Nehir Erdogan Religion, Husband, Series Info and Biography


Who is Nehir Erdogan?

Nehir Erdogan Religion

Date of birth: June – 16 – 1980

Place of birth: Izmir – Turkey

Nationality: Turkish

Religion: Muslim

Age in 2020: 40 years

Weight: 55 kg

Height: 165 cm

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Marital Status: Divorced

Her Acting Debut: 2002 – Now

Favorite sport: swimming – yoga

Hobbies: dancing – reading – raising pets

Academic Qualification: College of Economics and Administrative Sciences – Department of Business Administration. Turkish actress Nehir Erdogan, the heroine of the Benim Adim Melek series, her religion, age, husband, height, weight, life story, studies, career, most important works, and most important roles, in a complete report on her that includes all her information, through this report I will We get to know Niheer closely and her most important roles in Turkish dramas, we will talk about the story of the Yabancı Damat series in detail, in addition to explaining her famous case with drugs that caused a sensation in various newspapers and on all social networking sites.

Nehir Erdogan and Biography

Today we are talking about the young star Nehir Erdogan, who was known in the Arab world through the character Nazli in the series Yabancı Damat, along with many distinguished roles during her short artistic career, and the artist Nehir was born on the sixteenth day of June in 1980, the artist is forty She is aged, and her career began at just twenty-two years old.

Nahir lived most of her life in Izmir, which is the same city in which she was born, and entered the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Istanbul, Marmara University and was able to obtain a university degree from the Department of Business Administration, and after completing her studies she wanted to research the hobbies that she tends to, so it was closest to her heart It is art and acting, so she decided to take serious steps towards this talent.

She registered in the Department of Social Sciences, Department of Radio, Television and Theater at the same university, and then she decided to travel to the United States and stayed there for a short period, and after her return she got the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in the most famous series during her artistic career, which is the series Yabancı Damat, through which she presented Nazli’s character, Nehir got the success she wanted, and then she got the opportunity to appear in a number of Turkish dramas.

Nehir Erdogan’s husband and lover

In 2014, many rumors spread about the love stories and emotional life of the young artist Nehir Erdogan, and she did not announce any details regarding her love life, but she did announce without any introductions about the existence of a love story between her and the director of photography Ahmed Cisse Gorgil, which ended By getting married in the same year in a simple family ceremony, in which the young artist appeared in a simple dress that is far from exaggeration, which made her the talk of the hour through the circulation of pictures of her wedding, which brought together a number of relatives and friends, and Nahir lived with her husband for a while in France and gave birth there, despite From the great love story that brought together Ahmed and Nahir, except that in 2016, the two parties announced their separation and the end of that story in divorce, and until this moment, Nohair refused to announce the reason for the separation to any of the media, as well as the director of photography who still talks about Nahir with all love. And respect.

Nehir Erdogan's husband and lover

Nehir Erdogan’s Beginning Acting

Despite her great talent in acting, Nuhair did not start her artistic career as an actress, but rather appeared in the beginning as a news presenter about art, culture, music and sports, between 2001 – 2003, and her angelic face and her attractive features were among the factors that helped her to get a chance to appear. As a presenter on Turkish channels, then Naheer got her first opportunity to participate in the first drama in the series I ask forgiveness of God Yokusu starring Umut Akkar, Nazan Ayas, Omar Jens, and in the same year she got the opportunity to participate in the comedy film Hababam Sinifi Merhaba, directed by Kartal Tibet And the author, Kemal Kenan, the film won the admiration of Turkish audiences, and Nehir met with great approval from the Turkish audience in her first cinematic work, after which she won her second championship in the comedy film of the character of excitement and horror Okol.

Okol by Nehir Erdogan

After her great success in her first starring and first movie appearance through Hababam Sinifi Merhaba, Niheer managed to obtain the absolute championship in one of the funniest Turkish films produced in this period, the comedy film (Okol). Okol is one of the different films that It was shown in Turkish cinema during this period, the film is horror – comedy, which is a type of film that has not passed to Turkish cinema before. The events of the film revolve around a group of young people who managed to finish high school and prepare to enter the university stage, but something happens No one expected it to happen, a ghost would come among them forcing them to act strangely during the exams they undergo before entering the university, so how will young people get rid of this ghost that turned their lives upside down.

Nehir Erdogan Drug Case

One of the most difficult situations Niheir went through in the recent period was the issue of drug possession and abuse that was directed at it by the Turkish court. The Turkish fans and followers of Turkish stars were surprised by the Istanbul court issuing a decision to imprison the young artist Nehir Erdogan for 10 months on charges of possession and abuse of drugs and psychotropic substances. The news was a sensation among the star’s followers, and its audience was divided into supporters and opponents in that case. Some masses denied such behavior, and some of them confirmed it, and Erdogan came to the courtrooms for the first time since the case began.

She stated inside the court that she did not at any time go to narcotic substances and that the only time she underwent a drug experiment was when she was in Amsterdam with a group of her colleagues, but she regretted that and did not return the ball again, and after the court had demanded that she be imprisoned for two years, she confirmed Naheer said that she did not deal with any kind of narcotic substance in Turkey, and that she rejects the allegations that distort her image, and according to the laws, if she did not commit the same crime for five years, the imprisonment decision is considered null, and Naheer’s audience was happy to know this decision, and she returned again to practice her life Normally.

Story of the series Yabancı Damat by Nehir Erdogan (Nazli)

Nahir got real fame through her distinguished role in the series (Yabancı Damat) or as he is known as (The Foreign Groom). The series was shown in a large number of Arab and foreign countries, and Nahir was even known in the Arab world as (Nazli), the character who played her role. In the series, the events of the series revolve around a girl whose father works as a candy seller, and she decides to travel to Ankara to study, and when she returns to find her father has agreed with his friend that his daughter marries his son, and Nazli refuses to marry someone she does not know, then she is forced to leave her home and move to live in the house of one of her friends. There she meets a foreigner whom she thinks is British, and they fall in love with each other.

The Nehir Erdogan miniseries

2003 Hababam Sınıfı Merhaba Arzu / Kız İsmail

2004 Okul Güldem

2008 Meleğin Sırları Ebru

2014 Silsile Ece


Year Title Role Note

2003 Koçum Benim Pelin

2003 Estağfurullah Yokuşu Gümüş

2004–2007 Yabancı Damat Nazlı Baklavacıoğlu

2007–2008 Tatlı Bela Fadime Fadime

2008 Ay Işığı – Avukatlar Başak Aydost

2009–2010 Aşk Bir Hayal Asmin

2012 Son Aylin Karan

2014 Reaksiyon Duygu

2017 Fi Nilay

2018–2019 İkizler Memo-Can Melek Caneri

2019– Benim Adım Melek Melek