Yousef Gim religion

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Who is Yusuf Çim

Date of birth: September 26, 1991.
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Religion Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Profession: Singer, Actor, Presenter and Model.
Astrological Sign: Libra.
Height: 188 cm.
Weight: 65 kg.
Eye color: Light brown.
Hair color: black.
His wife: In a relationship.
Children: None.
The beginning of his acting career: He started in 2014.
Age in 2021: 30 years.
Yousef Gim, the famous Turkish actor, unique in the series Hanım Köylü, a coincidence in the series Çilek Kokusu, his religion and is he a Muslim or Christian, his wife and information about her, his age and date of birth, his series, his most famous roles and the beginning of his artistic career and all information about him, you will find through this comprehensive report about him And about his personal life in full.

Biography of Yusuf Çim

Young Turkish actor Yousef Gim was born on the twenty-sixth of September and that in 1991, at the age of 29, his astrological sign is Libra, Yousef Gim was born in Istanbul, Turkey, specifically in Fatih, he is the youngest son of a family consisting of a father and a mother And three sons, he studied at Anadolu High School of Technology and Industry and graduated from the Computer Science Department, despite his excellence in the field of computer science, he joined Aral University in Istanbul and graduated from the Department of Radio and Television and began working in the field of acting in 2014, Yousef Gim was romantically linked with the Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir .
The love life of Actor Yousef Gim

Rumors have arisen that there is a relationship between Yousef Gim and Turkish actress Yildiz Shagri Aksoy, who is the heroine of the series over time, but neither of them appeared to confirm or deny the news, but Yousef Gim confirmed on social media his association with actress Demet Ozdemir.

Yusuf Çim and Demet Ozdemir

In 2016, while the public was waiting for the announcement of the date of the marriage of actor Yousef Gim and the Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir, after a long love story between them that was the talk of the Turkish artistic community, the story of their love began when they participated in the Çilek Kokusu series, the news of their separation came shocking to the masses, the news form An unexpected surprise to the public and the Arab world as well, especially since Demet appeared with Yousef Gim several days ago while celebrating his twenty-fifth birthday. Many thought it was a rumor, but Demet confirmed this news, Demet said on her Twitter account, saying: “There are things that have always been afraid of Her loss, and in any case, I believed it was coming, ”Demet wrote, announcing her separation from Yousef Gim. Major disagreements had erupted between Demet and Yusef recently due to the kiss scenes in her latest series“ Al-Ghariba 309, and this greatly angered Yusef.

Yousef Gim’s relationship with actress Ozkaplan

Turkish actor Yousef Gim surprised his beloved actress Ozge Ozkaplan on her thirtieth birthday. He prepared a big celebration for her in one of Istanbul’s restaurants among a group of their closest friends, and he decorated the place with balloons. Ozge expressed how happy she was with this surprise, and the couple also celebrated their birthday. Ozge on social media, wishing them love and happiness, and they separated for a month and returned again.

Turkish actor Yousef Gim shared his image with his fans in military uniform for the first time, and he appeared in it, abandoning the mustache and beard, and this new appearance did not prevent the artist’s fans from flirting with his attractiveness and charm.

Some information about actor Yusuf Çim

Yousef Gim was a professional football player who played for B.B and then Fateh Hilal, but he was injured and had to end his football career.
In 2009, he started working in commercials and presented more than one Turkish advertisement.
In 2011, he participated in the fashion show competition, in which he won the best model in Turkey and got the second place.
In 2013, he released his first album and has many fans.
He participated in campaigns to support patients with Down syndrome and created a project for them called “Don’t Forget This Year”.
He always exercises and shares his fans pictures from inside the gyms.
He presented a program entitled “Pyramate” in 2015, and he presented the New Year program in 2016.
His family consists of three children, who is the youngest.

Acting Yusuf Çim getting started

The young Turkish actor Yousef Gim began his career in 2009 when he participated in commercials for some brands. In 2013, he presented his first album, and in the field of acting, he started in 2014 when he participated for the first time in the series “Ezra”, which did not last long. He participated in the famous Turkish series “Çilek Kokusu”, through which he embodied the character of chance, which was shown in 2015, and his distinguished artistic works followed after that.

Yousef Gim religion
Yousef Gim religion

Yusuf Çim Series

He participated in the series “Çilek Kokusu”, which was shown in 2015, in which he portrayed the character of chance.
He participated in the series “Hanım Köylü”, which was shown in 2016, with the character of Farid.
He participated in the series “Icimdekifirtina”, which was shown in
2017 and co-starred with actress Murphy Bulgore, and the character of
Emre Bademly.
He participated in the series “Servet”, which was shown in 2018.

Yousef Gim Movies

He participated in a movie called “Bana Bir Ask Sakrisi Soyle” which was shown in 2019.
He participated in the movie “Hababam Sinifi Yenidin” which was shown in 2019.
Actor Yousef Gim also presented his album “Olson Be Kerry”, which was produced in 2013.

Çilek Kokusu series

The famous Turkish series Çilek Kokusu, is a romantic comedy series that was produced and premiered in April 2015 and then ended in November 2015, the series written by Asli Zinjin and directed by Velez Gulmaz Bachman, Adnan Golar, the series revolves around love, sacrifice and the pursuit of work. He also revealed feelings of jealousy and revenge, and the end of the series is happy and wonderful, and the Turkish actor Yousef Gim, who embodies the character of a coincidence, is a cocky young man, Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir who embodied an original role, Turkish actor Akin Mart who embodies the character of Vulkan, Turkish actor Mina Togay Turkish actor Maher John Shirai, Turkish actor Lachin Ceylan, Turkish actor Murat Bacoglu, Turkish actress Gozda Kaya and others, and the series was filmed in Istanbul, Mugla, Bodrum, the series was shown on Star TV for the first time and then it was shown on MB C4 in July 2016, after it was dubbed into Syria.