The story of the Bir Göksu Masalı series

The story of the Bir Göksu Masalı series



Bir Göksu Masalı is one of the new Turkish series that is being prepared and filmed now and has not been completed, and those in charge of preparing the preparations for the series are still working on it, its name is in Arabic Bir Göksu Masalı and in Turkish its name is Bir Göksu Masalı, and the name of the series may be changed at a later time. The staff has settled on this name until now, and it could be called Mersin’s Tale, given the location where the series is filmed.

We have collected a report for you about the Turkish series Bir Göksu Masalı and information about its story, places of filming, when the series will be shown and the channels showing the series.

What is the company producing the Bir Göksu Masalı series?

The company producing the series is Fabrika Production, and this company is known to produce the largest series and artistic works because it is interested in artistic projects and comes out in the best way, and seeks to present a strong scenario in order to present a good series to enjoy the admiration of the fans who love Turkish drama in Turkey and abroad.

 Places of filming the series Bir Göksu Masalı

The series Bir Göksu Masalı is being filmed at the moment and has not yet been completed and filming is being done in many places
Including the Silifke area in the province of Mersin, and this area is characterized by the presence of stunning and beautiful scenery that dazzles the eye and attracts viewing from the splendor and charm of the natural places in it, and there is the Göksu River.

The choice of these places for filming is appropriate to the nature of the series and the story of the series, and is also appropriate for the time of the series presentation, as it will be shown in summer, and this requires the presence of landscapes and areas suitable for the summer such as the sea and rivers to be a beautiful and fun visual presentation.

The timing of the Bir Göksu Masalı series and its channeling channels

It is one of the series that will be shown in summer 2021 and will start showing after the current Ramadan season, it begins in the first weeks of June in 2021 and it will be a long-term summer business that may extend its showing beyond the summer.

This series will be broadcast on the FOX network, and Fox screens are currently showing many Turkish series that are about to be completed, which have gained great popularity from their presentation, including the Adana TV series, called Street Children, as well as the Zero One and Ramo series, which have achieved A remarkable success since the time it was aired and it got a high viewership.

The story of the Turkish series Bir Göksu Masalı

It is a romantic social series, as most Turkish series tend to be romantic in nature, which have an audience in most of the Arab world. This series is inspired by a true love story, so the Göksu story series is a beautiful and interesting story that is different from normal business and will be a strong competitor between the series presented with it.

The story of the series revolves around two young people, between whom a strong love story arises, and between them there is a set of struggles, difficulties and problems in life, which are an obstacle to their great love.

The heroes of the series Bir Göksu Masalı

The series work team and those in charge of it choose the artists who are participating in the work, as they have not yet been identified, they are doing sessions to choose the appropriate Turkish stars to play the roles in the series, and when we get this information, we will immediately present it to you.