.

Özgür Çevik and biography

Today we are talking about the handsome Turkish actor Özgür Çevik, who was known through the role of the young Greek in the series (Yabanci damat). He presented the character Niko who had millions of fans around the world. The young artist was born in Ankara, the capital of the Turkish state, on the 27th of May of the year. 1981, at the age of only 39 years old, and from a young age he was related to art and singing, and his talent was evident even in his childhood, Cevik moved to more than one city within Turkey during his childhood and adolescence, until he settled in Istanbul, and joined its university, so at first he studied in the department Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts and obtained a BA from it, but he did not want to lose his talent and wanted to support it with more knowledge and study, so Ozgur decided to join the university again, but in the radio and television department, and indeed he managed to obtain two certificates from Istanbul University.

Ozgur’s father, Mr. Zaki Jvik, was a soldier, and his mother Mrs. Nihal Jvik was a police officer, and this was the most prominent reason why Ozgur moved from one city to another in his childhood due to the nature of his parents ’work. Istanbul in 1999 after the Marmara earthquake.

Özgür Çevik begins acting

A lover of art and fame since his childhood, and his talent for acting and singing was the biggest indication of his success in the future, so the Turkish public knew Ozgur for the first time by participating in the singing program Turkey Stars in 2004, which was at its time the most famous around the world, and in the same year Uzhgor turned to his talent Acting by participating in the most famous series, which was a major reason for the fame of Ozgur (Yabanci damat).

Özgür Çevik in the series Yabanci damat

The series (Yabanci damat), which was produced in 2004, is considered one of the most important Turkish dramas at that time. Yabanci damat is the first dramatic work that Ozgur did during his artistic career and won great success not only in Turkey but in many countries of the world, most notably Greece. Ozgur played the role of a Greek young man, so that many followers of the series at this time thought that he was Greek, and the events revolved around a girl from a simple family interested in her studies and education. She decided to travel to Istanbul to enter the university and obtain her university degree, and then return to discover that her father He engaged her to his friend’s son without her knowing, after he had given him a promise from a young age that he would marry her to his son after she finished her studies, so the girl became angry and refused the marriage arranged in this way, and she decided to travel to another city and live in her friend’s house instead of her father’s house, and from here The girl meets the foreign young man Niko, played by Özgür Çevik, and a love story begins between them, but they encounter many difficulties due to different cultures.

Özgür Çevik in the series “Jarrah of the Past”

After his wonderful role in the series Yabanci damat, Ozgur was able to prove his acting talent on his wall, through his participation in the wonderful drama series The wound of the past, and Ozgur plays the role of Fred a marine officer who falls in love with the simple girl Mushgan, except that the winds come with what the ships do not desire It appears in the life of Mushagan (Salim) the wealthy young man who tries as much as possible to help the Mushagan family to obtain her love, but her heart is attached to Farid and waits for her to tell her family about the love story that brings them together to get married, then events turn around after Mushagan’s sister, who is also in love with Farid, She and Selim agree to take revenge on both Farid and Mushagan, and life turns upside down from a life of love and romance, to revenge and jealousy, and the series won appreciation from the Turkish audience at the time of its presentation, and Ozgur succeeded in winning the hearts of the viewers, by presenting the role of the handsome officer who tries Sacrifice to please his girlfriend despite the difficulties he faces.

Özgür Çevik in the series Kırgın Çiçekler

The Kırgın Çiçekler series is one of the most successful Turkish series that has been shown in the Arab world, the series consists of 3 seasons, each season has a different story and issue, and the events revolve around 5 girls who live in an orphanage, and each girl has a dream of her own and her other friends seek to help her reach Her dream, and during the events of the series, altercations occur between them and a group of rich young men, who then claim that the girls tried to harass them, so the girls try as much as possible to prove their innocence, then the director of the orphanage and the mother of one of these young men tries to preserve the girls from what they said about them the youth. So it was decided to transfer them to a boarding school and remain in contact with them, but the girls insisted on revenge, and Ozgur played the role of the assistant principal’s husband in the orphanage, in addition to being a sports teacher for girls in the school, he is a calm and reasonable person who tries to help his wife in the work of the orphanage as much as possible.

Lyrical activity Özgür Çevik

It is known about the artist Özgür Çevik that besides his acting talent, he has a great singing talent, so that his artistic beginning was in singing and not in acting. The handsome star appeared on the Turkish audience for the first time through the famous singing program of the Turkish Academy, and during his university studies, Özgur was performing Composing and singing Turkish rock, in 2008 Ozgur released his first album under the title Düş-ün-ce and after that he managed to get a chance to compose romantic stage music, and the soundtrack was very successful by critics and viewers.

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